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Author: selinnasback

Diablo III:PTR Patch 1.0.8 Latest update

Posted by selinnasback Sunday April 28 2013 at 3:08AM
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Yesterday, the PTR server patch was updated, the updated version is v1.0.8.16256.

In the latest patch, Blizzard once again modify the monster density of the game Act II and Act IV and barbarian incentives style recovery effect has also been a callback. In addition, the patch also includes some monster value of life, experience and drop loot Probability adjustment.

PTR Specific Changes

Certain areas in Act II and Act IV have received further adjustments to monster density


The Magic and Gold Find granted by Fortune shrines can now exceed the 300% cap



Bug Fixes

Skeleton King

A bug causing The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead to not play an animation when performing their Whirlwind attack should now occur less frequently



The health of normal Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately 68%

The health of Elite Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately:

4.5% for Champions

3% for Rares

9% for Rare minions

Poison damage dealt by Brood Hatchlings has been reduced by 40%

Experience granted by the following monsters has been reduced:

By 75%:

Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Spiderlings, Stygian Crawlers, and Tormented Stingers

By 50%:

Bile Crawlers, Doom Wraiths, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Skeletal Crawlers, and Spine Lashers

The chance for the following monsters to drop loot has been reduced:

By 50%:

Bile Crawlers, Doom Wraiths, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Skeletal Crawlers, and Spine Lashers

By 25%:

Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, and Spiderlings

Even more 1.0.8 PTR updates have been recently discovered. Unfortunately most of the "upgraded" skills are simply increase to life regeneration rates. Thus this current batch of changes appears more PvP focused which brings hope that Blizzard may be looking to implement more improvements to their brawling system.Click read more for all the details!

What do you think is WOW Biggest Flaw

Posted by selinnasback Saturday April 27 2013 at 3:18AM
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World of Warcraft is over 10 million players big, and rightly is such an immense undertaking of programming wizardry and exciting game play. But is it perfect game? A lot of game enthusiasts decided to give up the game?estimated that they can not endure many shortcomings of Warcraft. Let's examine how they lead us to hate this game.

WoW's biggest Flaw is how it fundamentally handles gear progression. As we've seen lately from Ghostcrawler, a de-emphasis on the marginal upgrades of gear is theoretically a good thing, and in that discussion it leads to the simple fact that there are many disparate views of how gear should be handled.

Grouping people into large camps, some groups see gear progression as a necessary reflection of skill and accomplishment in the game, while others see it as a necessary evil to their (and their group's) enjoyment of the end game content. Because at its heart WoW is about the freedom of choice (or the freedom of illusionary choice), we get a situation where the game must necessarily support both styles of play. One where gear is taken to the extreme and marginal gains are treated as necessary, and the other where gear becomes a low baseline for progression.

This can be seen more clearly in the raiding tiers established in the game today: LFR (gear has a low baseline for entry), normal (the baseline is raised somewhat), and heroic (living on the margin of gear improvements becomes necessary). Now this isn't to say that there are not other factors involved here, there certainly are in skill and time commitment, but at a fundamental level the game, and its resulting systems, is about gear and the progression there in; and thus so are the raid tiers.

This becomes WoW's Biggest Flaw due to the way the players react to the gearing. Being the best is hard wired into many of us, and we look at LFR after completing it and see more challenges to face in normal and heroic........ read more

Diablo 3: Explain how Arcane Torrent damage is calculated

Posted by selinnasback Friday April 26 2013 at 3:50AM
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Arcane Torrent is a brand new Diablo 3 Wizard skill which has no comparison to any Sorceress abilities seen in Diablo 2,but lots of players may not understand how to calculate the Arcane Torrent, Whirlwind, Rapid Fire and so on skills.  Today Blizzard`s senior technical designer Wyatt Cheng give players a detailed explanation on this issue. We hope this explanation to be able to help you a deeper understand the Diablo 3 game.

Is the Arcane Torrent damage per missile fired, or per second?

It's per weapon attack period, which is the same for all skills that are in this vein whether it be Tempest Rush, Whirlwind, Disintegrate, Rapid Fire, or what have you.

So, if you have a 2.0 attack speed, then your weapon attack period is 0.5 seconds, so you are doing X% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds.

This is analogous to a more standard attack such as Magic Missile or Bash, which also list their damages as per weapon attack period. It just tends to be more obvious that is what's happening in those cases because your character animates over the course of the attack period to provide clear delineation points.

Could you explain how it works specifically with Arcane Torrent and a 1.0 attack speed one?

Arcane Torrent baseline says it does 210% weapon damage. This means it does 210% weapon damage for every attack period of your weapon.

