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Musings and Stuff.

Random thoughts and musings.

Author: singsofdeath

I am better than you! (because I like other games)

Posted by singsofdeath Wednesday September 24 2008 at 1:55AM
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So, another day, another blog. This time, it will focus on something that has been nagging me for a long while, but which I haven't put into words yet. This is an attitude that is growing more open in recent times, but has been there for a long while in "disguise" so to say, or rather, not as vocal as it is now.


I am talking about the people who think themselves better "gamers" or even better "people" because they like a different kind of game. Yes, you guessed it right,a bunch of the DF Gang (particularly the ones posting here, many of them at least) fall into this category, but they are not the only ones. I noticed this behaviour as well in my time in EVE Online, though, as I said, these people are not as vocal outside their own game.


Now, let me specify for a moment, what I mean here.


I am not talking about the "my game is better than your game" discussion which is silly in itself. No, I am talking about the people who actually -believe- that their taste and their desires for games are more important and also, more valid than anyone elses. I am talking about people who claim that only -THEY_ know what a good game actually is. People who are so deluded with their elitism that they seem to have forgotten that it is games we are talking about and that the one thing that defines a -GOOD- game is that it is FUN for the one playing it.


So, these days, the DF Fans come out and denounce every game out there and as if that were not silly enough, they also denounce the players of said games. They throw around phrases like "people playing WoW would not recognize a good game if it bit them", "we are the people who know how good games should look like" (obviously not quoted by the letter). And even if someone replies to that effect, telling them that they are welcome to play their game while others will play others, they reply with scathing remarks and silly little jibes.


So, why? What makes these people believe they are so superior to us? Yes, i count myself as one of the denounced side, because unlike others, I've had fun in other games and I consider them good games for that. I've had fun in (*gasp*) WoW, I've had fun in EVE, I've had fun back in DAoC and even had fun back in UO (the little while I played). So basically, all these games have been good games, since they served their purpose (in my case) well. They let me have fun and let me enjoy the gaming experience. But according to some people, that is wrong. It is -wrong- because....well, because they say so.


I enjoy diversity in games. And I know that diversity is something the MMO Market greatly needs right now. It needs a game like DF to succeed so other companies can learn from it and can adapt. The hundreds of basically same games with a different skin slapped on are already somewhat stale and that is why I wish games like DF, Earthrise and Fallen Earth and the like all the best. I hope to see them take off and succeed enough to be considered a financial success, so that larger companies will take a bite out of that and learn from them.


However that doesn't mean that i think they are the only way to go. I do not think they are the only truly, good games. They will be (/hopefully) good games, but they will serve their purpose while other games, such as WoW, WAR and the like will serve theirs. And if you are too narrowminded to accept that there's more than one "good" kind of game out there, then you should really take a step back and ponder if you are taking this all too seriously.


These are games. They are here to entertain us. Just because someone enjoys something you don't doesn't make them a less worthy person. I like classical music, other people my age joke about it because it's not exactly typical for a person my age, but I like it and I consider it truly -good- music unlike a lot of the stuff in the charts these days. Does that mean I thrash every other music because it is not composed by a genius from Austria? No, I can enjoy other music, too.


I repeat, we are talking about games. Your taste in games is not "better" than anyone elses, just different. There are measureable things in games, to measure how "good" they are. These are things like the absence of bugs, the polish of the game, the fluidness of animations etc.. This can be measured and a game with great ideas but poor execution will be a -bad- game.


But that's not what most of the people these days talk about, is it?


I have better taste than you....because I play a game with different features. Come on...who does NOT realize how silly that sounds?

Inca writes:

You need Help mate u like WoW and Eve both terrible games for a simple reason they destroy peoples lifes PERIOD.

Wed Sep 24 2008 2:25AM Report
singsofdeath writes:

 o.O My life is destroyed?!!! Thanks for pointing that out! I never would've realized it....oh wait...

Wed Sep 24 2008 2:34AM Report
henur writes:

 Hallo can you see he has a point in the text that all games can be good games, if you dont like a game that another person like you schoulden just do like you do now and say stuff like that.

It is just that he are saying in his text.


Wed Sep 24 2008 2:40AM Report
milkman1997 writes:

singsofdeath - I totally agree with you, and forums never do seem constructive anymore, they are filled with trolling or flaming because people happen to disagree with a concept.

henur - What?

Wed Sep 24 2008 2:51AM Report
nileq writes:

I liked your blog, I am not saying that I have the answer for you (the answer to why DFO fans are so aggressive towards other games) but I do have a word for you.


DFO has been subject for flaming, trolling and so much dedicated hate for 7 (!) years now. During those years, I suspect that the average Darkfall fan have evolved from a meager fan-boy, to a skilled troll-spotter, to a skilled troll-killer and finally when it all came crashing in, to a “forum-player”. If you visited the official forums, you will know that the community there (at least the old-timers, maybe not the great influx of new members since beta announcement.) say themselves that they are “playing forumfall”. With the lack of a game to play for 7 years, the members started to “play” the forum.

Here you have a few examples of “thread headings” available in DFO forum of mmorpg, right now:

-Here is why this game will fail miserably
-Save Dakrfall from Player looting!
-Dark & Light Repeat?
-Ok, Fanboys, we get it: Graphics don't matter, but where's the gameplay?
-They are kicking this game out the door
-Darkfall scam!!

And so on. The DFO fan has been under constant fire for 7 years, I would say it is not very strange that the creature have evolved during those years, developing tougher skin, and a vicious mouth.

gloomis -proud forumfaller

Wed Sep 24 2008 3:28AM Report
Mopar63 writes:

I agree with you in that we tend to snub anything we think is beneath us and forget the perfect game is the one somone enjoys. My live loves Chuzzle, a game so simplistic I get almost ill watching her play it. However it is something she loves and enjoys so for her it is the perfect game.

There is nothing wrong with having your own preferences and to even voice them. But to bash others because they disagree is just not cool.

Wed Sep 24 2008 5:45AM Report
Vexe writes:

I applaud this entry!

We do tend to forget why we play these games to begin with.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Wed Sep 24 2008 6:58AM Report
ZodiaEclipse writes:

Should be mandatory reading before people are allowed to post on the forums.

Wed Sep 24 2008 5:24PM Report
ZDearborn writes:

singsofdeath, I agree with you completely. Games are for entertainment and experience. They by no means should integrate into a person's sense of superiority or ability to boast. A game is a game. Period. There are many types of games for a reason. The problem however is that there are people like this in any community.

Wed Sep 24 2008 6:33PM Report
Zeblade writes:

Welcome to the real world. This is life.. happens in everything.. a how old are you  12? What everyone has to believe in one thing.. feel the same way.. walk the walk.. talk the talk.. get a clue.. its life..  Some do have better taste. Think before you type..

Wed Sep 24 2008 6:44PM Report
Soupgoblin writes:

Wow... Zeblade popped in just to prove the kind of poor attitude and immaturity some of the folks have.

She starts by first insulting someone she doesn't know by giving a false reality check, then she questions their maturity level, then says something incoherently, then ends  be devaluing their taste and intelligence.  Nice, touch.... The troll is strong in that one...

To Singsofdeath; you will find that it is better to just ignore the posers and trolls in the forums, the anonymity of the internet has bred a very hardy breed of them, they don't know you, and in their petty little world that means they are free to harrass and harangue you to their pathetic hearts content.. They cannot stand it when someone else is enjoying themselves (trolls can only experience joy by insulting others).

You play what you want to play, have fun in whatever game you choose, THAT is the only thing that counts.

Wed Sep 24 2008 7:53PM Report writes:
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