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Author: selinnasback

Top 10 best Movies of All Time suitable for MMO fans

Posted by selinnasback Monday May 27 2013 at 2:43AM
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Every year thousands of new movies are released, old favourites are replayed, obscure indies capture our hearts, movies that we once knew are updated until they’re unrecognisable. We’re fickle but we believe Classics never go out of style. MMOs haven't quite gotten popular enough to spawn their own sub-genre of films, apart from the odd fan project or the long-rumored World of Warcraft flick. That doesn't mean that we're lacking good movie role models for our hobby, however. I think that there are plenty of films that are perfectly suited for the MMO fan, even if they've never been thought of as such.

So here are 10 films that speak to us as gamers. To make things interesting, I excluded any movie that shares the same IP as an MMO. Read this list and let me know what you would pick!

1. Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy and its forefather Tron are good-looking if somewhat below-average films that explore a secret world that lives inside computers. Hey, this started back in 1982 when computers were barely understood by the public, so for all anyone knew, little people could have actually formed a society inside the gigantic metal boxes that perched on our desks.

2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

You might be thinking that I picked this film because of how prevalent Asian MMOs are in the genre. And sure, you'd have a point, but I like to think of this as a multi-layered selection. CTHD shows off the fluid beauty of physics-defying movement and fighting, both of which are staples of MMOs.

3. Weird Science

At first glance, John Hughes' wacky sci-fi/teen comedy Weird Science may not seem appropriate for this list, but it's the character of Lisa I think merits inclusion. The creation of a virtual persona -- our character, our toon, or our avatar -- reflects our personal wants, desires, and fantasies.

4. In the Mouth of Madness

MMOs have an interesting relationship with horror that I'd like to explore more in depth at a later juncture. Suffice it to say, I'm including this particular Lovecraft-esque flick because it does the same thing that scary games attempt to do: draw us in, blur the lines of reality, and then mess with our heads.

5. Battle Royale

Battle Royale takes a class full of teens, puts them on an island, and makes them fight to the death.

6. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride nominally a fantasy, and not only does it poke great fun at romantic tropes ,but it also injects a lot of humor into its setting.

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World represents a complete blurring of games with reality.

8. Cube

This might be the least-known film on this list, but it's definitely worth your time. Cube is an interesting sci-fi/thriller in which strangers wake up in a prison made of interlocking cubes. Some of the cubes contain deadly traps, and there's an urgency to find the exit before one starves or dies of thirst.

9. The Wizard of Oz

If I had to point to a movie to be a complete representation of all that is MMOs, it would have to be the Wizard of Oz.

10. The Care Bears Movie

You know, the term "care bear" gets thrown around as if it's a pejorative in MMOs, but have you watched this movie? They're hardcore, yo. They will care you to death if you don't watch out, and their stares are the stuff of legends.Click read more for all the game details! 

Top five most desolate and remote places in WoW

Posted by selinnasback Friday May 24 2013 at 2:56AM
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Thanks to modern technology, the world is forever becoming a smaller place. This situation is similar to the wow, there are still some places off the map—or just barely on it—that remain shrouded in mystery simply by virtue of being really difficult to reach. But we always believe that the beautiful places are always in the most desolate and remote locations, Check out our list, the following are the top five most desolate and remote spots in WoW

1. Blasted Lands - Red Reaches

There are several "red deserts" in WoW - the other candidates for this spot were the Badlands and Hellfire Peninsula. The Red Reaches are at the very southern end of the Blasted Lands, which earned their name because after the Dark Portal was opened, the taint from Hellfire Peninsula seeped through and eventually blasted all life from the area around it. This whole area actually used to be a part of the Swamp of Sorrows - a zone that is undeniably lush despite its unfortunate name. Within the Blasted Lands the Red Reaches are especially depressing both for their remoteness, the hostile naga colony, and the agonizingly huge fossil archaeology site that spawns there.

2. Borean Tundra - Bloodspore Plains

At first glance, this area actually has an eerie sort of beauty - the colorful landscape, the pristine blue sky above. But don't let looks alone fool you, the Borean Tundra is canonically huge, a sprawling arctic plain inhabited only by shambling undead, vicious monsters, D.E.H.T.A., and those hapless adventurers that dare travel there. Even the stoic taunka were ultimately forced to abandon their homes on the Borean Tundra.