If your weapon has a 1.0 attack speed, then it means your weapon goes through one attack period every second. Therefore your attack period is 1.0 seconds, and you'll do 210% weapon damage every 1.0 seconds or 210% weapon damage per second.

If your weapon has a 1.4 attack speed, then it means your weapon goes through 1.4 attack periods every second. Therefore your attack period is 0.714 seconds, and you'll do 210% weapon damage every 0.714 seconds or 294% weapon damage per second.

Arcane Torrent is a very cool looking skill, but most of its runes are not very useful. Cascade is the only rune which potentially makes Arcane Torrent more appealing to use for general purposes. You think so?For more information about game you you check out 


The Barbarian’s Motivating Style will weaken in the next PTR patch

Posted by selinnasback Thursday April 25 2013 at 3:19AM
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In the recent patch 1.08PTR adjustment, the role of skills is one of the core content.The most interesting is enhance the barbarians motivating style effect, in future PTR patch, it’s effect will change back to restore maximum health per second 2%, 4% longer. The purpose of this change is to restore it and other life skills at the same baseline. In addition, its effect will still be able to affect your teammates.

But today the news seems to make a lot of people disappointed, the development team decided that the next patch will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%.the player leave very sharp replies in forum comments "I think that will eventually be set at 3%?Development team to adjust the current lack of clear direction and purpose, various attempts seem to be in progress, and then compromise. I hope the new director able to solve this case.

According to this problem Grimiku expressed his views in this issue. Inspiring presence at 4% is too much. it completely invalidates any life regen mod on gear as any vit/%life roll will always yield a far greater life regen than the actual life regen roll.

Making it affect the whole group though is nice. I would suggest extending the range of the group effect as well as allowing it to stack for multiple barbs running inspiring presence but leave it at 2%.

Grimiku: Thanks for the feedback! Based on discussions we’ve seen from players testing Inspiring Presence on the PTR, we’re going to go ahead and change Inspiring Presence back to its previous values. In a future PTR build, it will return 2% of your maximum Life per second instead of 4%. This is being done to keep it in line with other Life regeneration skills.

The blue post says the issue is open for debate, so there’s still hope that they can tack on a shared 4% Attack Speed and 5% Critical hit Chance bonus to Inspiring Presence, to allow the Barb to outdo all of the Follower’s shared bonuses with a single passive skill. Are you satisfied with this rectification?Click read more for all the details! 

Who do you think will be the Next Warchief of Warcraft

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday April 24 2013 at 3:30AM
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There's a lot of speculation regarding who it is that'll rise and become the next Warchief, but who do you want it to be? We know Garrosh is getting deposed - we don't yet know if he's going to die - and someone will have to take his place. So who should it be? The obvious choice is one of the racial leaders, though exactly which one is up for debate. I thought it would be fun to analyze some of the potential candidates and tease out what might make them a reasonable choice of warchief both inside and outside the story. Let's start with some of the easily dismissible.

Snowballs in Hades : Let's be honest, I don't think these guys have any chance at all, but for the sake of being complete, here they are.

Ji Firepaw : We can scrap this guy right off the bat. He's the pandaren representative to the Horde, but he really doesn't have any reason to care much about the Horde's internal politics at this point. No warchief, this one.

Jastor Gallywix : Another easily discarded candidate. Though the scenarios in 5.3 do provide some motivation and context for the goblins ultimately joining the rebellion, their representative is literally no where to be found. He doesn't even have a model in the game after the goblin starting zone. Unless Blizzard is a preparing for some grand plot twist involving Gallywix somewhere in patch 5.3 or 5.4 (not impossible, but doubtful), I think we can safely drop him.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Sylvanas has been a popular and contentious figure in the Warcraft universe since her introduction in Warcraft III. But none of them actually like her. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Sylvanas is terrifying. She is ruthless, brutal, and has proven herself willing to use the very same tactics that were used against her to bolster her undead army - the forced reanimation of dead bodies. She claims that, unlike Arthas, she leaves her citizens with their free will intact. For these reasons, I think it highly unlikely that Sylvanas will become the next warchief.

These are the folks that, given things in WoW as they currently stand, I believe have the best chance at becoming the next warchief.

Lor'themar Theron: Lor'themar does have some attractive skills here that are worth considering. He is, or was, a military commander first and foremost. As Sylvanas' second-in-command prior to and during the Third War, he has experience leading armies through combat, and that kind of martial prowess is clearly an important component of Horde leadership. Furthermore, like Baine, Lor'themar also possesses some appealing diplomatic abilities that would be an excellent asset to a Horde looking to move in a truly new direction.

