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Lushy the Great's Wonder Hut

RoyalLush here, or they call me. I moved from HERE I AM! haha <3

Author: RoyalLush

Blizzard's Real ID: Because We Just Don't Have Enough Stalkers Over the Internet.

Posted by RoyalLush Monday November 8 2010 at 12:14PM
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While we all might of heard this before, and maybe for some of you it's the first time, Blizzard has implemented their 'Real Friend' ID system, and while they have updated it to so you can link your Facebook or even 'opt out', the point remains that it's STILL in there.
I admit that I server hop. I have a raiding guild on one server or spend my time with fun RP on another and would like to be alerted sometimes if I'm too busy raiding to RP or visa versa, but there is no way in hell that I would give out my 'real ID', which is not only your first and last name, but also the e-mail address you have your WoW account linked too.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that about half of the information you need to give out to the GM if you get hacked?
Even outside of the e-mail, the fact that Blizzard forces you to have your real name exposed to people that you might just like playing with in order to keep in touch over their otherwise lazy and shitastic messenger system instead of implementing an agreement with X-Fire, MSN, Yahoo, or any of the other million IM's in there is as retarded at you having to buy an authenticator instead of it coming with the game.
Even games such as Lineage came with an MSN adaptor since they didn't want you alt-tabbing.
My other question is why can't you have a nick name? I, for one, have no problems keeping track of my real life friends, yes, even without the use of Facebook *gasps*. There is no reason to force my name to show to people who I wouldn't mind talking to over the game, as I am logged in. Trust me Blizzard, I have a Blackberry and do not need another gimmick to help me 'organize my real life.'
Stop taking advice from Activision, and get your games together.  Thanks.
fridayuk writes:

It's for giving to friends, people you know outside of the game. people who already know your real name.

It actually states that when you signup and when you add friends. It also states it in the FAQ: "Real ID is a system designed to be used with people you know and trust in real life -- friends, co-workers and family". 


The whole "it's tied to your real identity" thing is really of the point of the system.  It's not intended for giving to people you've only met in game, which is exactly what it sounds like you are doing (in spite of the fact it suggests otherwise).

You are free to use other systems outside of the game if that's what you want to do (and I strongly suggest you do, rather than giving out your personal details and complaining it's somehow making it easier for people to stalk you).

That said, I can certainly see that it would be nice to have a mechanism to tie accounts together so that people I am only friends with online could see alts if I chose. That just needs to be a per-character option that can be toggled though.*

* You could design a more sophisticated mechanism, but I suspect anything beyond a "make this visible as one of my alts" checkbox would be a case of over-engineering and lead to confusion.

Wed Nov 10 2010 5:15AM Report
RoyalLush writes:

I was pretty sure the point of an MMO is to meet and play with people you DON'T really have to know. Maybe I missed the point of an internet game? I do not, however, randomly give my name to people I just met, though a linked system to be available to people who I might have met, liked for a while, but not really want to share my personal information with to be available for guild activities, raids, or hell, RP parties might be a better idea of Blizzard is trying to 'link' their all of two main games right now: WoW and Star Craft 2.

Since I tend to double dip Raiding Server vs RP server (And I know a good many players that do), would be nicer to have a friend's list without having to cough up stalker happy information. This is also why the real names on forums failed terribly.

I believe they tried to tackle too many other 'special features' about this system, dipping into the realms of Social Networking sites like Facebook because I guess that's what all the little teeny boppers go for now and days. Call me old fashion.

Good Luck in the future,


Mon Nov 15 2010 5:47PM Report writes:
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