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A evaluation of MMOs I play, I hope with the ranting cut out & anything else I happen to think would interest the wider world.Comments would be appreciated.

Author: Romir

Tabula Rasa - Small update

Posted by Romir Thursday January 31 2008 at 11:39AM
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So, the new patch is in. Hybrids, lagg reduction, tweaks. Oh and a /sit emote yay!

It was a long time in production, so hopes were high. I have not leveled much since my last post, I am now 34, I waited for the patch, read some books etc.

All in all I would say its a good try. The hybrid quests are, for want of better description, well thought out, the writers really need a pat on the back. For the level they are are supposed to be able to do them, the first is about 15, the last 40. They are rather difficult. I had some fun uncovering the story of the alien races, although I am slightly too low to obtain the level 40 Thrax DNA. Yeah DNA, rather than come up with some story about interspecies relationships, you obtain the DNA codes of that race, which means, when you go to clone yourself, you can splice  your human DNA with the alien DNA, therefore obtaining the strengths and weaknesses of the race.

Most of the bugs were fixed, thats always a good thing, as it was a major gripe of the players. Mires lagg has been fixed, and if you have read this blog before, you will note that I was very complementary of that zone, well, they have removed the lagg, I think without doing too much damage to the enemy population of the zone. You notice it, it is clear the number of mobs has been reduced, but the pace of the zone is maintained.

However, I do somehow feel weaker, and this has been confirmed by other players, the reason why, I don't know. It's a little harder, and I am pleased with that, I hear the new instance they added is a tough one, It's the start of them adding more end game content.

They still need allot more quests added in the mid level zones, I always find myself grinding the the last 1/4. So still not spoiled for choice. Not that I expect one patch to fix everything.

I feel like it's a good effort, they have decided to give us regular smaller patches rather than the large one every few month, I agree with this, I hate waiting.