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I am a huge fan of a game named Ryzom and I have come to find that it really doesn't get the attention it deserves. All of my blogs will document my progress through the game in order to inspire interest in the game again.

Author: slessman

Today I got a helpful hint.

Posted by slessman Saturday January 2 2010 at 9:03PM
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I attacked the Chlorogoo leader with my mace today. Well, I failed and Ryzom was kept in peril. But I asked the users online whether or not they could provide me with any tips. I was reminded that the leader of the Chlorogoos cannot swim and I can use the water to my advantage. I will hopefully try out this theory tomorrow and see what I can do. Magic is apparently better than physical attacking as well because you can stay at a distance. Well, hopefully tomorrow is the day I defeat her.

Failing in my New Year's Resolution

Posted by slessman Friday January 1 2010 at 6:59PM
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I attempted to take out the Chlorogoos for good today. Ryzom has made this game incredibly challenging though. I am excited to go to the capitol, but it will be a long time coming unless I can manage to get stronger. This villainous Tryker female managed to defeat me in only two punches. That’s right…punches. She can defeat me using her fists. I was using a two handed flaming sword. I think that she may be exploiting a weakness that I am unaware of. Hopefully I can figure out a good way to defeat her.


My New Year's Resolution

Posted by slessman Thursday December 31 2009 at 2:28PM
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Well everyone, I am pretty certain that my New Year’s resolution should be to defeat the Chlorogoos on Ryzom. I have been procrastinating because it is extremely difficult. I know that I can overcome though, if I put my mind to it. I think that the challenge is enough to make this a worthy resolution for the New Year.

A friend of mine likes Ryzom

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 30 2009 at 10:41PM
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I showed my friend Amanda Ryzom and she loved it! I set her up with own character, named Rini, so when she comes over she can play. If any of you ever run into a Tryker named Rini on the Arispotle server then say hi to her!


Ryzom forums.

Posted by slessman Tuesday December 29 2009 at 6:12PM
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Aside from having an in-game communiy Ryzom’s website also hosts official forums about the game. There are several topics to chose from in the forums. General, for general talk about the game, The Saga, for news and events, The Ryzom Ring, for talking about Ryzom Ring scenarios, Feedback, for posing concerns, Newcomer Welcome Board, for the introduction of new members of the game, Bazaar, to make sales of Ryzom items out of game, and Guilds for finding a guild or bragging about the guild you are in. The forums are also offered in German and French.


Ryzom Ring

Posted by slessman Monday December 28 2009 at 8:06PM
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Ryzom Ring is something I haven’t really talked about a whole lot yet. Admittedly, I have been too worried about getting out of the Rangers Camp to have fun on the Ring. The Ryzom Ring gives players the power to decide what kinds of scenarios they want to play in. I want to be strong enough to go there. Maybe I will try it after I defeat the Chlorogoos.


My top 5 skills on Ryzom

Posted by slessman Sunday December 27 2009 at 9:51PM
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1. Fear 2. This is the amped up version of Fear. This skill is great because when cast on an enemy they often run the opposite direction. This makes slaughtering Yelks a lot easier.

2. Madness. Madness is a cool skill that, when cast on an enemy, may result in the enemy causing harm to him/her person.

3. Taunt 2. Taunt 2 is the better version of taunt. This skill was essential in defeating Arken. This skill attracts a particular enemy and gets them to chase you. I think this is great because it gained me distance from Arken’s minions so I cold defeat him without their interference.

4. 5 meter prospecting. This s a foraging skill. This locates items hidden underground from a distance of five meters away. When you need to find a rarer item on a mission 5 meter prospecting becomes very useful.

5. Gentle Extraction 30. This skill is a foraging skill as well. It allows me to dig up what I find with my 5 meter prospecting skill with a gentleness that secures items of better quality. Gentle extraction as been useful in a lot of situations during my foraging quests. Plus, it makes it easy to make dappers off of higher quality items.

Other ways to get stronger.

Posted by slessman Saturday December 26 2009 at 10:16PM
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Yesterday I talked a lot about the weapons available in the game. Well, weapons are not the only way to get stronger. Like all good MMOs Ryzom has a leveling system and a skills system. The skills you learn can also be upgraded through the stanza system. This is a pretty cool trick. You take the skill learn, then select edit skill, then you just balance the credits and the upgrades until you have the greatest skills you can imagine. You get to control exactly how your skill works and what its strengths and weaknesses are. Talk about giving you the creative control.


I visited the arms merchant today!

Posted by slessman Friday December 25 2009 at 7:35PM
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Well, it has been awhile since I really talked about the world in-game, you know, aside from Christmas stuff, so that changes today. Anyway, I have been playing Ryzom and have become very aware that there are many different styles of weaponry in the game. Magic Amplifiers of course are the way that those with a magic proficiency would best be able to exert their energy. The amplifiers really help magic but the attack on them is pretty much nill and there is no ability to wield a shield. There are also your standard bladed weapons like daggers and short to long swords. There are swords like the duelist blade that are one handed and there are two handed swords like the Flaming Sword you receive after the mission where one kills Arken. The two handed weapons tend to cause more damage but one can duel wield with the one-handed weapons or use shields with their one handed weapons. On top of that, one handed weapons are usually lighter and have a faster attack rate. A two handed weapon I have gotten into is the mace. I wield a heavy mace that deals a ton of damage but with a pokey attack rate. I have been able to do some serious damage with this thing. There are other weapon as well. These are meant for longer range. There are Pikes, Spears, and other ranged weapons that work pretty well when you want to keep enemies at a distance. You can also use your hands in combat if disarmed. I have gone pugilist style and beaten up enemies like a brawler. It’s pretty fun to do. Anyway, this is a rundown of the weapons I have available now on Ryzom.

I haven't had a chance to do much gaming lately.

Posted by slessman Thursday December 24 2009 at 9:52PM
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Ryzom has been out of commission because the ice storms in my area have knocked out my power. I have been waiting around for the power and using what little of my laptop's battery life to check my school e-mail. I am glad the power is back on though as it gives me a chance to play tonight.