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One Week with Wind of Luck

I am new to the site, and wanted to begin with my impression of a new MMO, Wind of Luck. My previous MMO Experience has been with DC UNiverse Online and Star Wars Galaxies, so this was a bit different ...

Author: rnmartinez

One Week with Wind of Luck

Posted by rnmartinez Thursday September 4 2014 at 12:12PM
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It’s been awhile since I’ve really been an MMO guy. I like the very cool, and very unique games that allow you to interact with players from all over the world in a shared environment. You can collaborate, fight, or just hang out.  Overall, I find them to be a very interesting (and fun experiment) in gaming, communities, and social cohesion.


My first taste of MMO’s was Star Wars Galaxies. I know the game has been changed so much over the years (when it first launched, it was next to impossible to become a Jedi) and I doubt I would recognize the game now.  I honestly had to give it up because I was just putting too much time into it. 

After that, I kind of laid off the MMO gaming until DC Universe came about. If you’ve been following this blog at all, or are a fan of my publisher Lucha Comics, then you know that I have been a comic book guy just as long as I have been a gamer. Mixing the two together, especially with Batman in the mix was just too much to resist! It was also a nice change to be able to play an MMO on my PS3 - I just find its nice to be infront of an actual TV sometimes, but the only downside is that the communication/community aspect feels a bit watered down.


So, why this long prelude? Quite frankly, I think I’ve rediscovered what I love about MMOs thanks to Wind of Luck. 


Wind of Luck is a fun, easy to get into, seafaring battle game.  You begin by selecting your ship (don’t worry, there are plenty of help videos to help you along!), customize it, and then off to battle.  It really is that easy to satisfy your inner pirate!  Once the battle loads, the game is quite easy.  While elements like weather (and pesky objects to collide with) certainly influence the arena, the controls are straightforward if you have played any racing/driving type games. It does take some concentration in order to chat with your teammates and control your ship, but after a few battles you’ll get the hang of it.  You also need to remember that you are on a ship, so traditionally you are firing from either your left or right side.  It makes for some very cool gameplay mechanics, as you need to plan your approaches, pull in correctly, and then blow your enemy away.  It did take me a bit of practice to make sure that I was hitting something, but eventually I was sinking ships with the best of them. Sure games have conditioned us to expect explosions, but watching your enemy sink to the bottom of the sea is very satisfying in its own way!


The game is still in Beta, so if you hurry over to the Wind of Luck Arena website, you can get into the game early and for free! The player base is still growing, so this is an awesome way to get involved in the community.  I also know that the developers have been great in responding to me, so it also gives you a chance to give important feedback that could help shape the game.



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