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Musings and Stuff.

Random thoughts and musings.

Author: singsofdeath

I must be a Masochist! (According to some people here)

Posted by singsofdeath Sunday June 15 2008 at 3:54AM
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Yes, I must be. I am playing and enjoying Age of Conan.


Why? Very simple. I came to this conclusion after quietly reading these forums for a while. No, I am not going to say these Forums are riddled with posts that are painful to read (I'll hold my opinion on that to myself), but I am talking about the apparent -fact- that I am playing a game that is so obviously total crap and BS and broken everywhere and so on and so forth, yet I am having fun with it. So the obvious conclusion is, I am a masochist! I love torturing myself through endless broken quests, love waiting for non-existant support and love, getting stuck everywhere, plus I love grinding without sense, I love being banned without reason and I love a lagfest!


Or do I?


Now don't get me wrong. This is not a place to slander all those of you, who certainly have valid problems with the game, be it that you simply don't like it, or that you encountered a huge bug that entirely broke the game for you.


I am talking about all these people, I won't give names, but you will know them, who keep posting in every thread that crops up and proclaim that the game is so bad, that, according to them, anyone playing it, must be an idiot. I mean, judging from what these people are spouting, there is simply -NO- way that -ANY- sane person could -EVER- enjoy the game now.


So why then, am I having fun?


Is it because I am trying to shy away from the truth? Do I -force- myself to play the game even though, deep down, I really do not enjoy it? Am I blinding myself to the truth that others, so vocal in their crusade to convert everyone, have long accepted and made their own? Me, and the other people in my guild? And the people on my Friends-List? And the friends playing on other servers.


Or could it be that I am not blinding myself, but that I am enjoying the game nonetheless? That I have yet to encounter game-breaking bugs? That I actually like the graphics, the combat, the mechanics and the content offered? Could that really be?


Do you think there might be people out there who do not share other people's opinions? Could that REALLY be?


Think about it for a moment, and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you think you hold the universal truth to people's joy and fun in games. Ask yourself why you think your opinion, or that of anyone else for that matter, is in any way important to another person. Ask yourself if you don't want to change your tone of posting, your way of expressing your discontent, and instead of painting everything in your, personal view, and making it the ultimate truth, allow others to have their own opinion, without trying to make them look like idiots.


Frankly, I am sick and tired of replying to people that continue to slander the -players- of AoC as idiots because they are enjoying the game that they are playing. Or postulating that they are helping a company rip the gamers off. Or claiming only their version of reality is the true one.


Again, I do not mind people giving valid reasons for quitting, nor do I mind people not liking the game. It's the people who seem to be on a crusade to "save" all the others from a horrible game that can't possibly be enjoyed that bug the hell out of me.

DaX.9 writes:

as you said: Ask yourself why you think your opinion, or that of anyone else for that matter, is in any way important to another person. So if it does not matter why do not keep your oppinion for yourself?

Sun Jun 15 2008 5:46AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

No I would just think you have really low standards for a MMORPG you paid $50.00 for and $15.00 a month.

Sun Jun 15 2008 6:32AM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Quite an informative post I would say, still you have to consider the viewpoint from the flip-side of the coin as well. Now, being one of the players who will quit within a few days after my free month runs out, I guess its hard for me to be objective.


What I will write, like I have before, is that AoC is not a bad game, in fact it would be a great game if it was just a bit more polished. I remember when I first entered beta, I was amazed. The game simply rocked my world. Lush graphics, a fresh combat system and first and foremost,  a very detailed and  immersive world to explore.

However, by the the time I had my first level 80 character I was completely burned out. All of a sudden, I started to notice all the flaws, glitches and bugs I had overlooked while being completely enfactuated with the world of Hyboria, as there was nothing to do but discover more bugs, really. Quickly, I was transformed from a stout supporter of the game to an antagonist.

After this, the game has improved a lot, the release version is actually quite playable and enjoyable. However, the end game content is still not there, I hear from guildies. I had an 80 in beta, but now I only have a 45 necromancer, so I can't say for sure.

Now that I've had some time to think, I will most certainly return to the world of AoC. Not immediately, but I will keep tabs on the patch notes. It might take three or six months, but once the edges are smoothened and more level 80 content added, I will definitely make a comeback.

Sun Jun 15 2008 6:34AM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

this blogs point will be proven when u see the amount of subs after 1-3 months, then everyone who wants to can laugh at the crusaders

Dax.9 u completely miss the point... but to go along with you.. why do you even post then if nothing matters?

Sun Jun 15 2008 6:43AM Report
Nineven writes:

I don't even see why anyone gives a rat's ass. It's your $15 bucks, not mine. You're gonna spend it on whatever the fuck you want, and there's nothing these people can do to stop you. The thing that gets me is that seriously, they can't do shit about you playing the game. They can tell you not play it all day long, post on every single AoC-related thread on every single AoC website on the internet; and it's still not going to stop you from doing what you want.

I wasn't even planning on ever buying this game when it came out. Just didn't appeal to me. But after seeing all the negativity about the game on this site, I have since changed my mind and am going to try it out. I actually want to try the game out to see how "bad" it is. This however could work in the complete opposite way. Because I buy this game thinking it's going to suck shit, when I actually play it, and it's even semi-good compared to my standards, then I'm going to enjoy it. The reason for this is because I walked in there thinking this would be one of the worst games ever. So if it's even slightly good, then I'm going to enjoy it. A little psychological fuck there for ya.

The final word: Some player, somewhere, is going to complain about your game; probably more than is even necessary. It's just a fact of life man, and all developers know this.