Vol'jin: The more information we see coming out of patch 5.3, the more my money is sliding toward Vol'jin as the next warchief. Despite Lor'themar being the one to take the first concrete steps toward open rebellion against Garrosh, Vol'jin is the one taking the rebellion's reigns on its home turf. For an even further meta-analysis, Vol'jin is also the subject of the latest WoW novel, and if that isn't a big flashing sign that he's about to be a Very Important Character.

I'm sure there's already a thread about that lots of possibilities and glad to guess at how it is develop. I'm excited to see who will be the next warchief of Warcraft.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for WOW then check out

ArenaNet’s Cinematics team lead Matthew Oswald shared a little behind the scenes information for the Super Adventure Box. Their design philosophy is based on classic video game advertising. This game looks like an old version of the "Super Adventure box." So they created a game called rytlock`s critter rampage.

Originally, they just wanted to build out a couple sprites to fake the game in After Effects, but one of the cinematic artists on his team (Delly Sartika) has long harbored an interest in building his own retro platformer, so he volunteered to build out a playable version of their totally fake game.

The version that you see in the commercial was just the first draft. It took Delly about three weeks of work to flesh out the final version. Without further ado, Matthew Oswald presented the fully realized vision of Rytlock’s Critter Rampage, which he invites you all to play. Good luck, and try not to smash your keyboard in a fit of rage.

Please use the following browser to open game

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

 Apple Safari

 Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer

Pro-Tips & Hints

•Play on “Easy Mode” unless you are a wizard

•There are 10 secret treasures

•There are 4 Special endings:  3 for “Rytlock Mode” and 1 for “Easy Mode”

•Save often!

Now you can play it too and be killed by it many times over.  The game features two difficulty modes and both of them are ridiculously difficult. It shows something of your abilities as a gamer.For more information you can check out

How to use the right way to properly handle your stuff In World of Warcraft

Posted by selinnasback Friday April 19 2013 at 2:46AM
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With you playing for a long time that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Because you accumulate a sizable collection of armor, weapons, bandages, food, and just... well... stuff but you don`t know how to use the right way to properly handle your stuff, Fortunately there are lots of options for storage in World of Warcraft: all you have to do is take advantage of them.

Stock up on bags

The first and simplest way to expand your inventory is to buy some bags. While you will run into some as you level up, they're probably smaller than those you can find elsewhere. Here's how you can find some shiny new bags with a minimum of hassle...

Head to the nearest auction house, this is the most straightforward option, but be prepared to pay for it. If that's out of your price range, finding a tailor who's willing to craft bags for you in exchange for materials is a good bet. If you just can't spare the coin to buy bags, you can try asking your friends if they have any bags to spare.

Visit your local bank

But even with the best bags on the market, you can easily fill up your inventory space. Fortunately, you've got a huge second inventory in your local bank. If you've never paid the bank a visit, there's no time like the present! Visit any major city -- all Horde and Alliance capitals will have a bank, and most neutral cities as well -- and talk to one of the bank tellers to access your very own bank vault. If you've got materials you're saving for crafting or gear you're saving for transmogrification, this is the perfect place to stash it -- and clean out your inventory in the process.

Put things in long-term void storage

If you have things you don't need to access, void storage may be the answer. You can access void storage by talking to a Vaulkeeper in Stormwind City, Orgrimmar, or the Shrine of Two Moons -- just ask a guard to direct you if you aren't sure exactly where they are. You can only store soulbound or account-bound items. Anything else you want to hold on to will have to stay in your bank.

Need more storage? Consider a bank alt!

For players with serious inventory woes, a bank alt may be the way to go. A bank alt isn't anything special -- it's just a new character you create on your server who exists primarily to give your main character access to another bank's worth of storage. Once you've created this new character, just make a run for the nearest capital city and park it near the mailbox. Your main can send it bags and items you want to hold on to (but don't have the storage space for), and you can store them in the bank of your bank alt. When you need the items you can just mail them back yourself.

Whatever your reasons for hanging on to the things you collect in game, it's far too easy to fill up all your available inventory space. So what do you do when you have stuff ?Click read more for all the details! 

What's your take on Legendary Meta Gem Guide Updated

Posted by selinnasback Thursday April 18 2013 at 3:23AM
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The legendary meta gems added in World of Warcraft’s patch 5.2 is the logical follow-up to the legendary gems which were released with the launch of Mists of Pandaria. However, unlike the previous legendary gems, the legendary meta gems will work inside of any meta slot, not just sha-touched items. Amongst others, top EU guild Method asserted that these items were key to their World First Ra-den kill, as the buff they provide to gear, particularly the proc, is so substantial.