3. Burning Steppes - Ruins of Thaurissan

Destroyed by Ragnaros when the mad sorcerer Thaurissan accidentally summoned him to the earthly plain, the Burning Steppes were once a rather lovely portion of the Redridge Mountains. Alas, those days are gone. If the charred trees, smoldering ruins, and ashy red sky don't get to you, that lonely statue in the background will. Erected to commemorate both the death of Anduin Lothar and Alliance victory over the old Horde in the First War, it now stands as a bittersweet reminder of a mightier time. The only creatures that currently make the Burning Steppes their permanent home are ogres, Dark Iron dwarves, Blackrock orcs, nasty imps, sinister black dragons, and a few brave souls from the Alliance and Horde.

4. Deadwind Pass - Deadwind Ravine

Deadwind Pass is an aptly named, spooky, and dangerous part of Azeroth. Patrolled by vicious carrion birds, marauding ogres, and even some wandering undead, Deadwind Pass is home to Medivh's haunted fortress of Karazhan. It's also one of the few zones in WoW that lacks a single flight point.

5. Dragonblight - Dragon Wastes

Western Dragonblight may be home to some stunningly beautiful boreal forests, but eastern Dragonblight is another story entirely. A snowy wasteland whose landscape is broken only by rocky outcroppings and bleached dragon skeletons, this barren zone is home to all manner of nasties including undead, frostwyrms, and magnautar. Wyrmrest Temple and the various dragonflights' personal shrines offer some relief from the monotony of the snow, but not much.Click read more for all the details! 

In February 2013 the vice president of Blizzard Entertainment Mason announced the Diablo 3 host version this also means that Blizzard continue for many years the PC route may change then the host version of the Diablo 3 be any different? Will absorb the PC version of the disadvantages of an improvement? Recently, in an interview, one of the Diablo 3 core designers Matthew Burger expressed: We do not want to see fully ported to the PC host of Diablo 3.


Explained: PC and host operating habits are very different, you did not shy away from the PC, but the host version you can use the joystick around four directions to avoid this host players an operation action, which also help to solve some of the problems of the host PC transplantation; in PC when Players use the mouse to manipulate their characters, where you click on where he will move to, the version of the operating mode of the host will changed to completely handle user habits; They also do a lot of modifications to BOSS war so that the player of host version be able to enjoy the fun of fighting, rather than discomfort.

Recently, Blizzard host version of Diablo 3 team product director John Hight, game designer Josh Mosqueira experience and advanced system designer Jason Bender for the first time through a video interview brought us the relevant details.Click read more for all the details! 

Guild Wars 2 through share APIs and Price Drops give players hope for the future

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday May 22 2013 at 3:17AM
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Guild Wars 2 has been given a permanent price drop, NCsoft has announced. The standard edition will now run you £34.99/$49.99 and the deluxe version £49.99/$69.99. The new price point, which is $10 off the launch price, is effective starting today. The new price coincides with the conclusion of the Southsun Cove event next week, called Last Stand at Southsun.  In a follow-up chat about some of the decisions behind that move, Game Director Colin Johanson talked a bit about community support, the game's regular update cadence, and the company's hopes for bringing Guild Wars 2 into new markets.

While a $10 price drop is not an extreme move, Johanson is confident that the change will bring Guild Wars 2 to new people. The company seems to be currently focused on building up community support.

Just yesterday, some APIs were made available to the public for the first time. Cliff Spradlin has posted documentation on the API for those looking to create new tools and/or sites. Currently available are calls to fetch Dynamic Event information, WvW statuses, and item and recipe details. Official expressed this thread documents the currently available APIs for use. These APIs are in beta, so don’t be surprised if the interfaces change, but they will try to warn you if they have to make any breaking changes.

The game appears to be moving towards a twice-monthly update schedule. Johanson said that while ArenaNet has "not ruled out" the idea of future expansions, the company is committed to the idea of the living story. Johanson mentioned that Guild Wars 2 is sitting solidly at "well over 3,000,000 copies sold" without tapping into the Chinese market. He added that the game just had its first closed beta test in China and that the team is optimistic. ArenaNet hopes to make the Chinese version of the game as similar as possible to the existing one.Click read more for all the game news! 

