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Random Thoughts for the MMO Worlds

The blog is just some of my personal thoughts and opinions toward MMO Worlds, including not only MMORPGs but also Web-Based MMO, Casual MMO, Social Networking, and etc.

Author: roctkd

Asian MMOGs & Micro-Transaction

Posted by roctkd Tuesday April 15 2008 at 2:37AM
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     Some of the earliest MMOGs are believed to be originated in Asian countries: China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. However, it is not until recent years that Asian MMOGs developers started to penetrate the U.S. market. According to some of the developers, the Asian markets are extremely saturated with low profit margin. These are countries are also the pioneers in Micro-Transaction business model.

     Micro-Transaction and Free to Play models actually started in Asian between late 90's and early 2000, on the other hand U.S. actually just started these business models not long ago. It is the main reason why so many Asian developers would like to have a taste of U.S. market; these Asian developers believe that they are seeing a growing market in U.S. which is like the one in Asia from 5 years ago.

     However, the U.S.  audiences see micro-transaction in a different point of view. The acceptance toward micro-tranaction business among gamers are extreme and divided. I have seen people whom totally support the the business model, yet I have seen people totally look down at the such practice. I am not speaking for neither side; however, I do love to see how people think of it. This is the first entry of my blog, and I will write more detailed entries about this topic in the near future.

Tetsunami writes:

Indeed I have tried a few of these games that work on this model one of them being a U.S. game. I feel a double standard on this business model. I find it nice that I can play and experience what the game has to offer with 0 up front cash moneys. however some people really just don't have the money to pay for some items that are time limited in game whats with that? no fun at all. Withholding some of what the game has to offer or a lot of what the game has to offer just for people willing to pay is not cool a small monthly fee would be a lot better than 15.00 a month or micro payment. Thing is these companies are just corporate zombies hungry for money they could charge us $1.00 a month and still make a TON of cash take WoW 10 million people signed up for this game lets say even half of that play regularly thats 5 million a month instead they charge us $15.00 and make 75,000,000 a month...yeah not kewl at all. well yeah I ranted sorry about that but there is my opinion HA!

Tue Apr 15 2008 4:51AM Report
elderotter writes:

I have researched the games on thos model and have decided to boycott all of them.  A monthly fee is cheaper than having to pay for items.  I hope these models fail.

Tue Apr 15 2008 2:16PM Report
rsreston writes:

I prefer the subscription model - it's like being part of a club. Besides, it feels as if the devs take more care of the game, with updates and bug fixes. Thus, what bothers me in subscription mmogs is having to pay for an expansion.

Tue Apr 15 2008 6:11PM Report
Gruug writes:

As one of those U.S. persons that plays MMO regularly, my "take" is that micro-transactions are only good for the MMO company. I compare micro-transactions to buying a car w/o a motor...."Oh, you want a motor in that....that will be an additional $3,000." Sure, it is cheap up front but in the end you get what you pay for. I won't be playing ANY MMO that offers micros.

Wed Apr 16 2008 2:04PM Report
battlefieldf writes:

I completely agree! I've also played mmos and I'm sick and tired of it. Maybe that's why we should stick with U.S. games that cater to us U.S. citizens or immigrants LOL. You guys should check out the next generation free to play game. Here's a link to a video clip.

Sat Apr 19 2008 1:04AM Report writes:
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