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Musings and Stuff.

Random thoughts and musings.

Author: singsofdeath

A New Hope(Hype?)...

Posted by singsofdeath Monday September 1 2008 at 7:20AM
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So, this weekend has brought us all something many did not expect, others prayed for and still others were certain would be ground-breaking. A new sort of life-sign from Darkfall, a large, HD Video, taken, as stated, 100% in game with Developers behind the controls of the characters seen.


And now, the Forums have been in an uproar all the last two days. Threads have been started about the same topics numerous times, and the praise for the game has, in some cases, gone far beyond the realm of the appropriate, as has the oftentimes ludicrous counter-wave to said claims. It's an all out fanboi-vs-hater war all right, with everything such a war needs and....boy doesn't this sound familiar?


With little to nothing as proof, people claim this game will be awesome. Those same people claim it will be a game that people like me (unimaginative, lazy people with no taste whatsoever) will never be able to play, because it takes so much more skill than any other game out there. They proclaim that their game is much better than any other (even though not they nor anyone else have ever played it so far), their tastes are better and they are the only ones whose opinion counts in this matter. The zealousness with which this game is being hyped is astounding to say the least.


In part, I can understand that. DF promises to be what many many "veteran" gamers have been looking for for a long long time. It promises to be a huge world where the player is the one shaping the world with unparalleled freedom and by the strength of his/her skill alone. It's appealing, it is promising...


It is also much too early to say anything apart from: "This looks promising." followed by "Let's see how it actually turns out."


Of course, people do not like to hear that. Some of them anyway. The merest notion that something could be wrong with the game is summarily dismissed by some. Some claim that even masses of bugs would not make this game bad, simply because of the concept behind it. But mostly, the people place their full faith in the Developers to "do things right", despite having no evidence that they are doing so in many cases.


So, Darkfall is a new hope for many people. It is a "beacon" of hope for those who enjoy sandbox, and sandbox only. It promises to deliver what the market may very well need. A breath of fresh air. If it can live up to the promises, it might just make other companies see and might just cause changes in titles yet to come. We can hope for that. I hope for that.


The Hype that is now starting to surround this game is growing and growing and with it come all the hallmarks of over-hype. I caution everyone to fall into the same trap that many (myself included) have fallen for in the days gone. Until I am play-testing the finished, polished game for free, I will remain a skeptic and continue to point out possible problems with the game. And there are possible problems. Even if people don't want to see them or gloss them over with the best and final argument of the DF Crowd "Gameplay is everything".


Until the game has delivered on all of its promises (or at least, most of them), it remains just that.

A Hope.