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chat filters and banning

ok i think it stupid my opnion to report people in chat when there is chat filters set up if you dont like the chat turn on your filter all you panzys taht report people because theydont play the wey you do well im sorry just not going to happen turn on

Author: Tatercake

On the run in skyrim

Posted by Tatercake Tuesday November 15 2011 at 4:11PM
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The smell was terrible as i came to piss puke and crap mixed with blood and sweat was what i smelled,  how did i get here  hmnn can move hands bound, voices  hmnn where am I?  Slowly I opened my eyes surrounded by other unfortunate fools like my self  hmnn bound in a cart  going where?  A king slayer and his  men rebel scum i supposed  and a thief  well looks like i drank to much and wandered into the wrong  place my life story I suppose.  bla bla bla they keep talking to me  man all i want is the throbbing pain in my head to stop and these fools to shut up.  Well people staring silencing talking about us hmnn some small forgotten outpost village  in who knows where?  How long  have i been out  damn how did i get captured so many questions where is my caravan did my brothers sell me out hmnn figures no weapons no gold  no armor  guess luck is not on my side oh well i need to get out of here soon.  The  cart pulls to a stop soldiers  surround  us,  YA YA  I am moving my joints pop and crack with sudden movement i stand and hop off the god forsaken cart we line up and then a fair looking mean  women and a kind faced looking guy stand before me asking me who am I  the things i want to tell them  but i hold my breath  I am TATERCAKES i say what not on your list of course i am not,  nother dammed Khajiiit they think,  I need to think of something fast  i don't want to loose my head i like it where it is the guy next to runs to the block (CHOP)  THE STENCH OF BLOOD FILLS  ME  I NEARLY vomit form the stench then im  next  well maybe the Gods will have mercy on me  if only my head would stop pounding i would show this rabble what a real warrior can do i step  to the block (pain shoots threw my back and kidneys as I am kicked  in the back and shoved  to my knees.  Crys in the distant  that smell what is that horrid smell then i see it  or am i dreaming is that a angel coming to take me to the afterworld.  ( the smell is terrible now so much  so that i want to die  just to escape it grasp)  screams   of some kind then again the shadow,  he raises his axe to swing i flinch then suddenly it lands on top of the tower big as a Inn huge and stinking of rot and death my savor we all fall to the ground as it roars  and the stench from its breath engulfs us. 
     i stand blurry and confused  solders running people screaming children crying  and that horrible smell oh kill me now just to escape it then a voice follow me  come on fallow  me now, I jump up and run i flee hands bound into the building  then they say  a dragon the king slayer beside me all calm and collective I think what part did you have in all this i wonder to my self hmnn up the stairs a guard raises his sword (CRASH) OH CRAP DRAGON!!!!!  the guard vanishes in a blink of a eye into a mixture of ruble and Fire!!!!! i DUCK OUT OF THE WAY  THEN I LOOK ITS GONE I LOOK DOWN JUMP FOR MY FREEDOM!!!  i run more guards damn screaming shouting  fire all around then people yelling for me to fallow i run  and then i look for escape  my fellow  prisoners run to my aid we are escaping the imperial scum ha  don't stand in are way off we go into the prison hands unbound finally find some  weapons oh yes a axe this will work great i run across a couple guards i dispatched them in a instant take there armor and now a sword they all will pay we make are way thew the dungeon looking for escape, ( the  building shakes)  the cursed beast ROARS that horrible smell BEGINS TO FADE!!! Aughhh what do i have here the bitch of a captain who wanted me dead revenge is mine i kill her with eas and take her armor and sword and shield now i am ready.   FARTHER AND FARTHER W GO WE DISPATCH SOME MORE GUARDS AND  I GET A BOW AND SOME ARROWS  THEN INTO SOME CAVES  SPIDERS ug i hate spiders.  deeper we go a beer easy shot with the bow no  problem  then we finally come to  a way out  feels like hrs of wandering in these sewers and dank dark caves  but then day light up ahead i run fast and  burst out into the frigid land aughhhhhh finally fresh air i fill my lungs with it gasp  for it  i look around  the man Sead split up join his rebellion pfft talk to bla and bla i rid my self of this horrid place grasp freedom  with both arms stretched wide and run into the hills. I HERE  HIS VOICE AS I RUN OFF,  MEET SO AND SO IN A TOWN,  Hell all i remember was a Ariving then darkness and i wake up  to die   a DRAGON screaming death i will fight to live but whaa i am lost in a land i know nothing about well bow on back sword and axe in hand i will find my  way threw this cold  miserable place i find  a small house  2 burnt to a crisp body's a note of a dragon i sleep and sleep well.