But there's some confusion around regarding their usage. A cursory glance at the tooltip indicates that they can be socketed in any item with an ilvl of more than 504. A poster on the EU forums has asked today for explanation on why his ilvl 496 helm, which he had upgraded to ilvl 504, is still considered too low-level for the gem. Blizzard Community Manager Draztal responds as follows:

Yes, it is intended that you can't put the legendary meta gem on an upgraded 496 helm, but the developers are currently discussing how upgraded items may behave down the road. No promises or any specifics we can share at this time, though.

What's your take on this? I suspect that it's potentially born of an issue with the way upgrades are designed. It seems odd that, while the item has the required ilvl, an error is still generated. Perhaps it's an effort on the developers' part to ensure the Legendary meta can only be equipped in gear obtained from Throne of Thunder normal mode, or last tier's heroic gear.

Click read more for all the details! 

Guild Wars 2 designer prophecy will add more types of weapons

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday April 17 2013 at 2:47AM
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Many players are wondering if there have any plans to implement new weapons into Guild Wars 2. Recently, Guild Wars 2 designer Jonathan Sharp and Jon Peters accept the foreign media interview and they make a respond to Occupational balance and weapons skills?

Do you foresee the addition of more skills for each already existing weapon, or at the moment are you content with keeping it the way it is with only one set of skills per weapon?

Jonathan: The big thing right now is that we're trying to keep it focused on content. You guys will see that a lot of the patches coming out in the future will be really focused on a lot of new content that we're trying to do. One thing we want to do right now, though, is that we want to keep the number of skills on weapons the same. What we're really trying to do, as far as balance goes, is really focus on trait revisions. We feel that traits open up a lot of the weapons for a lot of the classes. And the reason for this is that some of the classes don't have as many viable options, maybe in PvE, or specifically in dungeons, or PvP or WvW. What we're basically seeing is that some of the classes have one or two viable builds. And a lot of the times it's the traits that help open up viable builds for people. So right now we're focusing more on traits and less on the weapons themselves, but in the future that could be something we do - add more stuff to them.

if there are currently any plans to add new weapon types to the game?

Jonathan: This is something that we definitely want to do. As a lot of people on the forums have picked up, the system is pretty much designed to do exactly this. For instance, you can just give one of the classes a new weapon and all of a sudden they have a complete new way to play the class that interacts with the utilities, the heals, the elites, and the profession abilities. But it's one of those things that we want to wait on until the time is right. We still feel like there's some work to be done on the traits for all of the classes and getting those up to par. And again, going back to what we talked about in the first question about making sure that everybody has a lot of viable builds - we want to make sure that that's the case. Once we feel like that has settled down and everything's got a really good feel to it, then we can start talking about adding new weapons. We don't know when that will happen, or how that will happen, but it's definitely something that we've talked about.

Do you hope that each class's ability to avoid damage, or what kind of class in particular need to add the ability to avoid damage?

Jonathan: The answer is yes, yes. But let's go into it a little bit more. The classes overall are pretty okay. What we're finding is that different builds that might be really strong, for instance in a PvE dungeon, that same build might be no where to be seen in WvW or PvP. When we start looking at stuff like that, we try to balance the classes in different ways, in different places. For instance, in dungeons and PvE, guardians and warriors are really strong. But that same warrior build, if you take it to a competitive PvP match, you'll just get blown out of the game because he just doesn't bring the things to the table that the current meta dictates. So that's one of those places where we have to do a little bit of different balancing. And this is one thing that we've talked about before, which is basically we wanted to keep balance for all three major types of the game - PvE, WvW, and PvP. We wanted to use a lot of the same numbers so that players could come into the game, quickly understand their class in relation to all other classes, and then if they go and play a different game type, they'd still have a sense of what's going on. But now that the game has matured enough, we're feel like we're going to start doing a lot more splitting of skills. What we might do, for instance, that PvE warrior might need to be toned down a little bit, but with that same spec, if you take it to PvP, actually needs to be improved a little bit. So we're going to continue to split those off from one another because they're basically two different classes now because of the demands of the different game types.

Click read more for all the details! 

Guild Wars celebrate the 8th anniversary next week

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday April 16 2013 at 4:12AM
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It’s hard to believe that Guild wars has already been 8 years, over that time the game has gone through a lot of changes. With the 8th anniversary is upcoming arenaNet has announced the planned celebrations to run from April 22 through April 29.

