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Neverwinter nights 1 can also be called an MMO.

I will be trying to describe how you can play Neverwinter nights 1 in a way that very much resembles how other MMO's today are played. This is after all an online fantasy game. That it only uses private servers is both its strength and its weakness.

Author: sfly2000

Why does every MMO game have to be mainstream crap?

Posted by sfly2000 Wednesday December 22 2010 at 10:09AM
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As I am always interested in playing multiplayer games...and lately mostly fantasy roleplaying games I must say I am terribly dissapointed at all the new games.

This has forced me to stick to a 9 years old game like Neverwinter Nights 1.

It is like an intelligent and non-manga looking version of WoW.

Every MMO game seems to be the same also. It is like the target audience is always the same.

I'm not talking about that I want an "indie" game. I just want a proper hardcore D&D fantasy MMO. How hard can it be?

Dungeons & Dragons Online is more like a joke. Yet another mainstream MMO game made for kids. No - I don't want to run around shooter style with a bunch of kids.

I'll stick to NWN. Wake me up if something actually worthy of my time shows up.


EVE is the only MMO game that dares to nibble on the edge of the MMO mainstream conciense.


I guess one reason is that only super big companies are involved in the development of theese games.


People need to stop and think about what MMO really means. Back to basics. All it says is that it is "Massively" and its "Multiplayer" and its "Online". Nowhere does it say that massive means a specific number of players on the server...or describes exactly how the game needs to this actually gives the game developers a lot of freedom. If only the public could stop screaming "That is not an MMO!" whenever a company tries to do something remotely different....


I am probably the only one but I have big hopes for the next upcoming Neverwinter game by Cryptic Studios. It is probably grasping after straws...but it is all I have for now.

LizardEgypt writes:

Play darkfall stop fucking around

Wed Dec 22 2010 4:21PM Report
kaungst writes:

There are a few good ones out there that differ from the cookie-cutter MMO style.

Not knocking NWN that franchise was great!

The Superhero MMO games are a nice change. They have come a long way. But still need a bit of refining.  And the new Star Wars looks to be nice as well.

I found that Vindictus is rather fun to play. Might check that one out. It's pretty action based rather than the old defeate x # of this monster  to complete the missions and craft meaningless crap.

City of Heroes is a few years old. But still fun and getting major updates. Champions Online has come a long way in it's 15 months as well. If your into the whole SUPERHERO thing.

just sayin...

Wed Dec 22 2010 9:09PM Report
xochipilli writes:

have u checked vanguard lately ?

this s the game that many had been waitin for....

Thu Dec 23 2010 9:18AM Report
Masa1 writes:

Darkfall, superhero MMOs and Vanguard are the same shit as all other MMORPGs. RP feeling is just missing completely.

In NWN you have multiple servers where people are actually roleplaying the game. That's right, every single player. Rule breakers and kids get thrown out of those servers.

In "modern MMORPGs" RP guilds / clans are the best you can get. Even with those you have to deal with kids running around.

Thu Dec 23 2010 11:28AM Report
LizardEgypt writes:

Well if RP is what you were looking for, I'm sorry but that's dead outside of DnD. I'm all for immersion but I don't ever feel the need to play as my character within the game.

Fri Dec 24 2010 2:53AM Report
sfly2000 writes:

It is not just roleplay I am talking about. But is kind of nice when not everyone is breaking immersion all the time. It is not the most important part but it is A part of the whole experience....that you don't get at all in WoW and the likes....which I think many youngsters don't understand at all.

Many think that just because you can levelup your character it is an RPG...even though you're just running around blasting stuff.

What Masa1 mentioned is both the good and bad of NWN. do get a grown up roleplaying or fantasy experience mostly...but the tilt of the roleplay itself and ass-kissing can become huge on a server where kissing admin ass can get you far...and also just kicking out players that not think exactly like you is a bad idea in the long run.

Very few of the ones kicked and banned from NWN servers really was because of serious disrepecting...but rather it was because the admins just want to play with their friends more or less, just being asholes or liking to play gods.

Ok...that was a little paranthesis...but not everything in NWN is sunshine....

Fri Dec 24 2010 7:13PM Report
kaungst writes:

well it just seems like you want to cpmplain. Nothing anyone has said has been accepted. Just a reiteration complaint .

As far as cryptic goes... Their track record kinda sucks.

COH: wasn't good till NCSOFT bought it

STO: boring

Champions Online: good game, but wasnt good at launch

So yeah.. Good Luck with that....

Sun Dec 26 2010 3:45PM Report
sfly2000 writes:

Maybe because everything you suggested so far was mainstream crap...

You MMO people are funny. You're never late to wreak havvoc on Cryptic's games...yet you all bought them and played them...I don't get it...please explain...? What makes you buy a crap game in the first please...even knowing it is just that...

Anyway...what I am hoping for with the upcoming Neverwinter game is nothing short of a miracle...I'll give that...

Mon Dec 27 2010 6:41AM Report writes:
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