Travis Day guaranteed players that the Diablo 4 will Certainly Come

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday May 21 2013 at 3:56AM
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Last week Travis Day spoke on the same live stream that brought us that great Wyatt Cheng interview. The stream is run by ArchonTheWizard, and Travis joined him for nearly two hours of chat. Travis had a *lot* to say, answering dozens of questions, chiefly about the upcoming itemization changes, but also touching on skill issues, class balance, his development time working on World of Warcraft, and much more.  There is a very interesting information mentioned on the ladder mode will once again return to the Diablo games, Travis express it is very possible, and Diablo 4 will meet with players in the soon future!

Ladder seasons some day?

Travis: Everyone keeps asking about this! It’s something we talk about. It’s possible someday. One of the things I want is for Diablo 3 to remain playable for the long term, even after we’re not working on new updates anymore. It’s like D2 where there was hardly anyone working on it long term. Like, 5 years from now we’ll probably not be releasing new content patches for Diablo 3. We’ll have moved on to working on Diablo4 or whatever.

Ladders work very well for that. They keep the game fresh and reset the economy for people who want to opt into it. That’s great, but it does come with some baggage. But we probably want to have that one day, but I don’t know when we’ll do it or how it’ll work.

Oh, I just said Diablo 4. Okay, I’ll break news and you that someday in the future, there will be a Diablo 4. It’ll probably be twenty years from now. *laughing*

The time gap between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 was a little over a decade, but this wasn’t because they were working on Diablo 2 for 10 years, but because they didn’t really start making Diablo 3 until 2003. To make matters worse there were several hurdles that came in the way of Diablo 3 which stalled it for such a substantial amount of time.

When it comes to a Diablo 4, provided Blizzard doesn’t have any more substantial staff changes, or shutdowns, they should finish it in sometime around 3-6 years. While this may not sound like a joyous amount of time to wait, it’s worth it in order to play another game as great as Diablo 3.

If we’re lucky, it might not take that long, as they may have been working on it for a year or two already. With Blizzard it’s difficult to really know when and how they work on games, and for all we know it might be ready to ship in a year or two. Until then we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold..For more information about game  check out

To prepare for the upcoming Patch 5.3 Escalation Storm

Posted by selinnasback Monday May 20 2013 at 2:43AM
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Good news for those that are looking for new content and new opportunities. Blizzard has just announced that Patch 5.3: Escalation will be released this coming week. Some websites recently interviewed World of Warcraft developers to discuss the new content in the upcoming Patch 5.3: Escalation. That the new patch drop on the day Tuesday, May 21st for Australian and North American realms and Wednesday, May 22nd for European realms.

Between now and then will be a great time to pick up a few items to prepare for the oncoming patch storm. Hold on to some of those currencies you’ve been earning over the course of patch 5.2. The gear-upgrading Void Binders are returning in patch 5.3, but it will be cheaper to upgrade items using Valor and Justice Points. Upgradeable PvP items from Season 12 will be eligible for upgrade once again at their original costs. In addition, Heirloom items will be cheaper to upgrade, whether you’re using Justice Points, Honor Points, or Darkmoon Faire tickets. We’re also speeding up the leveling process from 85 to 90. Here are the details:

The experience required to level from 85 to 90 will be reduced by 33%. Time to dust off those alts!

The Void Binders are coming back!

Items upgraded with Valor will now cost 250 Valor Points to upgrade per 4 Item Levels, for a total of 500 Valor for 8 Item Levels per item. This applies retroactively to all items that can be upgraded using Valor.

Items upgraded with Justice will now cost 750 Justice Points to upgrade for 8 Item Levels. They can only be upgraded once, for a total of 750 Justice and 8 Item Levels per item. This applies retroactively to all items that can be upgraded using Justice.

Malevolent Gladiator’s Conquest (Season 12) items that have upgrades available will still be upgradable at their original Conquest Point costs (750 Conquest Points per 4 Item Levels, with two upgrades possible).

