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The Root of the Problem: Indies Are Players Making Games They Like To Play

I will talk about the differences of indie game development and the around 100-manned companies, that I find hype and act like their game is revolutional when it's only a copy of a hardworking small manned team.

Author: sagil

The Root of the Problem: Indies Are Players Making Games They Like To Play

Posted by sagil Thursday June 28 2012 at 6:11PM
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Big companies steal indies ideas and make it 100-manned... but not as good, only 1/100th of the time. 

When buying indie games for the first time, I couldn't believe how much better and creative they are than 100 manned mmorpgs. It's the players that make better games, and not developers that have a life outside of gaming. They don't know sqwat. Players made the DotA map and see how popular it is now. When every single company first started they were a few people and they made awesome games. Then business men took over and hype the game with commercials and stuff and people think it's really good, but is it? Maybe it's for the playerbase that hadn't played the first game that wreak so much attention in gaming.

Companies are smart. That's what their job is. To research, steal, hype and act like it's revolutionary.



F.ex. the MMORPG genre is waiting for it's rescuer to evolve into something we haven't played for, say, 10 years.


There is no evolution in mmos and the trend was always from the beginning to show off pvp in youtube clips. Then it went over to PvE and people outgrew that. Now, for me at least, it's pure competitive gaming I want. No silly quests or anything. But I'd buy any SOCIAL mmo, which there are none of right now. I want to communicate to build a ship or argue that my neighbour is planting seeds on my yard. :P MMOs were built for social, not competitive gaming. Who wants to play an unfair game just because someone spent more time NOT PvPing, but PvEing...?


I actually played Super Meat Boy and I don't know when I felt so happy to be playing a game.


Is it really MMORPG we want now, how it looks today? From my experience and research... PvPers want competitive games. PvEers are puzzle collectors and achievers, playing what is a competitive game only if you have enough time, beat the PvE (go to the last PvE puzzle to recieve your big bang sword). Arena in MMOs can just be one game without the puzzles. Just pure competitive game.

Shariest writes:

Im actually going to study game making :)

Players have something that employee's lack. FREEDOM. We play  on our free time, and (atleast i) wan't to play games we (i) like. Selecting and trying gives a little from here and there, until you have a mixture of options that suit yourself.

If the idea is good, you have skill, creativity and good people working with you. The result will be either disaster or an indie legend :D

Fri Jun 29 2012 2:24AM Report
Lonewolf writes:

Some of the biggest problem in game designer these days, is developers actually rarely play their own games, which is essential especially when making and improving an MMO

Fri Jun 29 2012 12:20PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

I would say don't have anything new in video games as a whole, always teh same things with new skin, and crap history, also they are being each time shorter and shorter.


I don't think we can save it, only way now would be wait for the big ones leave or die then restart from zero

Fri Jun 29 2012 2:39PM Report
RavZterz writes:

Sad truth is the better game doesn't always make more money.  They want to sell to as many people as possible so they sacrifice gameplay and focus on marketing.

Trying something new might take away from the market that enjoys the same games so they scrap creativity since they are still making a profit off the same old games.  

Thu Jul 05 2012 10:04AM Report writes:
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