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Author: selinnasback

The Best And Most Effective Way To Help You Save Money In Game

Posted by selinnasback Friday March 29 2013 at 2:31AM
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As we know, although blizzard do not allow players to buy Diablo 3 gold in game ,Most gamers In order to save their time and energy still to buy top items or level through gold sell sites?so I bet you are very curious which is the best and most effective way to buy Diablo3 gold? When gamers want to buy Diablo 3 gold online cheap, they should make a good plan before paying their money on the gold. In general?There are two main aspects?you should choose the right time and find a reliable site, it is very important for you to save your money.

Choose the right time

It is reported most Diablo 3 Gold is farmed from China. So familiar with Chinese time is very important. During one week investigation and data recorded, found that the price is highest at the early morning cause just few studios get up early to sell gold, but many players come to buy Diablo 3 Gold during the period. So the supply is lack of request. But after lunch, almost all studio s get up and complete the stock inventory to start selling, and at the time many players go to bed, so the price is lower and lower than morning. And price is lowest at 17:00 Beijing time. Then after 00:00, price will rise higher and higher till 09:00 because it is night in China.

Please remember to stock gold before game maintaining because that maybe the lowest price time cause many gold farmer will sell gold out to avoid account banning. If blizzard ban accounts, next day the price will be rise for about 1-2days according to the banning degree. If not, then price is same as before.

Find a reliable site

First of all, buyers should make sure whether they can buy Diablo 3 gold safe on the site. Security is the first important factor that gamers should take into consideration since it involves your account safety as well as your property safety, which is also the concern of most gamers who go to buy gold online. Make sure the site is not a fishing site and carries no virus which will attack your computer and steal your account information along with your credit card password, Second, buy diablo 3 gold online is not allowed by Blizzard, so you may get your diablo 3 account banned. You should pay attention to the delivery speed of the site that you pick online

It is unnecessary to buy the most expensive gold for some so-called professional service because the gold is same between each company the difference maybe the delivery time and customer service. Just find some sites with reasonable price will be your best choice.

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Through Game really can inspire you to do better in school

Posted by selinnasback Thursday March 28 2013 at 2:40AM
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Are you still scared to go to school just worry about reading bad? For some schoolchildren physics is a chore, for others a breeze. But for the pupils in Shawn Young's class, it is a game. In BBC report, Mr. Young, a physics teacher in Quebec, Canada, explains that doing just that has made a difference in his own classroom. Mr Young teaches physics 16-year-olds has turned to video games in a bid to make the children in his class pay more attention.

In Mr Young's class pupils are divided into teams of eight. Within that team, each pupil takes on the role of a warrior, priest or mage (wizard). Each one of these roles has powers associated with it. Some are trivial, such as being able to open a window during class, but others are much more useful. For instance, powerful mages are granted the "Time Warp" ability which lets them take eight minutes longer to finish an exam.

Each character also has hit points, just like in WoW, and you can lose hit points through poor classroom behavior or missing homework deadlines. If your hit points go to zero, you earn yourself a detention or some other sort of penalty. But your teammates can help you out, too. Warriors, with their large hit point pool, can soak damage, and priests can heal it back. Like this, teams are encouraged to work together and help each other learn the material. Mr. Young calls the whole system "World of ClassCraft" in honor of WoW, which it imitates.

Experience show that students are very motivated (including girls) to perform in the game. The motivation to gain real life powers, the randomness of the events and the risk involved in avoiding death are all factors that make the game motivating. To our knowledge, World of Classcraft, is the the only example of gamification in education to completely transform the classroom into a large-scale game. Moreover, World of Classcraft is subject-agnostic, in the sense that it can be played in any subject.

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Why Diablo3 Host Version Is A Better Choice

Posted by selinnasback Wednesday March 27 2013 at 4:10AM
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Blizzard brought us “Diablo 3″ motherboard demo a few days ago, it is estimated that players have a great hope to see the game running on the host during this year. Personally, I think there are two reasons you need buy a host version to play.

