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Adam Tingle's Blog of Awesome

Rants and moans deemed unworthy for a word processor

Author: shakermaker0

Final Fantasy 14 - Sincerest of Apologies

Posted by shakermaker0 Friday December 10 2010 at 10:17AM
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Well, let's face it, not many of us like Final Fantasy 14. While I cannot speak for all, the majority of players entered the world of Square's creation and found a turgid mess of menu-systems, outdated game mechanics and overall, a phrase I have just coined, boringblandeyness.

Today it would seem that Square has finally realized their mistakes in launching their second MMORPG and have completely reshuffled the core of their development team. Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced  "First of all, I would like to apologize for our inability to fully satisfy our users with the initial release of FINAL FANTASY XIV. I take full responsibility for the game's current situation, and have therefore made the decision to step down from my role as producer."

So how much clearer could that be? Even the company that birthed the game aren't too fond and as a community, we like to think we know a thing or two about head strong developers. So along with this announcement, apparently FFXIV will now be free-to-play until it is deemed fit for cash once more. Is this exciting news? Well, I suppose...sort of.

Like any cash-hungry student - I loves me a bargain, however, how many of us will really be using our free-time within this MMO? As it stands, the games just plain bad, I spent upwards of 48 hours killing Rabbits and grinding for ore; and don't get me wrong, I enjoy grind, but in this title, it all just felt too utterly pointless.

Within the game I found little fun and nothing really to inspire me into spending any more of my time with it. With this announcement however, there is a glint of hope on the horizon for those that still have faith in the game. Hopefully Square will implement systems that, glaringly, should have always been present. So with a few limbs crossed and a small number of animal feet stuffed in our pockets, we may get the game that we all expected.

I suppose this latest fumble in the MMO world just really begs the question: why aren't devs releasing fully-finished titles yet? 2010 has been a particularly bad year for rushed and undercooked titles and with certain flops of recent times you would think publishers would be pushing for quality products rather than the mad dash for boxed copies, a realization that the game is no good, a tarnished reputation, and a rather spectacular lull in subscription.

Perhaps they should just offer me the job as quality assurance guy? 

Final Fantasy 14

Posted by shakermaker0 Thursday September 30 2010 at 9:38AM
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Like a large majority of the MMORPG community, I have been indulging in Square Enix's latest creation. What exactly are my thoughts? This is a game so uninviting, so hard to control, so user-unfriendly, and generally mean spirited. And yet...and yet there is something here, something possibly great and rubbish in equal measure. 

After creating my character I was thrust into the story line, blinking and rubbing my knees at the visuals and generally feeling my way around. The game feels like wading through hot fudge or some other substance, everything seems delayed and turgid. After giving up with the mouse/keyboard combo I switched to my Windows 360 pad and things got a little better. 

I can't explain the total confusion to my feelings of this game. One part of me hates and yet another loves it. Final Fantasy 14 seemingly wants you to dislike it, everything about it screams "my way or nothing" there is not even a simple nod to MMORPGs of the last decade and not even a whisper of anything WoW-like.

Does this mean it is great or bad? Infuriatingly I don't know. I want to scream and cry when the game doesn't do what I want, I want to murder when approaching the Macro system. Alternatively when I finish a Guildleve I want to jump for joy and tell everyone around me just how great this game is. 

I am a few days into the experience and as of yet I just simply don't understand how I feel about the game. As soon as I realise my true feelings I shall enlighten all. 

LOTRO Server Closures

Posted by shakermaker0 Thursday September 16 2010 at 9:17PM
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Like many scroungers and scavengers on the interweb, I have been indulging in Lord of the Rings Online for the past week.

While we wont get into any moans and gripes about the game, one thing is starting to get to me. As a subscriber of the game I have been acustomed to playing Middle-Earth in relative peace and comfort. Like an idle Shire folk I gently put in one or two hours every so often but since the free 2 play conversion, well its been hell.

New players on my lawn, newbies spilling out of pubs at all hours. Middle Earth is going to the metaphorical dogs. So without further ado, the point of this blog. Since the influx of new Middle Earth'ers Turbine have been shutting down the servers with reckless abandon.

There I am simply slaying spiders in Chetwood, trying to achieve a deed, gain a title, and chase those soon-to-be opiate like Turbine Points. All of the sudden and like a shot in the dark, a message appears on the screen "THE SERVER IS ABOUT TO CLOSE, FIND A SUITABLE PLACE TO LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY" well what was one to do? Before I could say "Huckle Berry Ferry" my screen had frozen, my level 11 Champion was engaged in an eternal battle with two spiders. What was I to do? 

And on goes my week, everytime I play a server closure looms close threatening to spoil my fun. Perhaps they see me coming? Who knows.