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Musings and Stuff.

Random thoughts and musings.

Author: singsofdeath

FunCom and PR....Paradox?

Posted by singsofdeath Monday May 19 2008 at 1:53PM
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I am puzzled.


First off, let me say I greatly enjoy playing Age of Conan. I am having tons of fun with my gf, exploring the world, killing things and players and generally enjoying the beauty of the game in itself. Second, I know there are many others like me. I talk with them in game, I see their comments in the OOC Chat, I read their posts in various forums. I am not alone with my enjoyment of the game.


Now, of course there are people who are complaining. There always will be, but from what I see and hear, I think the game got off to a rather decent start.


Which brings me to why I am so damn puzzled.


The decisions of the FunCom PR team are slowly reaching the borders of...incompetence? I suppose that's the best word to use right there. With their recent announcement that DX10 won't be in game till Q3 this year, they've really struck another chord of disgrace right there.


Why? Why come out two days after Early Access is opened and divulge this information? Fanbois will say, because they only now realized they can't patch it in till full retail. I call BS on that. If they would delay it for a week or so, I could believe that, but they are delaying it for 3 -Months-. That's not something you realize just a few days ago. If they have 3 Months worth of work to do, they knew that before then.


The haters will, sad as it is, most likely have it right. FC feared losing subscriptions if they announced that their game would launch without one of the prominent features implemented. Thus, they decided to wait until the Pre-Orders were shipped out before announcing this. While Sieging and Spellweaving are in and they at least managed to quiet the fronts there a little, this then, has given haters a whole sack-full of ammunition for their attacks on the game.


And the worst thing about it? I am rather sure it was not needed. The game is a good one. As I stated above, I enjoy playing it and it looks very pretty already and I am -not- alone with this. Maybe they would have lost a few subscribers, but in the long run, won't they lose more by distributing information like they did in this case?


I don't know, I am not a marketing expert, but it seems to me all that FC accomplished with this little stunt, is to aggrevate people. Not because they really miss DX10 in the game, because as I said, the game looks beautiful even without it, but because of the incredibly horrible PR work that is being shown here.


I for one will continue playing the game. Because it is fun and I am enjoying it greatly and I believe the development team at FC have done an incredible job in their own right.


But I would suggest to FC to put a close glare on their PR department from now on. Many of the decisions made by the Public Relations Department recently have only caused a whole lot of damage and if this continues, a good game will die, not because of game-breaking bugs or missing content or missing polish...


But because of the way information is handed to the players.