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Level 0 Perspective

She cuts me into a thousand beautiful pieces.

Author: DopSillypant

Aion (Movement)

Posted by DopSillypant Saturday April 11 2009 at 1:20AM
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A year or two ago, before any detailed Aion info came out, the first thing that worried me was the movement controls, Korean MMOs have an absolute requirement that says the game must be playable with click-to-move.  What I had read was that since most asian MMO players play from web-cafes, they usually have one hand on the mouse and another with a cigarette, a drink or food.  Hence the click-to-move requirement.


 Elysean City, Sanctum


I won't lie: I hate click-to-move, I don't feel in control of my character because I can't control the direction he faces and the direction he travels independently of each other.  If Aion was mainly designed around click-to-move, then it was definitely not going to be my cup of tea.  A year passes and more gameplay videos appear on the web, from the earlier videos it was obvious that Aion allows keyboard movement, but I was still uncertain if it was responsive and smooth instead of some afterthought for the western market.  Until a few days ago. 

Not only does Aion use keyboard movement, it is perfectly responsive, has smooth direction transition, and separate animations for diagonal running, forward running and backtracking.  Now this sounds like a standard that every MMO should have, and most western MMOs in recent years do meet this standard of smooth movement and seamless animation transitions.  In all honesty though, eastern MMOs do not have a good track record of such, so I was happy and relieved that Aion did not fall short in this department.  For anyone that has played WoW, Aion's movement control is 99% identical to it.

Of course, using CryEngine instead of the same old tweaked out Unreal 2 engine certainly helps!


Next up will probably be concerning combat, since movement in Aion ties in closely to combat efficiency.

curiousdaoc writes:

Good read, agreed entirely.

One thing that really impressed me in terms of animations and trivial fluff, was that they actually designed an animation set specifically for when your character is standing in shallow water.

In the case of my Asmodian, he splashes around and catches a fish with his bare hands. It was extremely impressed for something so simple.

Sat Apr 11 2009 3:41AM Report
DopSillypant writes:

Oh absolutely, the amount of animations and their polish in Aion is astounding without any exaggeration.  The engine handles the excess fluff very elegantly, my framerate does drop below 25 fps when I'm in the Sanctum, but it never hitched, froze, got choppy or unresponsive, EVER.  I am really happy they invested in getting CryEngine instead of going the easy route of another UT2 - L2 clone.

My imaginary hats off to Crytek, I love you guys :)

Sat Apr 11 2009 5:11AM Report
BizkitNL writes:

It's these small things that makes a game more enjoyable for me. Content and such comes right after that, obviously :).

Sat Apr 11 2009 7:20AM Report
Katastrophi writes:

For me, this wasn't one of those small things, it's huge. I cannot play Lineage 2 becaues of the ridiculous movement controls. Even the WASD option is awkward. I am willing to give Aion a chance since you say they have adopted Westernized controls for the NA version.

Fri Aug 28 2009 4:34PM Report writes:
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