Firstly, you can play the game offline without worrying about the game servers and broadband operators. Secondly, although it is difficult to realize the difference between them but once you start to play you will find “Diablo 3” with the handle is much stronger than the mouse and keyboard.In addition to the obvious vibration experience ,with the handle you can accomplish two things move and attack at the same time rather than press the mouse button madly to balance the two acts ,as the hell hunter this remote attack role more than a revolution.


Joshua Mosqueira and Matthew Berger accepted a reporter’s interview , they insisted that the host version of “Diablo 3″ and the PC version are the same important but reporters suspect that most of them privately that the host version of the game experience much stronger.

“This is a difficult decision,” Mosqueira replied, “There is no PC version offline mode plan now ,Consider to do so have some deep-seated?the PC ecosphere and host platform vary greatly.”

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New Wild Battle Pet Coming In WOW Patch 5.3 PTR

Posted by selinnasback Tuesday March 26 2013 at 3:01AM
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Recently Blizzard released the latest 5.3 version of "World of Warcraft" official patch update instructions. Including the vocational, professional and pet Battle updated description.

Patch 5.3 is nearly ready for testing on the PTR, the patch notes are being furiously datamined. The latest development concerns uncovering more of everyone’s favorite Pokemon-style battle pets and the new achievements associated with them.


Cory "Mumper" Stockton revealed a new wild battle pet coming in patch 5.3: the Unborn Val'kyr. If we can all ignore the creepy implications of its name, this will likely turn out to be an awesome addition to everyone's pet collections. No word yet on how to obtain this adorable, undead death machine or what its abilities will be.

In addition to the Unborn Val'kyr, patch 5.3 datamining has revealed the achievement Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition which will add pets to Burning Crusade-era raids, much like those added to classic WoW raids.The pets being added to Burning Crusade raids are:

•  Lil' Bad Wolf

•  Netherspace Abyssal

•  Tideskipper

•  Coilfang Stalker

•  Lesser Voidcaller

•  Menagerie Custodian

•  Fiendish Imp

•  Tainted Waveling

•  Pocket Reaver

•  Phoenix Hawk Hatchling

Finally, for you hardcore battle pet trainers, a new achievement Deadly Pet Brawler, Hopefully whatever new system comes our way offers more transparency, allowing us to make clearer choices in battle.Click read more for all the details!

Guild Wars 2: March New Type Missions And Bounty Target

Posted by selinnasback Monday March 25 2013 at 3:07AM
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The GW2 staffs created new guild missions, open-world content specifically created with guilds .We believe that was just the beginning .They designed guild missions as a platform feature, it is not just simply add some content for players to complete, they want to establish a foundation for the future of the team system, this can be relatively easy to expand and improve the guild quests.


New Mission Type: Bounty Hunt Training

This mission is designed to provide small and casual guilds with an avenue for accessing and unlocking guild content. The objective is simple: defeat one bounty target within fifteen minutes. Make no mistake, this is still very much a group activity, as tracking and defeating even a single bounty is no trivial task. Those players who belong to a one-person guild may still have to join forces with some other players for at least a limited run.

This month they’re bringing you three new bounty hunt targets that are more insidious, more deadly, and more elusive than ever before. Take a look at this bit of intel, if only so you’re not caught completely off guard when you have to adapt your strategy:


 Three New Guild Bounty Targets

•2-MULT – This defective prototype weather golem has been storming around Timberline Falls. Target needs to be brought in for a software patch.

•Big Mayana – This voracious hylek is wanted for questioning about a recent poisoning. Target is thought to have taken refuge in the canopy of Sparkfly Fen.

•Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler – This rogue ogre is wanted for spying on and sabotaging various factions vying for control of the Fields of Ruin. Target is notorious for using pet rats to do her dirtiest work.

We believe extending guild missions isn’t limited to content, the staff will also improve the task reward,To that end, a completely new set of weapons has been commissioned and made available at the Guild Commendation vendor.

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