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What Gaming Should Be

As an avid lifelong gamer, I try to describe what has worked well and poorly in games I've played, and in any given gaming scenario, to define how it could best be handled as a result.

Author: reillan

A Perfect PvP MMO

Posted by reillan Wednesday April 22 2009 at 12:43PM
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I hate all current PvP games.  So, here's some ideas I had for a great one:

#1: Full loot ... ish

You have the ability to loot your opponent, but this only takes unbound items from them. 


#2: Item binding.

Bound items are merely items that cannot be taken during combat.  These are the items you're wearing and any crafting items you're carrying.  If you equip a new item, the old one becomes unbound, and thus lootable and tradable.


#3: Additional loot and XP from PvP

Enemies count as PvE mobs for loot tables - meaning, you can not only loot your opponent regularly, but you get additional items for that looting.  Perhaps this could be done in a bound form for certain things (ie, take the scalps of your defeated enemies, turn them in for a quest), or an unbound form for item drops.


#4: Combat is wide-open

Whoever deals the final point of damage to something gets the XP (for their entire group) for that kill.  Items are dropped on the ground and you simply have to run over them to pick them all up (this means someone else could grab them, and you'll just have to kill him).


#5: You can accidentally kill people in your own group

And your group loses XP if you do so.


#6: Respawn points are laid out frequently

So you can get right back into the action.


#7: No death penalty

So you can get right back into the action.


#8: Fast transport around the world

Because it sucks having to waste time walking 40 miles just to talk to someone and then walk back.


#9: When you're talking to an NPC, or fighting a named boss for a quest, you cannot be hurt by outside forces.

Because these are important activities that take time, time that might be inhibited by the respawn rate of PCs.


#10: No instancing

Because it sucks, and because people camp the exits, and this sucks, too.


#11: At least one grenade-launcher-style weapon

To take care of the people who will eventually camp anyway.