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Neverwinter nights 1 can also be called an MMO.

I will be trying to describe how you can play Neverwinter nights 1 in a way that very much resembles how other MMO's today are played. This is after all an online fantasy game. That it only uses private servers is both its strength and its weakness.

Author: sfly2000

Play Neverwinter Nights 1 similar to an MMORPG!

Posted by sfly2000 Tuesday August 30 2011 at 10:56AM
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Forthoose of you who don't know it there is a perfectly good "in-depth" D&D multiplayer experience to be had on the computer. No need rummaging through piles of modern day "copy-cat" MMO games just to realise they are all the same.

Get the real thing! Go hardcore!

The game is a bit old and even though many might think its graphics are outdated it really isn't that bad. The community has been working hard (and still is) at creating persistent world servers with newer content.

The game itself is looking good still as you will see in some screenshots that I will post later. The graphics and engine altogether do what it is supposed to and can give you an "MMO" experience I think.

I'm gonna start of with some vital links:

Buy Neverwinter Nights here

Currently it just costs 10$ and there is no monthly fee as the servers are private, created by other players (Yes - theese servers are legal and this is how the game is supposed to be played).

Old Biowares page for Neverwinter Nights

The official page for the game has been scuffed under Biowares "legacy" games and provides only limited information unfortunately.
Bioware Social
This is the current official forum for NWN.

Unofficial page for Neverwinter Nights

It has been made by the community and provides a lot more information than the official legacy one.

CEP stands for Community Expansion Pack and is one of the most popular add-ons to the game. Some of the online servers have this as a required download.

As of writing there is said to be a 2.4 version out.

The CEP is a little bulky though. Make sure that you need it for that server you want to play on, otherwise you can skip it.

Personally I prefer the project Q hak-pak but it is unfortunately not as widely used yet.

There are many different types of online servers. The most popular types are probably the "roleplay" servers and the "action" ones. They differ a little bit but mostly in the way that most roleplay servers like you to stay somewhat In-Character when creating and playing your character.

The most important thing is to understand that every server functions differently and you should probably read up on their forum how they would like you to play at their server and what restrictions there are. not read theese rules with fear. I am assuming that most server staffs nowdays have a grown up approach and as long as you don't spam or are being disrespectful to others you should be perfectly alright.

If you are interested to play at roleplay servers you could read this document that actually describes a little how to play. Personally I think that this document too much describes theese are "rules". Instead I recomend you to read it with an open mind and then to do the type and degree of roleplaying that you want yourself.

Gruush roleplayers guide to Neverwinter Nights



What servers should I play at?

Well...this is really your choice ofcourse. You could just fire up the game, choose what type of server you want, sort all the servers on amount of players and then join the one with the most players.

Note though...that just because some servers have a lot more players than others do not mean that they are the best ones. Naturally a server should at least have a couple of players on (otherwise it would be boring I agree).

Action servers are usually easier to levelup on and gather loot and the rules on staying in-character do not exist. Also they probably have less restrictions about building your character.

I have put together a list of my favourite servers here:  (That is also my gathering/community of NWN1 players on X-Fire.)

They are mostly roleplay servers as that is what I play on mostly. I do think that well known action server is called Higher ground...if that is your interest.



The CD-key is what the game uses to identify the game owner on the internet. From what I understand you only get a generic CD-Key when downloading the game from GOG so to actually play online you must follow their instructions on the troubleshooting FAQ for NWN to recieve a real CD-key.



X-Fire is a stand-alone communicator software that I use for chatting with and seeing on what servers my friends are playing. X-Fire can do a lot more as well.

A description of what you can do with X-Fire

Download X-Fire here

X-Fire is by no means a must have for playing NWN online but I full-heartedly recomend it. By now there are 300 members of this community...which is ofcourse a mere fraction of the total community...but we are growing.

I would even offer my services, in the cases I have enough time, to personally guide you through how to get your game setup, how to join and play on roleplay servers.


