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Random thoughts about MMOs and gaming.

Author: rejad

The Old Republic Will Be a Success...and a Failure

Posted by rejad Saturday October 23 2010 at 2:11AM
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tl;dr  SWTOR will be a good video game but a lousy MMO.

That's pretty much what I'm thinking these days.  When the game was announced, Knights of the Old Republic fans everywhere either rejoiced or, and more likely from my observations, wrung their hands in anger at the fact that there would be no KOTOR 3 just this MMO.  But those KOTOR fans should now rejoice as it is looking clear that the game we will get is very much KOTOR 3.  The MMO fans on the other hand should look forward to some hand wringing.

Every indication seems to point to an emphasis on the single-player experience.  The focus is on story, you are typically strong enough to take on groups of enemies by yourself, you get an NPC partner to help you out, the space portion of the game is a rail shooter, etc.

So far I've heard naught about how players will interact with each other, save for being able to make a story line comment here and there if in a group.  And that's only on the repeatable side quests that don't matter much to your overall story.  No word on crafting and I'm not assuming there will be much beyond the item upgrade feature of the first two KOTOR games.

Now this lack of player interaction doesn't mean it will be a bad game, just that it will be a bad online game.  From day one the devs of this project have been wetting themselves over talking about how wonderful you'll think the story is as you solo the whole game.  As far as I can tell the most player interaction you'll have is seeing another player run by you when you're walking through a non-instanced area.

Sure I could be wrong, but so far I'm not.  If I am I welcome anyone to come and point out to me the error of my admitted assumption.  Until then I will hold the theory that SWTOR is a single-player game with a monthly subscription fee. 

I suppose that's one way to get around piracy.

karnisov writes:

and the big questions is, will it get the 1 million subs it needs to break even? i doubt it.

Sat Oct 23 2010 8:20PM Report
rejad writes:

That's the rumor, isn't it?  That makes me nervous because I don't see how the game will retain long-term subs since story content is basically use just once and then destroy.  RPGs don't carry much replay value in that regard.  If I'm basically just playing KOTOR 3, I imagine they'll get about 2 months worth of sub fee out of me tops.  If this game flops it will flop like Krakatoa and that doesn't speak well for the industry as a whole.  I hold out some hope that there is some ace up their sleeve that maybe they don't want to talk about yet that will make the end-game something worth sticking around for.

Sun Oct 24 2010 2:18AM Report
whilan writes:

I'd have to find the link but they did say there was group content, raids pvp, basically everything you find in a normal MMO.  The only reason they are not boosting on this is because it's not the highlight of their game or in this case their selling point.

They have said numerous times that there will be the normal MMO elements in this game. at about 2:30 they state rather clearly that these features will be in the game.

Sun Oct 24 2010 3:30PM Report
Royalkin writes:

"They have said numerous times that there will be the normal MMO elements in this game."

Yeah, but simply because they state that they exist within the game, doesn't mean they will be interesting or all that worthwhile. Especially given that they are majoratively pushing story and the single player (solo) aspect of the game.

Mon Oct 25 2010 10:08AM Report
whilan writes:

My response was to the blogger stating the most you can expect from interaction is someone chiming in for a comment on the situation and people running around. The link i posted states that while the story is being "pushed" the other elements are there.

If these things are good/worthwhile or not is up to how BW implements them but as per the developers, they are there. Which the blogger is stating they have not seen.

as per this statement: As far as I can tell the most player interaction you'll have is seeing another player run by you when you're walking through a non-instanced area.

They have stated there will be group quests out in the open world, so no that won't be the limit of interaction.

Tue Oct 26 2010 2:07AM Report
rejad writes:

My point is that the "other elements" seem an afterthought more than anything else.  All we hear and see is story story story.  And I've no problem with that, as I said in my post.  My point is that doesn't bode well for it being a good online game even if it is a good game.

I want to see how they think I should sub for more than two months.  Why should I stick around and continue to pay only to replay what I've already done alone?  No footage, no big mission statements, no nothing on that other than a handful of comments tossed in while talking about other things.  Even the video you linked was just a single sentence the dude said while talking about story.

Again, to you and the guys who buried this, I think it will be a good game.  My point in my post and now is that I don't think I will play it like an MMO.  So far there is nothing to convice me otherwise.  If they have put out a video talking about player to player experience and how they will take the EQ and WoW model and what other innovations they are doing to community interaction, I've yet to see it.  Once again, so far I'm not wrong in my assumption based on the info available.  I would like to be wrong, but I cannot see a counter argument.

Tue Oct 26 2010 4:57PM Report
tentimes writes:

Well I hope you are wrong for all our sakes. MMO land is empty at the moment and I have been without a game now for 9 months. Bored beyond belief. This was my last hope Obi Wan Kenobi (sic)

Tue Oct 26 2010 6:30PM Report
whilan writes:

This is the group game play they have shown during a fight.

Tue Oct 26 2010 7:44PM Report
whilan writes:

Sorry, submitted before i entered the link. heres the link

Tue Oct 26 2010 7:44PM Report
Deewe writes:

Too much based on story, too many restrictions, required companions (aka pet classes), not interesting space shooter.


All in all the game won't be bad but it won't be that great either.

Thu Oct 28 2010 5:26PM Report
Masoniclight writes:

wow... gotta love all the negativity.. here is a really unique concept: "Wait until the game is actually out before rendering judgement".... pretty AWESOME concept! 

How wonderful it would be to see what happens to all you negative nanny types if this game becomes an unparalled success... bet you'd crap in your pants and act like doofuses... then try and nitpick the game to death.... sad really..

My bet (if I was a betting man) is it will be a good game at the minimum with a potential to break through the ceiling of the industry..  

but all is such good speculation until the 1st quarter of next year.... 

Fri Oct 29 2010 2:49PM Report
rejad writes:

Dude, I said I want to be wrong.  I wouldn't crap my pants, I'd be estatic.  Christ, did you even read what I wrote before hammering away at your keyboard in tears?

Fri Oct 29 2010 4:46PM Report
rejad writes:

I'm a little late on making this comment but I'll do it anyway.   Having played the game and seen its first year go by all I have to say is that everything I wrote back then...WAS SPOT ON.

This is less victory lap and more depression, to be honest.  Everything I wrote back then was based on what they were telling us and how I'd seen that sort of thing play out before.  It was very plain that the game was going to take that direction and in hindesight one wonders how anyone could have ever thought it would have turned out any differently.

It wasn't some weird need to bash BioWare that led me to that conclusion.  I hadn't yet been burned by DA2 so I was still very much in love with BW back then.  I came to those conclusions through observation and logic.  And I wanted to be wrong. 

Even now MMOs are still being made the same.  This belief that if they could just out-WoW WoW they'd become the next, lucretive, exception to the MMO rule.  It'll never happen.  There is no WoW killer. 

Mon Jan 07 2013 7:36PM Report writes:
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