Dreadful Gladiator’s Honor (Season 12) items that have upgrades available will still be upgradable at their original costs (one upgrade at a cost of 750 1500 Honor Points for 8 Item Levels).

No other PvP items will be able to be upgraded.

The amount of Justice, Honor, and Darkmoon Faire tickets needed to upgrade Heirloom items will be reduced by 60%.

Item Level Requirements

Are you ready to face the Raid Finder, Heroic dungeons, and new Heroic Scenarios? Make sure that you’re geared up to dive right in:

Heroic Scenarios require an average Item Level of 480; unlike normal Scenarios, you’ll need a pre-made party to enter.

An average Item Level of 435 is required for Heroic dungeons.

An average Item Level of 460 is required for the Raid Finder version of Mogu’shan Vaults.

An average item level of 470 is required for Raid Finder versions of Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring.

An average Item Level of 480 is required for the Raid Finder version of Throne of Thunder.

Excitement is always in the air with a new patch. And new adventures await for the brave who take the plunge into new markets. Keep your eyes on the prize and see you on the other side. For more information about online games you can check out 

Diablo III was originally released on May 15, 2012. In addition to this week’s buffs, fans are also celebrating with a variety of anniversary streams including giveaways. It seems like just yesterday when we were all clicking that login button only to see Error 37 as millions of excited fans simultaneously tried to log in to the servers. The game had a rocky launch and just as rocky beginning, but over the last year with multiple patches the game has been shaping up to be a really fun experience. Patch 1.0.8 just dropped and added even more things that fans have been asking for and there are even more ahead of us. If you bought Diablo 3 on launch and haven’t played it in the last 6 months, today is the day to load it up and give it a shot.

And when you decide to load up Diablo 3 our friends SteelSeries have some amazing giveaways for you. First off, I want to note that SteelSeries is having an amazing 50% off sale at the first day on all of their Diablo 3 items and for the first 250 BlizzPro fans they have a special promo code that you can use to also get a free Diablo 3 Wizard mousepad with your order. I`am glad to tell you that today is the last day, we have to fight for time to catch the last chance

Day Three Giveaway (Friday May 17, 2013)

Friday they will also be giving away 2 prizes

Prize 1: SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mouse and a QcK Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Mousepad

Prize 2: SteelSeries QcK Diablo 3 Monk Mousepad

Keep an eye on the site Friday as hope you can win these prizes. Once again thanks to our sponsor SteelSeries for making all of this happened.

To celebrate an action-packed year of demon slaying, Blizzard Entertainment is kicking off Diablo III’s first birthday with BIG savings. For a limited time, you can save €20 (or £12) when you purchase Diablo III for PC/Mac via Take advantage of this epic discount to begin your adventures in the world of Sanctuary, or invite a friend to join you in your battle against the Burning Hells! Don’t delay—this offer ends May 21.For more information about game then check out

Famous game company Blizzard Entertainment COO Paul Sams has confirmed to found a new game design school, the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. The University of Texas at Austin is joining forces with Warren Spector and Paul Sams.

Trumpeted as "the first video game program in the United States led and taught by gaming industry executives," the new school will feature both Spector and Sams as part-time instructors. Spector will also be guiding the academy's curriculum.

The Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, named after co-founders Wofford Denius, Sams and his wife, will begin in 2014 with only 20 spots for students, and will award a postbaccalaureate certificate rather than a graduate degree, which the school says will help it remain industry-focused. Though the academy is a post-baccalaureate program, it offers a certificate rather than a traditional graduate degree. Instruction will be delivered over "an intense, 12-month program" in which students work in teams to develop a small-scale game. The Denius-Sams Gaming Academy refers to itself as "industry driven," aiming to produce graduates on a quick turnaround in order to "remain relevant and responsive to industry trends."

Students selected for admission will also get a tuition waiver and a $10,000 stipend for fees and housing expenses. The program will begin next fall. “It will focus on building the skills required for students to lead teams and develop games from concept to completion," says Sams.

"What differentiates the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy is that it will focus explicitly on the bigger creative leadership aspects of game development — on the management and production side and on the creative leadership side," wrote Spector in a press release. "This is a space that's not being filled by the other programs and it will make the academy unique."For more information about video game news then check out

Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a formally launched in the Americas

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday May 15 2013 at 3:03AM
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This week’s regularly-scheduled maintenance has concluded and Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a formally launched in the Americas. Please read below the patch announcement about the latest changes

Notice?Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 1.0.8a until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 1.0.8a is live until those regions have also patched.

