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A journey through my ever evolving gaming experience.

Author: snapp69

Long time Gamer, first time Blogger

Posted by snapp69 Tuesday April 21 2009 at 10:05AM
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I've pretty much run out of things to do on the internet while I'm here at work so I figured why not shell out some of my gaming thoughts and experiences to pass the time. Hello all and welcome to my first EVER blog post. Now what the frak do I start off with? I guess a general gaming background will suffice for my first blog entry so we'll see how this goes.


My Gaming experience pretty much started out with RTS genre games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer. From there I branched out into more FPS and then RPG games most prominent was Diablo 2. After playing Diablo 2 I began to see myself looking more and more for RPGs to play then anything else and that rare FPS/RPG was my ultimate treasure hunt so to speak. I didn't really get into MMOs until I played Planetside (my first one) after that I pretty much have been an MMO junkie. Don't get me wrong I still dabble in the stand alone arena now and then but I'm always on the look out for my next MMO.


In Planetside I went by the name of Hellkite and rolled with 2 Outfits, TR Air Cavalry and Red Rangers, which were both on the Emerald server. From there I went on the Final Fantasy XI and also went by the name of Hellkite but I honestly can not remember the server I was on. From there I jumped into CoH for quite a while by the name Memnarch on the Triumph server. My next big MMO jump would be to World of Warcraft which garnered a name change and one that I would stick with for all new MMOs. That name was Suqata and I ended up on the Stormrage server in a Guild called Order of the Malestrom. After WoW I dabbled some in EVE (Farscape), AoC (The Core), RF Online (Mechanix), EQ2, and some F2P ones. None of those were longer then 6 months or so after spending 2 years in WoW I kinda have a bad taste left in my mouth. When I played Planetside it was propably THE most enjoyable time I have ever had in an MMO. Since then nothing has really lived up to that experience and I'm still in a search to find it once again.


I currently have my hopes set on Fallen Earth as it seems like that FPS/RPG that I consider my bread and butter, plus it's an MMO. But I'm trying to stay somewhat optomistic as I don't want another major let down (cough AoC cough) as it may damage my already declining faith in the MMO world. So I'll just sit back and read the info on it and watch the videos and hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


Anyways thats pretty much all I got for now, when I think of something else to blog about I'll throw it up here. Thanks for reading and look forward to any comments I may recieve.