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The Idea

Posted by shadyjames Friday January 7 2011 at 12:23PM
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So i was messing around on my Linux distro wondering if there were any other mmo's out there that would work in linux. I had an idea. What if the game used advertising in the game to do away with sub fees and cash shops. Well i suppose you could still have cash shops to sell nick nacks and the like, mounts, pets etc. So i thought now wait how could someone like say coke or pepsi advertise in a MMO and not take away from the immersion that so many want. Well here is my Idea. You make the world in present day. and you have some event take place like a dimensional shift or our world and the world from another plane collide. I am not a story teller but I am sure something could be done there.

 So anyway we have the story bring a fantasy like world into our present day world and viola we have the ability to advertise in a fantasy world. But my mind didn't stop there i also though why can't we have a game were some people can play the dungeon master side of the game, they design and populate the dungeons the rest of the population has to crawl for quests, and if the questers fail the DM gets more 'points" to spend upgrading his dungeon. Of course he/she would only be able to upgrade to a certian point then maybe add another level. After all wouldn't be much fun for the Questing people if the dungeon got so hard no one could ever finish it. I am talking traps, layout, possibly puzzles riddles, secret passages and mini bosses all under the control of the DM. I also thought most people may elect to be DM's and then you'd be stuck with no adventures. So what about allowing each account to make one dungeon, and 1-6 characters on an evil or good side (ala wow's horde and allience) that way you would have dungeons for both sides to crawl.

 So we have a game that i think would be B2P and instead of a cash shop it uses real advertising to generate income between expansions which would also be b2p unless the advertising was doing enough then expansions could just be free downloadable content.

 The story would need to be fleshed out, and maybe I have over looked something, but I would be interested to see what people think of the idea. I know i would play something along this line. And i think there is something to build upon here.