Diablo III Patch 1.0.8a – v.


Made improvements to address "rubberbanding" issues encountered when using movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush, Strafe, and Whirlwind


The stack size of gold on the real-money auction house has been increased again to 10 million (up from 1 million)



Passive Skills

Inspiring Presence

Will once again be displayed under Life per Second on the character sheet


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented Item Label Display preferences from being saved


Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 causing dungeon exits to sometimes be placed in abnormally close proximity to the entrance

Fixed an issue introduced in Patch 1.0.8 that prevented players with Starter Edition accounts from being upgraded when playing in an IGR.Click read more for all the game news! 


Top ten Popular Games in Korea– May 2013

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday May 14 2013 at 3:11AM
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So what are the Top Korean Games? According to the statistics from Korean search website Gametrics, here is the list with the most popular games in Korea for the week that just passed.

The first game I will not comment, It’s first in all the world, League of Legends has been keeping the NO.1 seat for 42 weeks and the occupancy reaches almost 40%,it doesn’t surprise me being first in Korea too. Surprisingly ArcheAge has been out of the list and taken place by Diablo III. Sudden Attack, FIFA OL 3, Aion, Blade & Soul, Star Craft II, Lineage, Warcraft, Cyphers in second to ninth places.

The beast of the west, know also as World of Warcraft doesn’t seem to be doing so well in the Korean Game, we can't find it at the top ten list. Click read more for all the game details! 


Diablo 3 product director John Hight made a detailed explanation to the cause of the brush gold BUG incident and treatment method. All players seek BUG personal gain was frozen and banned, their ill-gotten gains (including the Blizzard sample fee) will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

The America server after patch 1.08 online on Tuesday in a short period of time, players found through cash auction houses a BUG can copy gold COINS. The reason is that we sell gold COINS per pile cap increased from 1 million to 10 million, there is a code error, leading to the emergence of this BUG.

Selling gold overflow caused by auction cancel will bring more gold in return. Only a small number of players have such a huge amount of gold to take advantage of this loophole, at the same time, only 415 players chose to use this vulnerability to seek personal gain.

When Blizzard confirm what happened after, immediately shut down the server in the Americas and stop the gold auction house to sell services to stop this behavior. They immediately start to repair the loophole, development, test, and apply to repair to all parts of the server group, the work in the day is done. And at the same time, they ensure that in other parts of the 1.08 patch (BUG fixes) after launch on time.

Gold to sell, the auction house kept offline service has been suspended, until they finish for all transactions complete audit work within that time. When the review is completed, they immediately returned to all services.

In the process, there have a temporary freeze on all suspected of using the BUG and have duplicate accounts of COINS or items. Once you confirm the account to participate in the brush gold, they will according to the behavior of the account to freeze or back (roll back).

The vast majority of players are not involved in acts of exploitation of vulnerability, and we believe Blizzard would not punish all the players because of bad behavior of Some People.

Click read more for all the game details!

In Depth Guide ON How The GW2 Market Works

Posted by selinnasback Friday May 10 2013 at 1:59AM
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In Guild Wars 2, the market works very differently from other game as I know. This is because, when selling in Guild Wars, you would be told the buying price for the highest bidder. This allows you to earn the most money nearly instantly. Unfortunately, due to the fact that nobody would be selling the same item for a lower than the highest price, flipping items is no longer possible. We need delve into the Gem market, which is similar in most ways but does have a couple differences. Understanding how all of this works will allow you to make better decisions when both buying and selling items. So the method which I would recommend is following.

High Population Affects Sales Times

This one is probably the most obvious, yet the most misunderstood. There are an unknown number of players in the game at any given time (as the market is cross-world), and a lot of people do their shopping at the same times (since it can be done anywhere). This means at some points your items will sell instantly and others they won't. This, in turn, pushes the volatility of Guild Wars 2's market even higher, as the prices can drop or raise pretty much instantly. Along with this, it decreases the chances of one person (or a small group of people) being able to completely dominate one of the sectors. It's still possible with enough gold, but the risk is high considering how quick the market moves.