To commemorate the anniversary they hold a huge party in Shing Jea Monastery and outposts all over Tyria. It’s time once again to throw open the Shing Jea Boardwalk, rev up the Rollerbeetles, and don the party hats for a week of festive , In addition to the usual games and gifts, they’re packing this anniversary party with a number of great drops and activities!

Are you light on your feet? Speak with Captain Li Sah and test your dodgeball skills in the Dragon Arena! Do you feel the need for speed? Speak to the Rollerbeetle Trainer and take a spin in Rollerbeetle Racing. You’ll find both these NPCs in Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Keep your eyes peeled for special drops and be sure to stop by Embark Beach to talk to Ceira, Sworn to Fire. During the celebration, Ceira will distribute the anniversary Ranger pet: the Hound of Balthazar.

As an added bonus, characters celebrating eight or more years in Tyria will receive a gift card good for their choice of birthday gift boxes from years past. Xunlai Gift Givers have been stationed in Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Shing Jea Monastery, and the Great Temple of Balthazar to help with the exchange. Who says you can't choose your presents?

For more information about game you can check out 

1.08 PTR patch update: some changes to Career Skills

Posted by selinnasback Monday April 15 2013 at 2:25AM
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The Diablofans sites List of changes in new PTR patch, it is noteworthy that this change is focused on the role of skills. From now on the official do not release the corresponding content, but we believe there will be continuously updated the PTR testing with Diablo 3 In the near future.

Demon hunter

Even when shooting a consumption: 20 hatred, hatred consume additional 6 / per second during the process of shooting quickly shot, that deals 438% weapon damage the value of the physical damage. Serial bombardment: continuous injection explosive grenade, to all enemies within 48 codes that deals 414% weapon damage of fire damage. Firepower: the shoot in the boot process, a second launch 2 tracking missiles, each can be that deals 145% weapon damage to nearby target values of the physical damage. Body count shooting: initial hatred consume reduced to 10 points, and ignite your arrows, will attack to fire damage.

Witch doctor

Fire bat consumption: a consumption: 221 mana, the boot process consume an extra 66 mana per second/call a group of enemy fire burning in front of the bat, that deals 180% weapon damage of fire damage.


Can split light consumption: 18 points the secret/fired a beam of pure energy, dealing 220% weapon damage of arcane damage, and decompose to kill the enemy. Reinforcement: damage over time slowly increased up to 286% weapon damage of arcane damage. Entropy: light beam is scattered, with a range of conical short discount deals 253% weapon damage of arcane damage. Arcane torrent consume 16 points in the secret can launch a lot of/a secret method, damage to all enemies impact near 210 deals 285% weapon damage of arcane damage. Secret stream pentium: killed by arcane torrent of nearby foes have a 100% chance the enemy to launch a new secret law, dealing 285% weapon damage of arcane damage. Arcane blast flare: no longer penetrate the secret method, to set up arcane explosion. He will start in 2 seconds, when the enemy is close to produce explosions, that deals 340% weapon damage of arcane damage. In the explosion within the scope of the target's movement and attack speed by 30%, lasts 3 seconds. For more information you can check out.

Do you believe Violent Game can Saves Lives

Posted by selinnasback Friday April 12 2013 at 2:53AM
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Variety of violent games to be banned playing just only many politicians and ‘experts’ believe that violent video games promote violence these events have occurred every day in each country.It seems like I have to use my massive brain to rebut the accusations of undereducated politicians about the dangers of violent games. Whatever one may think about violent games, it saved the lives of 3 children.

This week, three children in Mandaue City stumbled upon a small cache of live grenades while scavenging for scrap in a vacant lot. Two of the kids didn't recognize the explosives, but Jose Darwin Garciano, 12, warned his friends about their danger.

"We got curious as it's our first time to see what an explosive looks like," Garciano told Cebu Daily News. However, he was able to convince his friends that they were incredibly dangerous. "I knew that it will explode,” he said, “as I've seen it in a Counter-Strike game."

The children reportedly asked a nearby resident for help, and the authorities were immediately called. Once on the scene, a bomb blanket was placed over the grenades and the rest of the vacant lot was searched for more explosives.

It’s no secret that Counter-Strike has had its share of controversy. In 2007, CS was indicted by the media after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Seung-Hui Cho, the 23-year-old student behind the Massacre that claimed 30 lives, reportedly enjoyed playing the game between classes. And Steven Kazmierczak, the man responsible for the Northern Illinois University shooting, also played Counter-Strike while in college, so the game has been in the political crosshairs for quite a while. Plus, a Brazilian federal court banned sale of CS for what they called "imminent stimulus to the subversion of the social order, attempting against the democratic and rightful state and against the public safety." The ban, however, was lifted in 2009.