Sun Jun 15 2008 8:32AM Report
Nineven writes:

Just to add to my other comment:


Don't judge a game until you've tried it out yourself. ;)

Sun Jun 15 2008 8:34AM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Come on. There's people who will play EVERY game. I mean EVERY game. AT LEAST one person. So, don't act like you're a victim because you like a game. It's not a 100% failure (in a sensible person's eyes). And why would you pay any mind to people without sense? Maybe you reached your breaking point, I'll admit this blog was a bit funny, and dripping with sarcasm.

Sarcasm is great.

Sun Jun 15 2008 9:17AM Report
wolfmann writes:

AoC isnt as bad as the WAR hype boys want to make it. Tho I have to admit, that WAR aint as good as they want it either.

Neither AoC or WAR is the MMORPG saviour that we await.

Me? I'd rather play a game without elves and dwarves...

Sun Jun 15 2008 9:37AM Report
miagisan writes:

who the hell cares why you play what you do. ITS YOUR MONEY AND YOUR HOBBY! If anyone has an issue with that...then they need to pay for your sub before they pass judgement.

As much as i think AoC is really bad...would i criticize someone for playing it? hell no. Everyone enjoys different aspects of games

Sun Jun 15 2008 10:24AM Report
miagisan writes:

and it works both ways .... people who didnt enjoy the game get insulted or get told to go back to wow as much as people who enjoy themselves. So don't throw stones in glass houses.

Sun Jun 15 2008 10:24AM Report
Gishgeron writes:

  I have to agree with one of the other posters in these comments.  I don't think you are stupid, there isn't anything stupid about enjoying something.

  I do think your standards are dangerously low, and if the majority of people are like you then this industry is going to stay every bit as stagnate as it is now for a decade longer.

Sun Jun 15 2008 12:40PM Report
singsofdeath writes:

And most of these comments are a parade of what I was talking about. My standards are low?

How would you know anything about my standards? And who are you all to decide what is fun to me or anyone? As someone above said, your opinion matters zilch. There's hundreds of WoW haters on this site, does it change that millions of people are having fun with it? No.


In retrospect, I have a nagging feeling that some people like to see themselves as the saviours of the MMO genre by suggesting that only their vision of a MMO can actually save the universe and that anyone who settles for "less" (in their eyes) is a threat to the evolution of MMO's.


Sorry people, my standards are -not- low, they are however very simple. My standard for -ANY- MMO is quite simple to be honest. I want to enjoy the game. As long as that happens, my standards have been met to my satisfaction.

Sun Jun 15 2008 12:48PM Report
Reborn17 writes:

If ya did have low standards, would you know it? I don't care enough to try the game, I hated it from the first trailer, but the justified fear that the financial success of a further dumbed down mmo will result in more substandard mmos seems reasonable, which is probably why some of the haters of the game are so adamant about voicing their displeasure and see those that accept funcoms profiting from what has been described as little more than an "extended beta" as idiots and/or traitors to the cause of bettering the genre.

Sun Jun 15 2008 7:34PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

I say your standards are low because you do not even require the most basic functions of the game to even work for you to be satisfied.  I'm sure the game IS fun for you...but this is a multi-million dollar venture with, what should be, the best of the best named amongst the many who coded it.

If this were a small time thing, or even an indie team getting together for the first time...then it would be more acceptable.  If the budget were only 10 million...or if they only hyped the combat of the game, it would be acceptable.  This is not the case.

This IS a team of major developers.  This IS a 50+ Million dollar investment.  This IS a game which was hyped on a massive set of features, many of which may never see the light of day.  This IS a major problem for many of us to chew on.  Its not that we think ourselves "saviors of the genre"....its that we expect people who have been working in a field as long as these guys, and with their credentials, to be able to do a hell of a lot better than they are.

I do not think that is asking all that much.  I've said it a hundred times, and I'll say it again.  If a team of supposed "big league programmers" cannot even manage a functioning stat system in an RPG then they should probably look into another field.  These guys are getting AAA investment money to churn out B-List titles.  They can do better, and should do better.  They don't, and its entirely because players like you will excuse that behavior. 

I do not "blame" you for liking the game.  It would be nice, however, if we would all stand together to demand these highly educated, and experienced, teams produce work which reflects it.

Sun Jun 15 2008 10:02PM Report
Terranah writes:

Oh come on now, LOL.  Everyone has their opinions.  If you enjoy the game I am happy you found something you like.  And I have heard a lot of insults being hurled by people who like the game at people who don't.  So stop being all holier than thou.


And you ask us to ask ourselves why our opinion matters.  I ask you the same thing.  Why this big long post?  I'll tell you why...because this is a forum and that's what posters do.  They give their opinions.

Sun Jun 15 2008 11:30PM Report
miagisan writes:

exactly terranah. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including the op....but it inevitably falls to the reader to decide for himself if what he is reading is true or false, helpful or trolling. No one can make you decide or read anything.


The op thinks the game is great, i think it's mediocre. Does that make either of us right? yes. why? what we like and what we think is the "truth" is subjective....and everyone has their own point of view

Mon Jun 16 2008 1:24AM Report
singsofdeath writes:


I do not fling insults. I do not judge anyone based on what he likes or does not. In contrast to many of the haters and yes, many of the "fanbois" as well. I do not condone either. Opinions are all nice and well, insulting other people for their opinion and tastes is not.



I very much agree. As I did say though, this blog is mostly aimed at the people that make a habit out of insulting people's opinions and tastes. It was never aimed at people that just state their opinion, as I have made clear, I think.

Mon Jun 16 2008 2:06AM Report writes:
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