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RedPins Game Development Blog

RedPins goes over his development from independent studio developed games for single player to commercial independent studio developed AAA games and MMOG. His insight focuses on psychology, marketing, advertising, and business. His vision is work to give.

Author: redpins

New Highly Dynamic Fantasy

Posted by redpins Sunday September 18 2011 at 6:28PM
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I don't like to take from existing pools of information on lore for fairytale creatures. Sadly, I will relate to some of it so it will have basic functions to build upon. I want to introduce my concept of highly dynamic Fantasy with a new approach. I will take a few from existing lore, and morph it my way building a new connection and relationship to the creature at a whole.

Nymphs - Highly elemental creatures that replace Elf and Dwarf. Nymphs are elemental creatures that fuse humanoid like flesh with elements. These creatures are the dominant race on the current planet. They are the caretakers of the planet, and Nymphs can be good or evil. Nymphs are not shy, and their personality reflects their element and gender. The downfall of it all is Nymphs of both good and evil rarely couple with another Nymph, and prefer the more emotionally driven humans as mates. Nymph lifespan is nearly 3,000 years in total, and at the end of their lifespan they are reborn into yet again another element, but the same memories and human-like body. The transfer is sometimes so painful that they forget memories after such a transformation. Thanks to their dna being adaptable, when humans couple with Nymphs, the resulting baby is dominantly Nymph, and does not age or contract human related deseases. Nymphs basically build nature inspired cities, but often times can be found marveling at human built cities. The build and intergrate well with other races, often resulting in few to none Nymph dominated cities or lands. When Nymphs do build cities or structures, it is uninhabitable by other races due to the elements involved in making such structures.

Humans - These creatures are the spiritual beings that were created on the planet. Humans are more farmer and merchant oriented. Though some wars were led by humans, they mostly take to trade as their favorite hobby. Most humans can be seen building fantastic cities and castles, practicing magical artforms, and even transversing time and space creating new realities to explore. As a result, 2/5 human males prefer a Nymph wife, and a human wife. Though humans are spiritual beings, they often lack focus and compassion, resulting in a inbalance within their own race. Humans look to technological and magical advances, and their empires span various cultures and means. In some cultures humans can be seen worship the evils of the entire universe, but in most they are rather merchant oriented and favor peaceful times to increase stock and friendships. Humans generally live for 200 years before they die.

Septarians - These are dragon gryphons and humanoid mixed. Though those races aren't what make Septarians, they are the closest to describe what they look like. These creatures were once the dominant race on a now dead planet. the planet was destroyed by strong magic that surged from the constant wars the Septarians had with other elder races. Though humans were not present on such a planet, Nymphs were. The magical forces collides and clashed until the planet was ripped apart. In the wake, Septarians now colonize the deepest and darkest parts of the Soul Field (a life giving force made up of dead souls that encircle the entire solar system connecting pieces of planets, stars, and moons together). Septarians have male and female races, and when introduced to the thought of ruling another planet, the divided factions will NEVER agree. Septarians mainly now fight all races, including themselves. They live for war, and when found to be fighting against other races, they leave no survivors or prisoners if they win. Septarians will live for 1,800 years unless killed in war.

Polegians - These are fish like dragons with humanoid shapes. They live in total submerged forts that are sealed with magical blocks of ice that float within the Soul Field. Polegians tend to keep to themselves and favor might over magic. Though some Polegian colonies are solely devoted to magic, others are devoted to growing numbers. Polegians do not like outsiders, but some colonies trade with outsiders for rare and wonderous gifts. Polegians basically live for 900 years before they die. Thier cause of death is a posion that builds up in their blood stream caused from their hormones. The more a Polegian mates, the more the hormones actually discharge.

Virens - These demon-like creatures seem to feed off Septarians and other races dumb enough to comfront them. These races are a total mix of every race together in one. Held together by the darkest magic, a black like goo holds pieces of body parts together. The goo is unidentifiable, and the goo will infect and spread throughtout contact with a potential host. These Virens change out body parts every few hundred years, and they dislike using human body parts. Their favorite body parts come from nymphs and septarians. Virens can consume the skills, magic, and traits of the body parts they use to make up their bodies.

Technologists - These creatures are totally robotic. They do not mate because they aren't alive. Pieces are always constantly being upgraded. This race is very peaceful, but yet during times of great need, they will devote their entire race to war to defend and protect the tree. They value information, and they highly value travel between the solar system. Technologist cities emit so much radiation that it is even uninhabitable by Nymphs. Technologists can be found in most major cities, as they are the ones constantly inventing and upgrading the cities.

Planeswalkers - These creatures are of the advanced magic and technological standpoint. Within the future of a alternate reality, Humans emerged as the only race that could dominate. Each and every other race can not planeswalk without help from Humans. Only the human spirit alongside with technology and magic can planeswalk properly. The effect is that there are UNLIMITED realities to explore.

Basically just a rough set of what to come. This isn't anywhere near what will inhabit such worlds and realities, but it is a general idea of what I want.