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Proverbial Principles - How to have a fulfilling game and a keep a produtive life.

Lessons to live by. Things learned that apply to in game and real life. Avoid burn out, keeping your life and gaming meaningful and productive.

Author: repfarm

Even a fool who remains silent is considered  wise, and the one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning.  Proverbs 17:28

How many times have I spoken,  just to find out that I really did not know as much as I thought I did about what I was speaking about.

Sometimes the players with the most "expert" attitude can't really help improve your game play experience. A blatant example of foolish game talk is the "enter 1345!@#$ in game to recieve 10 million tokens". I have to laugh when someone actually types this type of hype into the chat channels, lol.  We believe to quickly the person who is conviced of their own superior opinion.

I want to learn. I want to learn correct information. It would do me and you some benefit if we spent time thinking about what people are telling us and not just take it at the surface level. In the pursuit of excellence in life or gameplay, there is no substitue for actual experience.

The person who knows the most, sometimes is the quiet one who has played a long time and has many laurels to their accomplishments. Not just braggarts.


I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Believe me, I'm not smart enough to do it.

Posted by repfarm Sunday July 19 2009 at 11:54PM
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Old advice (in this case really old), is still good advice if it works. A proverb from a few thousand years ago is one of my favorite. "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm."  Solomon in The Book of Proverbs chapter 13 line 20

I am one of those players who likes to figure things out on my own if I can. There is a sense of accomplishment in doing this. I think at the bottom of it thogh is pride. It is my nature to ask for assitance once I am stuck. This has earned me less xp in a game in the long run, which is not a good thing. It has also gotten me in a pickle or two in my career because I did not seek advice before I did something. I just was going to 'figure it out for myself'. Lesson learned on that one.If we are going to excel at a game, or anything else for that matter, it would be bettter for us in the long run to seek out someone who already excels in that which we want to master. Is there a quest that must be conquered in order to aquire that 'super duper weapon of infinate carnge'? Maybe a more efficient way of produing resources. How about learning a sport or becoming better at it. It would benefit us if we became a companion of someone who has mastered, or at least is much better than we are at whatever our goal is. That can be a humbling experience. We would have to admit we are not capable 'as we are' to accomplish the goal as well as we would lik. We would also have to humble ourelves to ask for help.  A wise person doesn't mind sharing their wisdom if the person seeking it is going to do something with it.

Currently I am prying the minds of some players who are much better than I at a certain part of a game.  I sought out players who were not just good at what I wanted to also be able to do; they were easy to understand. Meaning they were good teachers. I can grow my xp (become wise) by listeing to those who I noticed rose in xp much faster than I.