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Viper's Nest

A bit of me, and a bit on the games I play :)

Author: Roseblood

Ah Hellgate

Posted by Roseblood Thursday November 8 2007 at 8:21PM
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Well I've been running around in London killing alien demons and the zombies, and having a blast.  Frankly I understand why some people are up in arms on nthe forums.  There are a good number of bugs still in the game, for instance sometimes when you are grouped you can't see who you are teamed with. 

It happens, but you can still see the zombies and such attacking a particular spot and fall down or be flung off from some point.  It's rather a funny glitch, if you are sitting right next to the person you are teamed with.  i have that luxary because I team with my husband :)

Tomarrow we will both be getting the founder's package just to save ourselves the money in future since we both are positive we want this game.  It'll be fun to team up on our days off, or even after work.  It's also nice since right now there are no auction houses for us to just trade or store things for our other characters.

the game is also great for my creativity.  I am a role player (table top first computer/video games second) and this game has opend up several new character concepts and short story ideas.  I am working on one right now and once it is finished I'll be sending it to the people who created the game, as well as post it up on the web.  If anyone here is interested post me a comment and once I have it done I'll link it here.

My story is only character history.  I will be making a character sheet for her, and playing her regularly in table top in another game :)  and yes i have her in the game right now working on her skill tree, though the tree and what i want tend to be rather different.... but hey thats where creative license comes in :)

Nov 1st Hellgating

Posted by Roseblood Thursday November 1 2007 at 6:20PM
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Well Hellgate has been live for over 24 hrs now :)

They are giving everyone the chance for the halloween content that next year will be subscriber only...  I got the All Hallows Visage helm *grin* I have a skull head and it's on fire when ya wear it!!!  Is very cool, as well as questing out for the zombot parts.

24 zombot blood

2 zombot organs

1 zombot ticker

1 zombot blueprint

this gets you a little zombie pet to have run around with you.  It's worth it i think to get him.  Then again I also got the manta wraith from the collector's ed. and the coko moko from the magazine offer :)  If they keep coming out with pets later on they might need to make a kennel to let ya keep them in.

I hated the fact that a few of the characters have more 'serious' voices in teh liver multi-player version, but in the single player they are back to their kooky selves!!!  I soooo missed George and His majesty of shoes!!!  <evil grin> 

Thankfully they didn't change Lucious or techsmith 314 at all!!!  they are sooo funny!  All hail the almighty  Grod, that great gorrila with a brain and awesome telepathic powers!!!

Am I ready!?

Posted by Roseblood Tuesday October 30 2007 at 7:30AM
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I keep wondering if I am ready for the release of Hellgate: London.  I look about my computer and check things off:

Notebook for funny critter names and character quotes - check

Container from wok of chocolate chip cookies with loads of frosting sandwiched in them - check

Bag of chips and french onion dip in the fridge - check

24 pack of soda - check

Candy bars - check

Headphones - check

Spouse next to me also waiting for the game - check

All things seem to be ready for the game.  The computer is defragged for this special occasion, and I have deleted old AMVs and other non-important things.  Everything must be in order for Hellgate-O-Ween!! 

The question is though, even with these wonderful things am I missing anything that could be useful to me?  I mean I will be up all night playing my characters, fragging demons and trying to give humanity back what was taken from them.  Sure, my husband will be getting the founder's offer first and me the week after, but is there anything else a girl needs?

Oh yeah!!

Requested and granted Nov. 1st off to recover from it all before I head back to work - Check!!!


Well see you people in the stations and the tunnels of London!!

Hellgate: London

Posted by Roseblood Wednesday September 26 2007 at 4:16PM
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Well I just got my pre-order at game stop, got my code for beta and the lava style dye kit for my armor... I am now bouncing happily awaiting this game.  For those of you who know nothing about this game and have been living under a rock, allow me to explain a bit :)


I wandered into a comic book shop and saw a dark looking comic by the name of Hellgate: London, and being a femal who reads comics of a violent nature I grabbed it.  I was plesantly surprised by the comic and the art, as well as the interesting story involving your typical evil running in teh hearts of men to summon demons from the pit into the modern world.

The story has three characters really, your templar, a cabalist, and a hunter.  Hunters in this game aren't your W.O.W style with a pet, they are more like you marines.  They carry big guns and kill the spawn that is issued forth and slowly destroying any human it can grab hold of.  Your Knights Of Templar are the old knight code, and have known that something like this could happen and the whole secret society coming into the light once more in order to protect people and usher them into a safe new world if possible.  Cabalistss are your mage type, but they do have the ability to grasp onto the mentality and being of the demons and control them in a way. 

There are the comics but also the books out for this to get you ready for the world.  Comics I have read, and havent been able to find the book at any of the stores near me.  I live out in the middle of nowhere it seems.

If nothing else check the game out at  The screenshots look killer, and the story is something I think most Doom and Diablo people are going to love. 

Entry 1

Posted by Roseblood Wednesday June 6 2007 at 12:40PM
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Well, let's see where to begin.  My screen name is Roseblood, it's a code name for a character I play in a table top rpg.  An amazon pirate, and fairly awesome if I do say so myself.  She is a character I have yet to create on any mmorpg.
Current MMOs I play are World of Warcraft, and 9 Dragons.  I am looking forwards to trying out Hellgate: London once it hits stores.  If you know nothing about it, I do suggest the comic series, quite nicely done.  I have to say that the Cabalist looks like a killer class too.

Alright here's some general info on me personally.  Aug. 26th 1980 is my b-day and yes I am a female gamer, and comp/video gamer.  I'm into sci-fi and fantasy novels, as well as acting, singing and dancing.  I am thinking about trying my hand at making videos like amvs or with clips from games, but haven't got the time with real life right now.

If you'd like to know more about me feel free to ask.  I'm a rather open person and will answer almost any question.