I uploaded a video to Youtube about playing on an example persistent world server called "Cormanthor".

Join the discussion in the forum thread:


Some screenshots:

Why does every MMO game have to be mainstream crap?

Posted by sfly2000 Wednesday December 22 2010 at 10:09AM
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As I am always interested in playing multiplayer games...and lately mostly fantasy roleplaying games I must say I am terribly dissapointed at all the new games.

This has forced me to stick to a 9 years old game like Neverwinter Nights 1.

It is like an intelligent and non-manga looking version of WoW.

Every MMO game seems to be the same also. It is like the target audience is always the same.

I'm not talking about that I want an "indie" game. I just want a proper hardcore D&D fantasy MMO. How hard can it be?

Dungeons & Dragons Online is more like a joke. Yet another mainstream MMO game made for kids. No - I don't want to run around shooter style with a bunch of kids.

I'll stick to NWN. Wake me up if something actually worthy of my time shows up.


EVE is the only MMO game that dares to nibble on the edge of the MMO mainstream conciense.


I guess one reason is that only super big companies are involved in the development of theese games.


People need to stop and think about what MMO really means. Back to basics. All it says is that it is "Massively" and its "Multiplayer" and its "Online". Nowhere does it say that massive means a specific number of players on the server...or describes exactly how the game needs to this actually gives the game developers a lot of freedom. If only the public could stop screaming "That is not an MMO!" whenever a company tries to do something remotely different....


I am probably the only one but I have big hopes for the next upcoming Neverwinter game by Cryptic Studios. It is probably grasping after straws...but it is all I have for now.

Neverwinter online game announced!

Posted by sfly2000 Tuesday August 24 2010 at 9:42AM
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Its pretty much official now. Cryptic has it on their homepage and then there is the official website as well.

Official website for the game:

Some news sites entries:

Finally something multiplayer! Years too late but still...

Hats of for Cryptic who doesn't label their game as an MMO but instead Online Multiplayer Game (OMG!). Very interesting...even though I had been hoping for something in between an MMO and a CO-OP game but still...this can be it...!

Let's hope Cryptic can leave their mediocre mainstream titles behind them and astonish us with making something actually worthy of the name Neverwinter!

Discuss in the forum:

New website for Genesis Nordock persistent world server!

Posted by sfly2000 Monday June 21 2010 at 4:20AM
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A new website has been made for our persistent world they are called in Neverwinter Nights 1. Each one of theese servers is similar to a mini-MMO.

I hope this gets you interested in trying an online experience that is more in depth that you get from most commercial MMO's theese days.

Everything is pretty much explained on the website. What you need to play and so on.

To talk a little about this world we call it a medium magic/advancement roleplaying world. It is kind of set in the Forgotten Realms.

Click here:

Hope to see you there!


Neverwinter Nights 1 can be played as an MMO!

Posted by sfly2000 Tuesday April 20 2010 at 9:40AM
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This is more or less a reply to the editorial "Beyond the MMORPG - Neverwinter Nights: What's in it for MMOs?"

It is a very interesting article that caught my eye. It really describes how Neverwinter Nights (NWN) and experience from that game can help to improve MMO's of today.

What I want to reply with..instead of just saying what NWN can do for MMO's is to actually say that "Go ahead and play NWN as an MMO on its own!".

I think many are not gripping the potential of this graphic simulation of Pen and Paper roleplaying.

Maybe it is old but it doesn't stop thousands of people to stay online and play on the many online servers. Where every server is a small MMO in its own right.

And guess what...they're all free!

You don't like any of the hundreds of servers avaliable? - Build your own!

The possibilites are endless.

There are really no other games that can compete with this:

"Online gaming worlds using a stable and good looking platform that helps player interaction and is the only game that allows for Pen and Paper like roleplaying as well as giving you the possibility to build your own world."

No other MMO has this. Theese features that I mentioned. That is why I am still playing this game.