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Sludgebeard's "Imagine This."

The point of this blog is to represent MMORPG elements into Fantasy stories. The greater goal is unknown to his Sludgeness, but hopes are that some MMO developers or RPG fan's might enjoy the stories and forge their own!

Author: sludgebeard

Imagine This #1 - The Knight is Never Welcome

Posted by sludgebeard Monday April 7 2014 at 11:41PM
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You are standing in the long hallway of a ruined castle, barely lit braziers light a dim path down the hall, in the distance you can see a faint glow, a strange purple hue emanating from the room at the end of the path you have chosen.

Your full metal plate clanks with every step, but then you hear a foreign sound...

You stop dead in your tracks to listen, to hear what process of events has caused the sound, which resembles boots on stone. You hear nothing more, and decide it best not to tarry in the dimly lit corridors of the once lifeless castle.

You unsheathe your sword ready for anything, and charge the room, blindly persuading life against death.


Bursting into the purple light of the room, you find a wizards hole, a seeping aura of magic energies, and standing in full blown black regalia is a necromancer, working on his alchemy table. The fury of sounds, mixed with your overbearing presence sends the Necromancer from his work and quickly into a charge of dark energy.


The charge lasts only 4 seconds, and with a strafing foot and agile movement he kites to blast you with what would be a killing blow of dark energies, a powerful reactionary spell that's propensity for destruction is known far across the reaches of this world. 


With some luck and well learned reaction from battle you leap to the appropriate angle and barely miss getting hit by the Dark Magic Death, but can feel the singe of explosions recoil behind you, you have taken some damage but you now have the advantage with the Necromancer's magic being forces to cool-down from the attempt at the powerful one-hit-to-kill maneuver. 


Swinging with a powerful ability called "Knight's Fury" you cut the necromancer several times, causing him to bleed with severity as he attempts to dodge your powerful ability.


The Necromancer finally backed up to a set of stairs at the end of the room, wraps himself in a spell of dark magic known as "Oberin's Dark Magic Shield" and flings himself from the top of the stairs. The impact would kill a man falling from such height, but the shield protects him as he scurries, bloody and bruised from the battle. You make haste down the stairs but catching him will be difficult at this point, you will have to hope that he bleeds out somewhere in the castle. 


You return to the room to take what treasure there may be laying in the chests by the Necromancers Alchemy Table. You Break the lock on the chest with ease and quickly put away your sword to swiftly reap the riches that are inside. Upon lifting the wooden chest open, a bright green ball of light bursts from the inside, along with a terrible screeching sound which dulls the sense's and encapsulates you in a bind of paralysis. 


You’re stunned, and suddenly a dark energy emits from the center of the room. Its a return spell of Intervention, the Necromancer will be back in the room in only a few seconds, with you paralyzed and a empty chest sitting in front of you, your sword at your back.


You hear the Necromancer speak, 

"Imagine This."