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Railm0's Bloggerings!

Hello! I would like to introduce you to my blogging area. It's currently lost in deep space, but hopefully in a few weeks we will retrieve the blog successfully with lots of content :)

Author: railm0

Housing Around the Corner

Posted by railm0 Tuesday January 26 2010 at 12:59PM
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Greetings Fiesta Fans,

Word has been going around that the new Housing System is right around the corner! However, we need help from everyone in the community and reach 10,000 fans on Facebook by January 31st for it to be released.

The link to the fan page is:

Me, myself I use the Fiesta Facebook page to chat with GMs and other Fiesta players around all servers. It’s also good to keep track of which events are coming around (Lunar New Year Event).

I’m really excited to see the housing to be honest. Maybe now my character will have a place to sleep! Anyways enough talking and more playing, I’m going back in-game to go do some home décor shopping for my new future home :P

See ya in-game!

Fiesta New Years After Party!

Posted by railm0 Monday January 4 2010 at 11:18PM
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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2010! I hope everyone had a fun and safe night. I would also like to wish everyone for this year to be better than the last (not like 2009 was bad, but could have been better lol)

Just as you thought the parties were over another one is crawling right around the corner that's about to blow everyones mind off!

Can someone say Masquerade Ball? Yeah, you bet! On January 8th and 9th Fiesta is going to hold a Masquerade Ball with 4 awesome outfits!

Everyone is invited! I know I will be joining the party as well. Actually I already have an outfit in mind that I want to get. View below ^^

I want that red tuxedo definitely
You can read more about it HERE


Alright, time to get back in to Fiesta and level up. I wish everyone a better New Year and enjoy gaming!

Champions Of Fiesta!

Posted by railm0 Tuesday December 29 2009 at 3:26PM
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 Hello fellow Fiesta fans!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and most importantly everyone is beside their loved ones. That being said back to the Fiesta related info!

Anyone level 100 or about to be? The new champions aura looks amazing

This is a great time to jump into the game and give it a nice push! It might be a while to get to myself, but I’m taking advantage of other awesome events and item promotion within the season :)

Also the Remi’s Rare Finds had a new addition to the wardrobe. The White Knight custume.

Adds Dmg & M.Dmg.

It took some time to obtain it, but it’s worth it! Especially love the white looking wings in the back. You can also check out other cool events and promotions at the main page below.

Happy Holidays!

Weekly Fiesta Holiday Blog-About!

Posted by railm0 Tuesday December 15 2009 at 6:37PM
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Greetings Fiesta Fans!

Before I continue I would like to congradulate all the Date-a-GM event winners! You can see the list of winner by following this link: Now that being said lets continue!

Wintertide Sack released and added to Remi’s Rare Finds.

Now you may ask what does this cute little sack hanging on your back do? Aside for looking pretty and decorative for the holiday season the sack also adds a critical bonus of 7%. Anyone who’s concentrating into a crit build will love this addition!

Just as we thought the holiday season can’t get any more marrier we got hit with the Black Santa Outfit the same day! (Yes you get the dog sled and dogs too :D)

I always liked black more than red :P This outfit isn’t just for look it has some nice bonuses as well.


[Critical] Black Santa Hat 3% (30 Days), [Critical] Black Santa Suit 7% (30 Days), Mini Rudolph STR, DEX, END, INT, SPR by 7 (30 Days), Dog Sled (30 Days)

I’m just drooling over the dog sled. Can’t wait to get back into game. Only thing we’re missing is the snow and Alaska lol. Anyways enough of the rambling, get back into the game and feast your eyes on the holiday creations!

Until next time. Happy Holidays!

14 Days of Christmas with Fiesta Online!

Posted by railm0 Thursday December 10 2009 at 10:29PM
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 Greetings from railm0!


More events with Fiesta? Yes! We have 14 days, yes 14 not 12 days of Christmas with Fiesta! All the way starting on December 16 lasting all the way to the 29th of December.

These 14 days of Christmas we will be celebrating them with Raina, Kyle, and Curly our beloved NPCs! They want you to decorate this years Christmas tree, but to do so they setup a quest where you must participate in the tree decorating!

Bad news bears! They won't tell us what the prizes will be, so I'm sort of on my toes waiting for their final update before the event starts. Check out the event page here


For those who are just tuning into the blogs and have no freaking idea what Fiesta is ^_^ well you can check out the offical video from their homepage found below this sentence :D


Until next time! Stay tuned on the quick and live blogging!

Fiesta Housing?! What?! Yes!

Posted by railm0 Thursday December 3 2009 at 4:47PM
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 A place to live!

Hello fellow MMOers!

It's time of the year where wishes become reality and new things become true things! I'll be discuss today the new Housing system that Outspark will be releases this holiday season (date will not be disclosed! Secret!!).


Fiesta housing system will be called "Mini Home", so what is a mini home exactly?

"A Mini home is, to put it simply, the space inside the mini house.
Here you can decorate the interior of your own space and enjoy various content with yourself or with your friends."

An excellent addition for the holiday season I believe. The key thing that made me 'WOW' was that your furniture becomes dirty and breaks, so you must be a good house keeper or else your interior will break down! You might be asking "Ok, this is a great addition to the game for casual users, but is there any useful functions for leveling, pvp, etc.?)

The answer to the above question is YES! There is something you can only if you have a Mini Home and that's the 'Gate' function. Gate allows you to move to any area freely as long as you keep buying Gate Scrolls. These scrolls can be obtained from Nina at Elderine, but instead of paying money you will be spending your Fame points!

I hope I didn't spoil much of the anticipation, but there is certainly something to be waiting for our beloved Fiesta fans this holiday season!



Fiesta Online Christmas Update (EARLY SNEAK PEAK!)

Posted by railm0 Wednesday December 2 2009 at 6:16PM
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railm0 here to bring you the latest news for Fiesta Online. Today's report will be the Christmas update that Fiesta JUST released. All the Fiesta Fans are getting ready to dress up for the holiday season and we encourage anyone who isn't with us to join in on the holiday spirit!


Expect to see me in game waving my little Christmas tree weapon & dressed up as Santa's little helper :)

Here's something to feast your eyes on this holiday season with Fiesta! 

The costumes won't be released until later this month! These are exclusive screenshots courtesy of Outspark :)

That's all folks, until next time and a happy...

...Jingle Bells and Christmas Spell to you all