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Life in afterworld

update life in aw and much more

Author: serenityfire

Society Transmitters in Afterworld

Posted by serenityfire Monday February 23 2009 at 12:32AM
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In  Afterworld  when you join a society/guild  you will need  each transmitter to  be  able to  talk  in society chat each  zone.


On  previous  VU  of  Afterworld  they  implemented   new  zones  and  Transmitters :)


Below  is   a  list of all  transmitters any  new  person will need.


Saransk main = 1795 x 1983

Saransk North = 2090 x 1590

Saransk North west = 2671 x 2133

Saransk West = 1442 x 2358

Saransk South West = 1696 x 1498

Deadly Forest = 2256 x 2279

Quarantine A1 = 1929 x 2307

Chemy 25 = 1589 x 1805

Turfuey B = 1895 x 1944

TL1 = 291 x 1331

Labyrinth of Death = 1305 405

Saransk East = 2275 x 2640

Saransk South = 1900 x 3150

Desert Peak = 2450 x 2000

Bonito Rock = 2300 x 2825

Frozen Anomalies = 3350 x 1560

Snow-covered Frontier = 1035 x 475

Skull Valley's = 2395 x 1310


So  for instance  your  in  Quarantine  A1  when you first  start  you wont  be able to talk  in society  chat when you join one  if you dont have  a  transmitter :)

best  start  getting  those  transmitter's :)

Serenityfirefly (SFF)  Co-Founder of  Shadow  Corpse  with Paul  "Cuey" Darkmane.

Tesla_Coil writes:

Burie it!

Sun Jul 19 2009 6:28AM Report
John-Silver writes:


lol cuey your boyfriend got ath2006 in EU and you start talk crap 2006 about EU and left EU.

2006 you joined AW and you trying to hype it up.

did you and cuey gave Bankman big amount of peds in EU for making his game AW ?

your sound like a stake holder ;)

Mon Jul 20 2009 5:38AM Report
serenityfire writes:

keep making false accusations, your comments  will just be deleted  again and again...  for truth of  afterworld   go to afterworld   forum and  actually  take  a chance on the game before   you listen to Tesla  Coil  who has  permanately  caused  problems  for afterworld  developers and his possy(gang)  that just want to  ruin the hard work  others have  put  in  aswell  as the  devs...  and  just so you know  Johnsilver... Cuey is my  RL husband...  No one has stakes in the game other the  the creators   the  development  team, which you know who that is  Bankman  etc,  me and cuey are only  old  testers  dont get jealous  because  we have played longer

Mon Jul 27 2009 3:13AM Report writes:
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