The Hot Items Gear

Most things in Guild Wars 2 have their place on the market, although some are wanted much more than others. When it comes to gear itself, there are different tiers.


Materials are a whole different animal. Every material has at least some value. Some materials, however, are found in such abundance that you really can't make anything off them, while others are so rare that they are worth a lot.

The Spread

Often times, you will find an item that has both buy orders and sell orders that are spread out. The risk is that the market can sway up or down at any point. If you're planning to use this method, it's best to go with common materials and such, as there's always a market for them.

Gem Exchange

Now that we've covered the rest of the things, it's time to move on to the gem exchange. When you're looking at it, you will see a chart that shows about a week of prices. It always starts in the Gold → Gem setting, so if you want to go the opposite way you'll need to click on the "Trade Gold for Gems" button.

There's a lot of gold that can be earned on the Black Lion Trading Company, but it's a very risky situation .Be careful with your speculation and avoid risky investments, especially if you can't afford to lose.Click read more for all the game details! 

Auction House Temporarily Closed --summary the information and update

Posted by selinnasback Thursday May 9 2013 at 3:10AM
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As a result of Diablo 3 gold copy bug arise, the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline in the Americas, According to Blizzard community manager said, they immediately carry out the repair work, from now on they don’t have a detail answers when will the Auction House be available.

After BUG repair work completed, Blizzard will assess the event to determine the need for rollback. The players involved in this copy will be in accordance with the "Diablo 3" abuse of game specification and be punished.

As you may have already seen in the Breaking News window (or discovered while trying to load up the Auction House once logged in), we've brought both the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline for maintenance. After the release of Patch 1.0.8 this morning, we found that some players were exploiting a bug that enabled them to duplicate gold through the Auction House. We're working on fixing the bug right now, and bringing the Auction Houses offline helps us troubleshoot in a more stable environment while preventing further exploiting. Community Manager Lylirra Specifically for this issue gave detailed answers

Q. When will the Auction House be available?

We don’t have an ETA just yet. Our priority at the moment is (of course) to fix the bug and make sure it can’t happen again. We know this is an inconvenience for some of our players, so we’ll be providing updates in this thread as soon as we have any details to share.

Q. Will there be a rollback?

Our priority is to fix any issues with the game client first—that's what we're working on right now. After we've addressed the situation, we'll need to determine whether or not a rollback is appropriate. We know this is an important issue for all of our players, so we’ll be sure keep you informed of what's happening and will provide any updates in this thread, as well.

Q. Will players be banned for using this dupe?

We're currently in the process of reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans. Our exploitation policy for Diablo III can be found here, which should give you an overview of the kinds of activities that are and aren’t cool within the game.

The fate of those who took advantage of the bug remains unclear; Blizzard said in its initial announcement of the auction house shutdown that it has begun the process of "reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans."Click read more for all the game details!

How to think about the future of WoW animations

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday May 8 2013 at 3:44AM
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I've been a big supporter of wow due to they have so many moves with so wonderful animations Now the game animations market competition is extremely intense so WoW needs new animations?

The argument could be made that WoW's animations are pretty good. Making a change simply for change's sake would be a diversion of resources. But it seems to me that, with all the talk about updating character models, there's at least some room to discuss updating our attacks as well. Most classes use the chosen race's special attacks (you can see what they are by using a model viewer program, or Wow head's model viewer) with specific ones like Dragon Stomp, Special1h, Special2h, and so on.

Each race has a directed spell case, a omnidirectional spell cast, reactions to various effects like drowning, being strangled. These animations have been expanded over the years as new abilities have been added - it would be a mistake to think World of Warcraft is using the exact same animations it had when the game launched. A great deal of work has already gone into the art assets for character animations, especially as new races and classes have expanded the game.

These animations are often made more distinctive by the addition of spell effects - for example, a paladin using Divine Storm and a warrior using Whirlwind use the same basic attack animation, but the paladin's attack incorporates spell elements of the Holy Light and glowing hammers whirling around him to make his attack distinct from the warrior. The question becomes, is that enough? And do we need class specific animations, or simply more animations across the board?

