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Ran Online Developer Blog

Ran online is Real School Action with verisimilitude and accessibility possessed full 3D MMORPG. In addition, it's global Online game enjoyed together by the users from 80 different nations. You can check Ran online developer's story in here!!

Author: ranonline

Developer interview - Ran Online Development Team Manager Brian Kim

Posted by ranonline Tuesday September 29 2009 at 7:57PM
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Q. Introduce yourself for us.
Greeting! I am a Ran Online Development Team Manager Brian Kim of Min Communications Inc. My job is to manage project schedules and human resources of Ran Team.

Q. Ran Online has quite a unique theme which is ‘school’, how did you first think of this concept?
Fantasy games were the majority in game market when we first started to build Ran Online. Therefore, we wanted to create a game with a theme which could be very unique and enjoyable for younger people and no repulsion for older generation. So, we narrow down the concept to modern and school for Ran Online.

As the concept was decided to focus on modern and school, Ran Online was able to approach various generations of users more familiarly. Plus, when it came down to the stage where we actually started to develop Ran Online, the most important points we focused on were “More modernized” and “actual school like” concept in basics.


Q. What would be the most unique system (or contents) of Ran Online that you can think of?
Ran Online has various systems which were nurtured and developed from its modern and school concept. Amongst all, ‘Lead Club Battle’ system would be the most unique feature of Ran Online. Lead Club Battle is a system which benefits the winning club for the war between the clubs (alliances) to conquer and rule certain area of Ran Online world.

With the background time set in modern, if the dueling between characters and clubs has the strongest impression in the game then the next specially featured system would be the attendance book. Literally, attendance book system benefits characters which log in to the game every day. You can say that it fits the school concept of Ran Online really well and familiar to everyone who ever attended school.

Plus, this is not possible to experience in Ran Online Global Server (GS) yet but the PvP system between users or schools, performed with gorgeous skills and thrilling fighting sensation, are already in service for the servers where Ran Online is serviced.

All these various pre-approved systems will be revealed on Ran Online GS server through updates more than twice per month so make sure you do not miss it.

Q. Ran online has been mostly serviced in Southeastern region, what would be the pros and cons of servicing a game in many countries?
First, Pros can be stabilized system which we have learned through many years of service experience. All of our efforts would be for nothing if any of the things such as registration, client download & installation, connection and play goes wrong even if many users log in with great interests. So, we are very focused on system stabilization when servicing. Also, the optimization of the game for the low spec PCs attracts more users.
Also, I would like to mention the Ran Online Global Tournament the global ceremony of Ran Online. Ran Online GT is an offline convention of Ran lovers to play Ran Online together. You can say, Ran Online GT is a ‘Ran Online Day’ to enjoy ran online with all the Ran Lovers from many different countries. I guess, if we are ever going to have the 3rd GT then users from North America and Europe would have chance to participate also.


Wealso provide a chance to present each country’s culture in the game with various contents. Such as “Map of Shibuya, Tokyo” can be a good example, including various traditional clothes and cultures from each country.

Ran Online, Cons? We consider the graphics which we have created in the early stage of developing Ran Online is a bit shabby. Therefore, we are trying many ways to present Ran Online with better graphics by applying it to the new contents.

Q. Tell us what are your goals for the Ran Online GS OBT?
Ran Online GS is being serviced to give excitement of Ran Online for the users from North America & Europe. Currently, Ran Online GS is getting lots of attention with participation of users from more than 80 different countries. However, the game has the oriental feeling and I wonder how the users from many different countries feel about it.

I really would like to find out that what are the thoughts of users from many different countries, how do they feel about it and what are the things that they really want by communicating with them a lot. We will be putting a lot of efforts to understand and study each country’s culture to be able to create contents more familiar to all of them. Through Ran Online GS OBT, we are trying to learn more to make a better game, so please do not hesitate to give us your ideas.