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Wonderland Online – A New MMO for People on the Go

Endgame the game behind the game!

Author: ramothin

Wonderland Online – A New MMO for People on the Go

Posted by ramothin Friday November 14 2008 at 7:49PM
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     As a programmer and new member to the unemployment statistics due to another manufacturing company moving to China, playing my MMO games like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online and Warhammer have been put on hold. It is not until my children ask me to purchase points for their new game Wonderland Online do I discover a new concept in MMO game playing, the remote control feature. I know this is not new to most gamers who use bots and micros to manage their characters when they are not in front of their keyboards and away to work. But these programs are in violation of game policy to the more popular games on the internet. The more popular MMO games expect you to be glued to the front of your screens watching every aspect of their game while you level, collect and craft. After six years of sitting in my chair, the luster of playing MMO games and having to spend every waking moment in order to get anywhere in these games was out of the question now.

     Then along comes Wonderland Online whom allows players to use their remote control features to level, collect and craft in their free-to-play game. There is a remote control device as a quest reward in Welling Village that allows players to move and attack mobs while your computer is unattended and it is simple to complete the quest. A simple fishing tool can be obtained from another simple quest in welling Village to fish for items while you’re away. Also there is a vacuum cleaner you can purchase right away or as a quest reward in Holy Village that allows you to collect resources while you are away from your keyboard as well. As you progress in crafting, simple items require little to no time to craft, but the more difficult items can require 15 – 30 minutes of your time to complete. There are multiple other items that save you the time and agony of having to stare at your screen for 30 or more minutes to craft an item. The in-game desktop computer can be crafted, manufactured or purchased from other gamers who spent their own time making the item and the maid robot that can be purchased from the Mall or in-game from other players as well. Both of these items will allow you to craft for extended periods while away from keyboard (AFK) and allows you to do other more important things with your life.

     Almost all the remote control features of the game are obtainable very early in the game and when you easily reach level 10 then game play is opened fully to players to trade, PVP (referred to as PK in this game), and join in the many activities, events and challenge rounds this game has to offer. Wonderland Online has two viewing options full screen and a windowed screen you can minimize or keep in the background. A wonderful idea while I write this short article and level my character in the background at the same time. This also allows me the time to play the greatly improved game 3.0 version - Fairy’s Whisper in the background and being able to continue to seek new employment over the internet on my computer. It is even possible to run multiple accounts on one computer as well if you really want to do so. On the weekends I can take a break and log in again on my computer and join in with my kids on their separate computers and accounts to explore and play along side them while not burden with the $60 monthly payments for four (4) accounts that other MMO’s demand in order to play.

     I must say the Chinese Gamer International Corporation that produced and developed this game along with their other more popular free-to-play games understands one way to get to our pocketbooks is through our children who want to buy credit points for these games. Just the same these are very good free-to-play online games and the purchase of credit points is almost at the level our children can buy on their own or earn. With the bad econemy getting worse and unemployment getting higher many parents are going to have to cut corners on spending by closing their children’s monthly game fee accounts and reducing their allowance. This is where these free-to-play companies and others will fill a desire for us and our children because in times like these entertainment never dies, just our wallets.

     It looks like I just leveled up writing this article and it’s time to go to my favorite collection spot to collect the resources AFK for fuel to travel to the six new area scenes with my kids this weekend in Fairy’s Whisper 3.0 Version as I rest for the coming new day. The six new area scenes are: Thailand, Angkor - Ancient Country of Khmer, Chang'an – Ancient Capital of China, The Great Wall, the Incan Empire and including leaving this tiny island on Earth to visit the Surface of Mars of Wonderland Online. Here’s to seeing you in-game and not on a street corner with a cardboard sign that reads, “Will Work for Online Games!”.


The Surface of Mars on Wonderland Online

You can watch the a short video trailer and others at :
Or visit the Offical Website at:



8th Server - Scorpio Version 3.0 is HERE!
Wonderland Online's 8th server - Scorpio and the new 3.0 version - Fairy' s Whisper is now online.

The new version features the release of the Rebirth System, Mercenary System, Forging System, Fairy Skills, four new civilization maps and much, much more... Players now have a whole new Wonderland experience to play!