Honestly, I advocate a mix of the two approaches. I think we should probably have each class get at least one animation only that class uses, potentially for a new ability that will help up the class distinctiveness, but I also feel a couple of new specials per race would help as well. I'm not heedless of how animations have expanded over the years, so I don't think the system needs a total revamp the way some argue for character models. Visual flair is surprisingly important to players, and it extends past how they look in their gear, it also includes how they look in play.  They should add some new elements in whatever the next expansion turns out to be could definitely benefit the game, especially if it provided some individuality per class or racial choice.

I think it's great to see that Blizzard realizes that the same old animations aren't going to cut it as we move further along with this game and it's great to see some new moves while fighting.Click read more for all the game news

Discuss the role of core skills balance and difficulty of Diablo 3

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday May 7 2013 at 3:05AM
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Players point out that there are two major problems with Diablo 3 game, The first is the role of skills balance, quickly through the monster's skills become a variety of build core, players damage output rely solely on the repeated release of a single AOE spells that can cause a lot of damage. Secondly, Enhance the difficulty of the game is too simple and essentially no change, only different is digital.

Players listed ways to improve?Seems that the purpose of an ARPG is to demonstrate three primary concepts ?Strategic placement of character?Strategic use/placement of skills?Ability to quickly respond to environment and patterns.

Consequences of these decisions should become more severe with level, as mistakes slow progression while time pressures increase. Additionally, as levels increase, complexity should increase, making the game about fast pattern recognition and the ability to solve complex problems with limited resources.

In this regard, the community manager of Blizzard reply, while agreeing with the issues raised by the players, but the solution is not so simple. Blizzard wants to be able to listen to the views and suggestions of the other players on these issues.

1. The most popular builds do not account for position. Barb WW builds, monk TR builds, and DH strafe builds are unaffected by pathing, and there are no environmental effects to consider, anywhere.

2. The key builds do not significantly consider the placement of skills. There is typically only one skill utilized, and that skill typically does massive AOE damage centered on the path of the player.

3. Complexity and speed do not change. The game does not alter fundamental mechanics between Normal and Inferno. Speed does not change. There is ONLY the scaling of damage and health, with the exception of a few monster affixes, most of which are not particularly strategic, but instant and automatic.

Either way, this is a great discussion. I'm curious to see what other players think and have them weigh in on two points: whether or not they agree with your premises and how they'd personally like to see the game evolve to improve on those areas. For more information about Diablo 3 you can check out.

Traditional concepts, many friends believe that computer games can "corrosion" the player's brain, let Indoorsmen and Indoorswomen unable to integrate into real life. The game negative effects have been much criticized by people. However, some scientific studies also show that the game has many positive effects, such as we have reported to improve your child's reading ability, fostering children's creative thinking, as well as the treatment of movement disorders of children. Similarly, for the elderly, the game can play a positive side.

According to reports, a product called Road Tour brain train game recently has been successfully developed, Playing one for just ten hours could actually make your mind three years younger, scientists claim – and the effects last for at least a year. On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.

The professor of health management who ran the tests attributed the ‘remarkable’ results to the range of skills needed in the relatively simple game. Professor Fred Wolinsky, who has no financial stake in Road Tour, said: ‘We know that this can stop the decline and actually restore cognitive processing speed to some people. So, if we know that, shouldn’t we be helping people?‘It’s fairly easy and older folks can go get the game and play it.’ The game, which can be accessed online for a fee, involves remembering two things – a vehicle and a road sign.

At the start, the player is shown either a car or a truck and told to remember it. The vehicle is encircled by a series of symbols which includes one road sign and the player also has to memorise the sign’s position. Later in the game, they have to identify the vehicle again and the position of the road sign. As the game progresses, the amount of time allowed is cut, the car and truck shapes become more similar and the amount of distracting and irrelevant information increases. While the task may seem simple it has been designed to hone a range of skills, including processing speed, memory, peripheral vision and attention.

Professor Wolinsky said: ‘These functions are critically important in everyday life.’ Peripheral vision, for instance, is crucial to safe driving, but declines with age.For the professor’s study, almost 700 men and women aged 50-plus were given either Road Tour or a computerised crossword game to play. Some played under supervision in the lab, others took the games home. Results of a battery of mental exercise tests done at the beginning of the study and a year later showed their worth. 'On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.'

