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Author: scx316

British bank blocks WOW subscriptions

Posted by scx316 Wednesday February 20 2008 at 2:31PM
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The Halifax bank, with the Bank of Scotland as a subsidiary, have decided to block automatic monthly payments to World of Warcraft.According to a Halifax spokesman, the reason behind this is World of Warcraft is experiencing high incidences of credit card fraud.

The spokesman stated its an issue with the the users themselves and not with Blizzard’s online billing system.While automatic payments are being stopped, customers can subscribe to World of Warcraft but must first contact the Halifax or Bank of Scotland to authorize future payments.

“We do not believe the fraud has anything to do with Blizzard themselves, their sites or the integrity of their billing systems, rather it is site users utilizing stolen credit card details to pay for subscriptions,”the Halifax spokesman said. “If a customer wants to subscribe to a game site operated by Blizzard, using a Halifax or Bank of Scotland credit card, we can arrange for the payments to be processed for them if they contact us.”


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streea writes:

More companies should take this stance..

"Our consumers are stupid (in this case, buying gold with their cards), so to keep you from being MORE stupid, you have to call us and tell us you're capable of at least following simple directions."

Wed Feb 20 2008 3:46PM Report
redcap036 writes:

quote { rather it is site users utilizing stolen credit card details to pay for subscriptions }

I think it's abit more deeper than that Streea.

Wed Feb 20 2008 6:45PM Report
Beta1234 writes:

Well, I rather like the idea of having to opt in on a recurring subscription on my credit card.

It would help cut down on fraud, and would stop those silly companies who set up "free" trials where you just have to give them all your credit card information and commit to a subscription before you can use the trial. If you forget to cancel the trial, you get a mail from your bank, and you won't get charged :-)

Thu Feb 21 2008 1:55AM Report
Hexxeity writes:

redcap, no, it's exactly that deep.  gold-farming companies use people's credit card numbers to subscribe to other games for the purposes of farming and spamming ads.

Thu Feb 21 2008 3:47PM Report writes:
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