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Author: selinnasback

Traditional concepts, many friends believe that computer games can "corrosion" the player's brain, let Indoorsmen and Indoorswomen unable to integrate into real life. The game negative effects have been much criticized by people. However, some scientific studies also show that the game has many positive effects, such as we have reported to improve your child's reading ability, fostering children's creative thinking, as well as the treatment of movement disorders of children. Similarly, for the elderly, the game can play a positive side.

According to reports, a product called Road Tour brain train game recently has been successfully developed, Playing one for just ten hours could actually make your mind three years younger, scientists claim – and the effects last for at least a year. On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.

The professor of health management who ran the tests attributed the ‘remarkable’ results to the range of skills needed in the relatively simple game. Professor Fred Wolinsky, who has no financial stake in Road Tour, said: ‘We know that this can stop the decline and actually restore cognitive processing speed to some people. So, if we know that, shouldn’t we be helping people?‘It’s fairly easy and older folks can go get the game and play it.’ The game, which can be accessed online for a fee, involves remembering two things – a vehicle and a road sign.

At the start, the player is shown either a car or a truck and told to remember it. The vehicle is encircled by a series of symbols which includes one road sign and the player also has to memorise the sign’s position. Later in the game, they have to identify the vehicle again and the position of the road sign. As the game progresses, the amount of time allowed is cut, the car and truck shapes become more similar and the amount of distracting and irrelevant information increases. While the task may seem simple it has been designed to hone a range of skills, including processing speed, memory, peripheral vision and attention.

Professor Wolinsky said: ‘These functions are critically important in everyday life.’ Peripheral vision, for instance, is crucial to safe driving, but declines with age.For the professor’s study, almost 700 men and women aged 50-plus were given either Road Tour or a computerised crossword game to play. Some played under supervision in the lab, others took the games home. Results of a battery of mental exercise tests done at the beginning of the study and a year later showed their worth. 'On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.'

Serious situation in the aging of the population, the elderly, entertainment, social concerns for their children, as to allow the elderly to play online games, we are selective blindness. In fact, for the dwelling older people at home, the game is perhaps one of the best forms of entertainment.Click read more for all the game news

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