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MMO Botting Revealed !!

Posted by sandaf74 Monday November 30 2009 at 2:33PM
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Lets face it, I'll just come out right at start and say it to everyone: "If your botting in a MMO, your a filthy cheater." Right about now, some of you are agreeing, and others are already hitting the BURY button. But lets take a look at what botting actually means in a MMO game...

UPSIDE- Your bored with the game, all you want to do is to [Gather gold][Gain XP][Harvest Resources] but you have no intention of doing it the right way. You set up your bot and go to work or to bed. When you return, you have a better character and more gold. You dont actually have to play the game; just have your PC play if for you. Your avatar will be maximum level in a short period of time and allow you to show off and Grief other players without having to endure many boring levels of being griefed yourself.

DOWNSIDE- You breathe relief every time you return to your PC and find your not banned. Also since you did not actually play most of your character, you might be clueless how to actually play the endgame.

UPSIDE- Bots can provide endless hours of entertainment! You quickly learned how to let them take aggro while you killed the mob and got the loot, you also managed to get them stuck on a tree for 8 hours when you blocked their path and directed them the wrong way.

DOWNSIDE- Better bot programs will not allow you to interfere with them. They constantly sweep the area you need to quest in of all mobs and kill steal from you. All the resources you need to work on your crafting are gone as the bots can find them faster than you can and rape every single one.

UPSIDE- None, other than the bot is a paying subscriber.

DOWNSIDE- Normal players bitch and whine about the bots. You have to invest extra time and money to actively ban and program in preventative measures. The total yearly cost greatly outweighs the subscriptions the bots provide.

UPSIDE- NONE. ONly the botters benefit.

DOWNSIDE- Normal players notice an upswing on prices for decent items and a flood of cheap items. The normal player can no longer afford a decent sword and can't sell their warez due to the botters flooding the market. Inflation is on the rise and balance with younger players is horribly affected.

Ok, so there you have the real world (Virtual-Real world) dynamics of how botting does change things. Im sure I missed a few key points as well. Face it, The game is a MMO, meaning it is meant to be played by a human being and interact with others. If your too damn lazy to actually play the game, why bother to bot at all? The only reasons are all vile in nature; Greed, Griefing, and Graft. I am only speaking about single players botting, consider this problem greater when you factor in Chinese Gold Sellers botting for their business.

A while ago, Daedren made a blog here about how he botted in WoW and upheld the made up virtues about botting. Funny, he is now complaining about how much hate mail he got. (And he is still a highlighted blogger here, so MMORPG condones cheating??) Unfortunately his twisted ideals clearly show the mindset of the typical cheating gamer. He (and others like him) simply dont feel what they are doing as cheating, and lack the ability to see the bigger picture.

Ah well. I'll head back to AION and go petition my next round of Bots. I would love to capture a movie sometime showing the mass banning; its fun to watch them just vanish off the playfield in succession...