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MMO visualizer

Visualizing MMO games mechanics and concepts.

Author: rokoto

MMORPG games in Venn diagrams

Posted by rokoto Wednesday February 22 2012 at 6:04AM
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Hello everybody. This blog is created to show the way you can learn more about MMO games mechanics and concepts using variety of visualization tools. I'm talking about some kind of basic infographics.
In my first post I want to show you how I used Venn diagramms to illustrate my perception of differnet MMORPG games.The bottom line is that any MMO is a set of gaming spheres in which social interaction occurs. For greater clarity, I have identified four basic areas (of course this is a very rough generalization):
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Crafting & Economy
  • Open World Interaction (OWI)
Then I made the thesis that the basis of the living MMO world is that the spheres intersects and influence each other.
So here what I've got:
Default Good Balanced MMORPG game
Default Good Balanced MMORPG game
Some dream MMORPG where all spheres are balanced and everyone can find something to do.
Venn diagram of Default Good Game
EVE online
Just love the balance of EVE, but of?ourse I know that these graph is idealized.
EVE online Venn diagram
World of Warcraft
Yep, I know that these graph is not perfect and contains some controversial issues.
World of Warcraft Venn diagram
Everquest 2
In PvE we trust.
Everquest 2 Venn diagram
Lineage 2
Dominate to control, control to dominate.
Lineage 2 Venn diagram
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Nearly perfect, but without PvP.
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Venn diagram
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Unsolid at the moment, but it definitely has potential.
SWTOR Venn diagram
In fact, initially it was topic on the forums here, but it was blocked because of the SWTOR diagram with a big red circle saying "Voice acting in quests". At least I think it was blocked because of this :-) Ofcourse it was an ironey. So I decided to make a blog post with more honest diagram for SWTOR.
Sure thing these schemes do not claim to ultimate truth, it's just my personal perception. I also would like to quote some remarks from the discussion on the forum, which I think makes sense:
Originally posted by Aconsar

While I understand that the PVE circle in the EVE diagram should be a bit smaller, it shouldn't be as small as you make it out to be however.  There is more to EVE's PVE than just running missions which most people seem to think that's all there is.  You just have to search a bit more for the interaction as opposed to just "accept mission - go to way point".

Originally posted by delete5230

In WoW you have PVE interacting with OWI. This is true in Vanilla WoW but not anymore. Their is no interaction with the Open world since the Dungeon finder. NO ONE PLAYS TOGETHER in open world anymore.  Now if your adding instanced PVE ( dungeon finder ) to your OWI then they would be merged close to 100%.

Originally posted by Majinash

I feel like the diagram you used for EVE should be the default for balanced, as everything in an MMO should be linked back to people interacting in a persistant world. [...]-snip-

By the way I suggest a diagram for Darkfall
Same as EVE but with less enphasis on the PvE and bigger pie of PvP and Crafting (crafting slightly smaller than PvP)
By the way I suggest a diagram for Darkfall
Same as EVE but with less enphasis on the PvE and bigger pie of PvP and Crafting (crafting slightly smaller than PvP)