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Musings and Stuff.

Random thoughts and musings.

Author: singsofdeath

I must be a Masochist! (According to some people here)

Posted by singsofdeath Sunday June 15 2008 at 4:54AM
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Yes, I must be. I am playing and enjoying Age of Conan.


Why? Very simple. I came to this conclusion after quietly reading these forums for a while. No, I am not going to say these Forums are riddled with posts that are painful to read (I'll hold my opinion on that to myself), but I am talking about the apparent -fact- that I am playing a game that is so obviously total crap and BS and broken everywhere and so on and so forth, yet I am having fun with it. So the obvious conclusion is, I am a masochist! I love torturing myself through endless broken quests, love waiting for non-existant support and love, getting stuck everywhere, plus I love grinding without sense, I love being banned without reason and I love a lagfest!


Or do I?


Now don't get me wrong. This is not a place to slander all those of you, who certainly have valid problems with the game, be it that you simply don't like it, or that you encountered a huge bug that entirely broke the game for you.


I am talking about all these people, I won't give names, but you will know them, who keep posting in every thread that crops up and proclaim that the game is so bad, that, according to them, anyone playing it, must be an idiot. I mean, judging from what these people are spouting, there is simply -NO- way that -ANY- sane person could -EVER- enjoy the game now.


So why then, am I having fun?


Is it because I am trying to shy away from the truth? Do I -force- myself to play the game even though, deep down, I really do not enjoy it? Am I blinding myself to the truth that others, so vocal in their crusade to convert everyone, have long accepted and made their own? Me, and the other people in my guild? And the people on my Friends-List? And the friends playing on other servers.


Or could it be that I am not blinding myself, but that I am enjoying the game nonetheless? That I have yet to encounter game-breaking bugs? That I actually like the graphics, the combat, the mechanics and the content offered? Could that really be?


Do you think there might be people out there who do not share other people's opinions? Could that REALLY be?


Think about it for a moment, and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you think you hold the universal truth to people's joy and fun in games. Ask yourself why you think your opinion, or that of anyone else for that matter, is in any way important to another person. Ask yourself if you don't want to change your tone of posting, your way of expressing your discontent, and instead of painting everything in your, personal view, and making it the ultimate truth, allow others to have their own opinion, without trying to make them look like idiots.


Frankly, I am sick and tired of replying to people that continue to slander the -players- of AoC as idiots because they are enjoying the game that they are playing. Or postulating that they are helping a company rip the gamers off. Or claiming only their version of reality is the true one.


Again, I do not mind people giving valid reasons for quitting, nor do I mind people not liking the game. It's the people who seem to be on a crusade to "save" all the others from a horrible game that can't possibly be enjoyed that bug the hell out of me.