In fact CS player Jose Garciano prevent their friends died from an accident, have to say is good on the one hand in the CS. But give Counter-Strike all of the credit for saving these kids it would be a little ridiculous, we need to know about the opposing position as well because anything has its advantages and disadvantages.For more information about game news you can check out.

Wise gamers would not stay these Video game locations

Posted by selinnasback Thursday April 11 2013 at 2:40AM
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The Unparalleled video game is certainly beautiful and terrible locations coexist. However, we should far away from these dirty place, some video game locations make less sense. Some are unremittingly horrible, yet their locals seem perfectly happy to persevere. These are the video game locations only an idiot would live in.


Pacific City (Crackdown)

So your city is being torn apart by street warfare between rival gangs, could be worse, maybe have zombies.

The City (Thief)

Theocracy is always a slightly worrying start. But when you’re stick in the middle of a three way grudge match between a trio of fanatical factions in a dark, crime-riddled, supernatural city of eldritch steampunk dread, you know you’re living in the wrong post code.

Pandora (Borderlands)

Pandora looked great at first. A vast, unspoilt wilderness of fresh resources and new potential. Problem was that once Pandora burst into life, it turned out that all of its life was just horrible. This is a planet where even the plant life will electrocute you, so good luck with the big-toothed mammals. Oh, and everyone there is either mentally ill, a megalomaniac, or a mentally ill megalomaniac.

Santa Destroy (No More Heroes)

Santa Destroy isn’t so much a town as it is a dumping ground for junk no other town wants to deal with. Judging by the various jobs Travis can complete as side missions, it has a graffiti problem, the gardens are overgrown like an alcoholic’s stubble, the rubbish collection has stalled , the place is infested with scorpions, and the beach is full of undetonated landmines. The world’s top 10 assassins all call it home and use its every municipal facility as a playground. Murdering each other. Hardly surprising that the streets are so desolate.

Tuchanka (Mass Effect)

The Grim Reaper in planetary form. Once a pleasant place, the Krogan homeworld rapidly turned into a blasted, unlivable wasteland, coincidentally around the same time the Krogans discovered nuclear power. It’s now an ash-covered, radioactive, alkaline hellhole, upon which nearly every surviving species is predatory. Including the plants.Wherever you are on Tuchanka, something will be trying to kill you, even if it’s just the atmosphere.

Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Hyrule is a dump. Every night half of the plant-life wants to kill you. The chickens attack in organised hit squads.

So those are some of the worst video game places to live. The Red Planet (Unreal Tournament 2004), Balaho (Halo), Sera (Gears of War) .There is no reason to live on these places. If you live there your life has gone wrong and you should put it right immediately.For more information about game then check out

Gamers so obsessed with World Of Warcraft! What's So Special about it?

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday April 10 2013 at 2:58AM
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World Of Warcraft released in 2004 nearly a decade ago and yet still millions of players still sign in every day to play it. What's So Special about it? 

Think of any game you’ve played recently and ask yourself if you’ll still be playing it nine years down the line. Chances are the answer will always be no; why would you want to play the same game for nine years? We ask a group of regular WoW players to find out exactly why World Of Warcraft has such unprecedented longevity.

I think constantly innovating and breaking down content is essential, site director at hugely important World Of Warcraft website Wowhead. Whether it’s taking from other games, thinking of new features, or simply just adding tons of new content, I believe Blizzard knows how to adapt its MMO. Regular content has always been important to MMOs, but where much struggle just to stay afloat, the heavy number of subscribers gives Blizzard a little extra room to provide its fans with the content it deserves.

The fact that it hasn't seemed to have aged, the regular graphics updates and graphics style have given it a longevity that I don't think anyone anticipated.

At a time when SWTOR is beginning to look a little aged and LOTRO looks positively ancient it's amazing that it still feels so fresh. But some player think It's simple to play and very cathartic. They treat it as a form of comfort gaming and tend to mostly play when they tired, ill or just in need of escaping from life for a bit.

It's very easy to level up, so players enjoy the instant gratification and feeling that they've achieved something in a short time. That’s perhaps the most important point here: WoW’s gamers know its world, they know its characters, its towns, its lore, its enemies, its… well, everything. There’s something to be said for a game that is just comfortable. Part of that is thanks to the visual design of WoW, but there’s something soothing about recognition. It’s the reason Call Of Duty fans buy every year’s iteration, or Grand Theft Auto fans can’t get enough of the open world crime game. Familiarity feels safe.

In general I think Blizzard has done a good job of rewarding players for their involvement in PvE with achievements.

