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Level 0 Perspective

She cuts me into a thousand beautiful pieces.

Author: DopSillypant

Aion Random Features and Tidbits

Posted by DopSillypant Friday April 10 2009 at 7:13PM
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I've decided to update this specific entry with random, small features that I notice in Aion, small, arguably insignificant info that will be difficult to find elsewhere.



- The initial load and zone load times are very, VERY fast, I have an above average PC but nowhere near the bleeding edge of commercial technology, yet when I log in and load the first zone it takes literally less than 2 seconds.

- The default interface can be switched to a "HUD Top" mode, or as I like to call "WoW mimicry" mode, where it puts the individual components of the UI into that of the WoW style.

- Lots of purely cosmetic animations.  Such as taking out a leaf-umbrella when it begins to rain, or splashing the water when you stand in a lake.

- Background music switches to Battle BGM when you engage in combat, or simply take out your weapon.  Battle BGM can be turned off.

- Each spell cast is invoked by a small chant, as L2.

- 4 voice sets for each gender, the voice sets apply to casting chants, grunts, or general emoticon voices.

- Personal bazaars as with most Asian MMOs.

- When swinging a weapon, each strike briefly stops the swinging animation to simulate actual contact with the enemy, again a small addition apparent in some Asian MMOs.

- Armor type proficiency is not mutually exclusive but encompassing, if you can wear Chain then you can wear anything lighter than Chain.

- No collision detection (at least for PvE), you can walk through enemies.

- Personal Banks and Guild Banks ("Warehouse", "Legion Warehouse"), and a separate Account-wide Warehouse.

- You can take a piece of gear, and change it's appearance to that of any other equal slot gear that you own, this service costs a small fee and you must be level 30+.

- Your radar shows friendlies and enemies with green and red dots respectively, however the dots only show up if they are within your character's view of approximately 120" peripheral.  If enemies were coming up from behind you, your radar would not show them. writes:
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