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The Wild Adventures of a Dragon

Seeking fame and glory? A way to master the art of loading your bank? Or a top notch on the field of battle? All is revealed! -Achaea

Author: SnJ08

I just transformed into a Dragon! All this power!

Posted by SnJ08 Friday April 20 2012 at 12:22PM
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Some tales of my life in Achaea provided by IRE(Ironrealms). Enjoy!


Through hard work and many trials obtaining a power far greater than your normal being is possible in the realms of Achaea. Generally associated with reaching level 99, which is no simple accomplishment. Upon obtaining level 99 you will be granted a ceremony. In which the Mother of all Dragons comes down from the heavens and bestows you with the dragon spirit. Your first and mighty roar will be heard across the planes, through the entire world. The transformation itself is rewarding in scenery and in power. You'll notice a change in your statue, your health, your overall strength and quite a few abilities such as entering the Gare, home of the dragons.

This is what the transformation looks like, calling upon the great Ashaxei you scream out in your new power as you obtain heights of near immortality. The lore behind dragons is quite fascinating as well. The mythos reads that it was Dragons who saved the Gods themselves on the plane of Nishnatoba. So it is a great honor to be part of such a family. Speaking of which, like I stated earlier reside in the Parthren Gare.


There are a great many advantages to obtaining dragonhood. The Parthren Gare has many exits that lead to relevant places all over the world, even some off plane places that may be more troublesome and time consuming for a lesser being. The fighting ability is fierce from ripping apart their enemies with fierce bites to beating them down with their breath weapon.


There are six different types of Dragons ranging in colour. Red is fire, Blue is ice, Black is Acid, Gold is psy, Silver is electric, and Green is poison. Each one has its on special effect tied into it and each dragon has specific skills that cater to their breath weapon. Such as breathrain and breathstorm. Dragons are a powerful race, why just the other day in a raid defense I was able to help slay down some of the most skilled warriors in the realms by being relevant in melee.


Hard work and hard training gets you to this goal, there are a lot of benefits that go along with dragon just aside from good combat and mobility. Dragons are great hunters and therefor can bring in a lot of gold. So I guess you could say the easiest way to get rich is to get Dragon!


The path to dragonhood lies here within Achaea! - IRE