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Patch 1.08: The Scorpion Experience will significantly change

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday April 9 2013 at 2:34AM
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Recently there are some players point out on the Reddit forum that at present the third act of the scorpion experience design is not reasonable to Diablo3 game, if not change, will undermine efforts development team to adjust the density of monster. Blizzard game designer Wyatt Cheng agreed with this statement and mentioned the scorpion experience value will be reduced 75%.Patch 1.08 will be the monster density adjustment, however, after which there will be more of the farm route for players to choose, players completely unnecessary limited in the third act of the game.

Wyatt Cheng said Sorry to bring you bad news. The scorpion experience must be reduced. Considering that we have increased all the other things, and also gain effect of multiplayer provides direct, we do not want the game to further expand forever.

Specifically, the scorpion experience will be reduced by 75%.Sounds dropped a lot of feeling, because the degree of experience cuts of this magnitude is not an interesting thing, but I hope you agree with me, if you think so, a giant hammer lords experience only the scorpion 1.5 times, not just the most monster Dreadmaul lords game has a reasonable proportion of the experience, and now it is obvious that the scorpion does not belong to one of them.

At the same time, Wyatt also mentioned the 1.08 patch will not modify the value of life treasure hunt Goblin. High monster strength Goblin value of life in multiplayer games will adjust it?

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World of Warcraft Global Achievement Unlocked over 13 billion in Five years

Posted by selinnasback Monday April 8 2013 at 2:43AM
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At this year`s GDC , the chief designer of the "World of Warcraft" Cory Stockon has Shared us the game system of achievements since 2008?Up to February this year, the total number of global "World of Warcraft" players in the game's achievements over 13 billion have been unlocked it means that an average of 8.7 million are unlocked every single day. According to Stockton, achievements in WoW have to follow an established set of rules, two of which are that they shouldn’t reward bad gameplay or power leveling.

“We don’t want players to have the expectation that they think they need to get them,” Stockton said, which can be problematic for some of the time-limited Feats of Strength achievements which reward players for playing WoW during a certain event or time period. “If you missed it, it’s gone forever,” Stockton said. “And it’s really rough to have people stare at that list. So they don’t show up until you actually earn them.”

One of the game’s most popular achievements is ”Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!” which has been earned by around 11 million players by killing 50 rookery whelps within 15 seconds.

Relative to the "World of Warcraft" 9.6 million players, only a handful of winners in the game?for example "Panda mystery" team copy of the achievements the glory of pandaria team "The winner of this achievement to February 2013, only 342 people.

How many achievements did you have? Then what `s the most should be proud of achievements? To share out!  Click read more for all the details! 

Rumor: Titan will combined with historical myths and time-traveling

Posted by selinnasback Sunday April 7 2013 at 3:00AM
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Game media site Joystiq recently broke the news, reported that the Blizzard`s mysterious new online game "Titan" will involve a lot of time- traveling works. In this year of BlizzCon will publish videos, a series of tests will be held in the first half of next year.

According to the latest rumors Project Titan will have the Earth setting, and the storyline will be based on the myths of Greece, Rome and the Scandinavian countries. Also, the developers are planning to add the time traveling. Speaking about the game’s weapons and atmosphere, there will be a range from firearms, laser weapons and vehicles to magic, runes and mythical creatures. If you have ever played World Of Warcraft it will be easier for you to adapt to the new MMO because they have similar principles of the worlds’ existence and traditional for Blizzard, graphics.

Blizzard vice president of game design Rob Pardo said that the game was "in the middle of development" in late 2012. Currently there are about 150 people working on this project and the main focus now is on esports component of the gameplay. Hopefully, Blizzard will show at least Project Titan teaser during the BlizzCon 2013 (8-9 November).

The leaks say that Titan will play from a third-person view, has a new game engine, could also be headed to consoles, and has a strong e-sports emphasis.For more information you can check out

5.3PTR: Activity Ask The Developers to be held next week

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday April 3 2013 at 2:46AM
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Players look forward to the exciting moment is coming! Next week the Activity Ask The Developers will be held, the topic relating to the PvP changes on the patch 5.3 PTR. It's currently locked, but on April 9th the thread will go live for 48 hours, during which time players are encouraged to post all of their PvP-related questions and to vote on their favorites. Don't ignore the voting option, because Blizz will be prioritizing their responses by popularity, and the questions with the most votes are the most likely to be answered.

Regarding some ground rules for how the thread will work that are typical for "Ask the Dev" designated posts, and shouldn't be anything new for forum veterans. If you're planning on participating in the post, it's worth reading over them so your questions have the best chance to be exposed. You can find the full blue post the following

Current Status

LOCKED - Questions and voting will begin soon.


