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Author: selinnasback

In Depth Guide ON How The GW2 Market Works

Posted by selinnasback Friday May 10 2013 at 2:59AM
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In Guild Wars 2, the market works very differently from other game as I know. This is because, when selling in Guild Wars, you would be told the buying price for the highest bidder. This allows you to earn the most money nearly instantly. Unfortunately, due to the fact that nobody would be selling the same item for a lower than the highest price, flipping items is no longer possible. We need delve into the Gem market, which is similar in most ways but does have a couple differences. Understanding how all of this works will allow you to make better decisions when both buying and selling items. So the method which I would recommend is following.

High Population Affects Sales Times

This one is probably the most obvious, yet the most misunderstood. There are an unknown number of players in the game at any given time (as the market is cross-world), and a lot of people do their shopping at the same times (since it can be done anywhere). This means at some points your items will sell instantly and others they won't. This, in turn, pushes the volatility of Guild Wars 2's market even higher, as the prices can drop or raise pretty much instantly. Along with this, it decreases the chances of one person (or a small group of people) being able to completely dominate one of the sectors. It's still possible with enough gold, but the risk is high considering how quick the market moves.

The Hot Items Gear

Most things in Guild Wars 2 have their place on the market, although some are wanted much more than others. When it comes to gear itself, there are different tiers.


Materials are a whole different animal. Every material has at least some value. Some materials, however, are found in such abundance that you really can't make anything off them, while others are so rare that they are worth a lot.

The Spread

Often times, you will find an item that has both buy orders and sell orders that are spread out. The risk is that the market can sway up or down at any point. If you're planning to use this method, it's best to go with common materials and such, as there's always a market for them.

Gem Exchange

Now that we've covered the rest of the things, it's time to move on to the gem exchange. When you're looking at it, you will see a chart that shows about a week of prices. It always starts in the Gold → Gem setting, so if you want to go the opposite way you'll need to click on the "Trade Gold for Gems" button.

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