Serious situation in the aging of the population, the elderly, entertainment, social concerns for their children, as to allow the elderly to play online games, we are selective blindness. In fact, for the dwelling older people at home, the game is perhaps one of the best forms of entertainment.Click read more for all the game news

The ladder on Diablo2 will reset on May 14

Posted by selinnasback Friday May 3 2013 at 2:47AM
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Diablo 2 ladder reset is coming! Diablo 2 ladder system will be reset on May 14.The "Ladder" in Diablo 2 is essentially a scoreboard that keeps track of the top characters in each realm. Interesting! May 15 is the one-year birthday of the Diablo 3 on-line, so select the day for ladder reset that there any particular significance to it?

It's that time again! On the morning of Tuesday, May 14, they'll be conducting maintenance in order to reset the Diablo II ladder. They anticipate the realms could be down for up to six hours, and during that time all existing ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder. All characters and items being converted to non-ladder will remain intact, but once converted these characters will no longer have access to ladder content such as creating ladder-only rune words.

This ladder reset, like all those before it, creates a clean slate where all ladder characters begin at level 1 with no previous items to help them. To participate, simply wait until the Diablo II realms return to service on May.

There are two main character types on the Diablo II Realms: Normal and Ladder. Players choose these character types when creating their characters via check boxes as they are naming their characters.

Any character that is not marked as a Ladder Character is a Normal Character. A Ladder Character is a special character type that is allowed to compete on the ladder. These characters are separate from Normal Characters with their own games and economy.

Overall, Ladder in Diablo 2 is a way for Blizzard to help control the economy. If the economy is getting out of hand, a new Ladder season will just start the economy over because everything is removed and has to be found from scratch again.For more information about Diablo3 you can check out 

What's your favorite death ways in World of Warcraft

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When people hear the death will very likely be depressed and might feel horribly isolated. But death is everywhere in games, death produces focus and causes change. Without death a game has no purpose, no reason to pick up the gun and no sense of motion. Without death there are no wins. There is only activity. So what's your favorite ways to die in World of Warcraft? We consulted the WoW Insider team as well as some of our extended network of friends and compiled the best answers into this list.

WoW can be so beautiful that sometimes we forget it's a game. A game that can kill you so sometimes we find ourselves exploring, wandering, or accidentally autorunning to our doom. Oops. Many -- most, in fact -- of our so-called "favorite" deaths seem to involve untimely falls.

Sarah Pine: My favorite way of having died was when I first made it to Hellfire Peninsula at 60, running around on my mount exploring (flying was at 70 at that time!), I leaped over a little hill only to find that there was no more land on the other side, because that was the edge of the continent. You fall for a while off of Hellfire before you actually die, I found out.

Anne Stickney: Once I decided to see if Outland had invisible walls around the edges. Um, for the record, it does NOT.

Matthew Rossi: I like dying by pulling just a little too much trash in an old raid. Like the time I tried to pull every single mob in the Harem section of Black Temple up to Mother and they stunlocked me to death. Now I know!

Kristin Marshall: My favorite WoW deaths usually involve epic rocket boot powered pulls gone wrong.

Olivia Grace: My favorite WoW death was actually several deaths, which weren't funny at all at the time, but are hilarious to look back on.... tanking magmaw, before the fixed his aggro, you had to hit his head a little, and then when he lifted back up get aggro on his reset body as fast as you possibly could.

Allison Robert: I watched a warlock jump a warrior in PvP and die to his/her own spell after the warrior cannily Spell Reflected it. It was glorious.

A game with no negative consequence is also a game that cannot meaningfully change. Its storysense is empty and the whole thing feels easy. It’s not just that winning needs the sensation of losing to counterbalance it. It’s that the situation of the game itself is without purpose. So bring death into your game if it is not there. Challenge your players. Give them something to live for and some ways to die. Let them feel that Zen, and make a world for them that lets them sense motion, reincarnation and change. Maybe your own deaths don't seem quite so bad in comparison to ours. Have any favorite deaths of your own? For more information about wow game then check out 

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