The topic for this Ask the Devs is, "PvP changes on the PTR". Be sure to stay on topic, as questions that stray from this won't be answered.

How it works:

Voting will begin on 09/04/13 and end on 11/04/13.The thread will be open for 48 hours, after which time it will be locked and you'll no longer be able to post or vote for questions to be sent to the developers.Once the thread has been locked, we'll tally up the votes and send the top questions off to the World of Warcraft developers.We'll provide answers directly from the developers during the following week. Watch the blog for their responses!

The Rules:

There's a limit of one question per post.Stay on topic. Questions that are not related to the chosen topic will not be sent to the developers, even if they're rated highly.Only post questions in the Ask the Devs thread – discussions are not permitted. If you would like to discuss the questions or a related matter, please do so in another thread.A question being highly rated does not guarantee that it will be answered. We will, however, try to get as many questions answered as possible."Disliking" a post will not count toward its tally. Only "likes" will be counted.

For more information you can check out

Blizzard changes the previous style! Published a series of educational games

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday April 2 2013 at 2:52AM
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Blizzard is proud to publish a new series of games to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of gamers. Designed for a young audience, Blizzard Kidzz™ games strive to present children with not just the most epic, but also the most educational gaming experiences... ever.

Games can be incredibly useful tools to teach players valuable skills and life lessons. To help young gamers take learning “to the max™,” Blizzard Kidzz games will cover important subjects for gamers aged 6 and up. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are learning important life skills covering topics such as history, science, reading and writing, and much more! Let preview following games

1.   Zergling Teaches Typing

Skzzzt! Brnnchh! W’rkncacnter! Learn these and many other important zerg vocabulary words while also dramatically improving your words per minute and keystroke accuracy. (Ages 6 and up)



2. Reader Ravager

Join Reader Ravager as he devours tome after tome of ancient lore, teaching kids a valuable lesson—that reading isn’t just fun, it’s downright delicious! (Ages 6 and up)


3. The Westfall Trail

Lead a band of settlers from Lordaeron to Westfall while learning all about the history of Azeroth! Hunt, manage inventories, and more! But beware: danger lurks around every corner. Don’t die of dysentery! (Ages 6 and up)


4. Turbo Science Vessel

Help captain Quasar and his crew maneuver through the Koprulu Sector by answering exciting questions about science! Learn how a warp drive works, how to tell if a star is about to go supernova, how to screen colonists for viruses, and more! (Ages 10 and up)


5. Strat Blaster with Edmund Duke

Listen up cadet, the Dominion needs you to keep us all safe from those nasty space bugs called the zerg and those psionic creeps known as the protoss. In my training course, you will learn all about interstellar warfare, the finer points of politics, and how to patch up a downed battlecruiser. (Ages 12 and up)



6. Where In Sanctuary is Deckard Cain

Uncle Deckard got lost while compiling notes for the Book of Cain! Help Leah find her uncle by solving puzzles and collecting clues about the vast world of Sanctuary. (Rated M for Mature)


Explain why Diablo3 cooperation pattern is Limited to 4 Players

Posted by selinnasback Monday April 1 2013 at 3:11AM
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As we know there should be have at least 5 different professions instead of 4 in Diablo 3, but why? Just considering the PS3 have at most four controllers? In fact is not the case, the cooperation mode of team scale design decisions influenced by many factors, host version of development is not one of the factors.

While let more players in a team fighting may sound very attractive (and even in practice for other games), but there are some reasons to make us believe that four players is really the ideal party size for Diablo III.

First of all, a team of up to four people limit doesn't have anything to do with the number of professional players can choose that is one of the reasons they choose four cooperation modes, if the cooperation mode allows five common game, the players will feel they are forced to team must contain every profession. This is not true?designers want players to feel they can in any combination to adventure in the land of the asylum, both has four different professional team and (for example) contains two barbarians and witch doctors.

Another factor is player contributions. You can really notice the contribution of each person at four players. Whenever you add another person to a group, though, each player’s personal contribution is diminished. This has some bad side effects. For example, if you swing at a monster, it feels good when you're doing enough damage to see its health bar move. At four players, it’s already possible to be punching a monster and not feel like you're doing any damage because the bar is moving slowly. This stigma would get worse as you add more people to a group.

Other factors were that of screen noise and the number of players you can follow. At four players you were still able to easily keep track of your party-members, but that beyond this size it became more and more difficult to monitor everything on screen. Additionally, the screen noise and spell effects generated by five players simply felt too overwhelming.

In general, the team of four people now is very satisfied with the size. What do you think of that?

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