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Jade Dynasty Developer Blog

Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts game play style wrapped in a huge, evolving game world. Players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as their choices between good and evil shape their game play experience.

Author: pwe_dvorak

Contributors: therealjayve,Grunthorne,Jade_Dynasty,

Preview: The Revamped Imperial Citadel

Posted by pwe_dvorak Wednesday July 20 2011 at 2:23PM
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The Imperial Citadel has been revamped for Ascended Vitalized players, giving them the opportunity to fight vicious monsters for Chroma Beads through passing a series of "Imperial Tests"!  The mighty Lonzan now only allows those who have proven their worth through Vitalization and Ascension to face what The Imperial Citadel has to offer.

Obtain the ancient scrolls containing the secrets to acquiring more Chroma Beads from the stoic Jade Exchange Maiden.

You'll first enter The Imperial Citadel in the middle of a huge battlefield.  This lone structure marks the center of the conflict.

Fight a host of menacing foes to fulfill the secrets of the ancient scrolls.  Those who are worthy will be awarded with a substantial sum of Chroma Beads!

The tests administered by the scrolls obtained from the Jade Exchange Maiden may be attempted multiple times a day, giving you a chance to accumulate a massive amount of Chroma Beads!

NEW DUNGEON: Shura Gauntlet

Posted by pwe_dvorak Wednesday July 20 2011 at 2:20PM
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This new dungeon will require a party of your most powerful friends, and it can be accessed in Sunstream City through a new “Voidland” NPC.

You start out trapped within an even more twisted version of Shura, where the only way out is to leave is to delve deeper.
Fight waves upon waves of deadly enemies.
Avoid deadly flame and electric traps as you advance further in the gauntlet.
Receive ever-increasingly powerful rewards from powerful faction representatives the longer you survive!
After the final wave for each room, you’ll fight a more powerful version of an infamous Shura boss, for the first room, you’ll fight an epic version of the Yin-Yang Priest.
Each new room presents new challenges and new rewards—how far will you go?

The Imperial Citadel Content Update

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 9:09PM
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Our latest content update, The Imperial Citadel, is getting closer.  To learn the story behind some of our upcoming changes, read below!
The Imperial Citadel - Story
The mortals completed the trials of Dragon Mountain, shattered the gates, and drained the Chroma from the splinters – then left. A horde of disciples had risen to the Empyreans’ challenge, but with the tests finished, Dragon Mountain was empty once more.
Empty except for the Celan. The mountain’s ruins were a familiar echo to the tribe from the Royal City. No longer distracted by the other factions scrambling across the mountain, the Celan could study the crumbling stone buildings. They were built similarly to their own Royal City... but why?
A merchant-disciple named Weakan, the Jade Maiden of the Celan, made the connection: these ruins and the Royal City were both artifacts of the same era. She discovered that they were both built during the rule of the ancient dynasty that forced the Athan into exile in the Divine Realm; the regime then ruled in the Imperial Citadel until the empire collapsed.
The Athan tell legends about the godlike skills used during the first war with the humans. In an expedition to the Imperial Citadel, Weakan confirmed that the ancients had used Chroma – and that their old lands were still infused with its power.
The Celan have shared their discoveries with every faction, and disciples are now descending on Sunstream City to prepare for expeditions. Tanis Ka, as always, sees opportunity in these arrivals and is giving away new items. Scholars are refining Chroma Beads from the Citadel’s lingering power, but the activity is drawing monsters; they will need adventurers to drive them away. The Jade Maiden herself manages this exchange, with a side business trading valuable items for jades. The Celan have also found a storehouse within Shura, another legacy of the ancient dynasty. Many disciples are ready to help gather its treasures, but the monsters there have powerful leaders, and they need teams of powerful warriors to escort them.
The ancients have left you an inheritance of Chroma power. It’s time to claim your birthright.
The Imperial Citadel, an ancient place long forgotten, will now be returning in its full glory with our upcoming content update.  With this update comes some cool additions to the world of Jade Dynasty: 
• Imperial Citadel is now becoming a PvE map for Vitalized Ascended players, allowing those who are up to the challenge to complete quests to gain Chroma Beads.
• Shura Gauntlet: This new dungeon will test your party's mettle as you fight waves upon waves of ferocious monsters, increasing your rewards the further you advance.
• Tanis Ka has an all new daily that can net you anywhere from Affinity Beads and Kylin Orbs to Chroma Beads and Bonus Jaden.
• A revamped JD-Mart functionality that allows you to bid more competitively as well as place additional bids.
• A few extras which will be revealed later.
Expect to see these features implemented sometime later this month (July 2011)!

PvP Player Spotlight

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 9:06PM
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In a first of a series of player spotlights we hope to bring to you comes one of the participants in our May 6v6 PvP tournament!

A brave soul for entering the PvP tournament solo, Nataraja is best known for his philosophical outlook as well as his calm demeanor on the forums as well as in game.
Read below to see our questions and his answers!
1) Who are you outside of Jade Dynasty? 
This is a difficult question as it requires me to attempt to pin myself down with a lasting identity and that goes against the experience of life as impermanent and changing.
To try for something somewhat adequate:  I feel names to be temporary connotations of our perceptions of being; however,  I was named Cory at birth but many friends call me by the acquired nickname Bob.  As "Cory" traces, somewhat intimidatingly, to some sources and meaning "the Chosen One" I tend to opt for Bob in as many situations as possible.  Grandeur makes me feel weak inside.  People tell me that "Bob" makes for a good "everyman" kind of name; apparently it suits me for casual gatherings where I am told I am fun and relaxing to be around.
I suppose I define myself as somewhat of a "wandering" spirtualist; however, in interest of providing something relatable, I could be defined as a University student with a love of Life in spite of chronic health conditions.  I am doing a prolonged bachelor's degree through McGill University (based out of Montréal, Québec) as it is something I would like to accomplish for myself.  I am provided with a few helpful provisions due to my health conditions that I am sincerely thankful for in their aide to my completion.  I study Religions and East Asian Culture as I found them to be the most compelling subjects offered.
I've been removed from work due to my health condition and have to deal with various government organizations in disability-related payments.  It often leaves me feeling very disheartened toward my ability to make what feels like some form of contribution to society and I seek out alternate methods of expression.
I am registered with Health Canada as a medical cannabis patient; this provides me with some psychological intimidation in my day-to-day as it leads me to deal with various uncomfortable stigmas as I attempt to cope with health issues.
2) How long have you been playing Jade Dynasty?
I started sometime around the start of October 2010.  I left, with some other players, a previous MMORPG when a massive server reset/update took everything I had worked hard to earn on my characters except for some sparse fashion items.  I was among many to lose rare items, accessories, bonuses and pets.
Rather than allowing it to leave me feeling too scorned I have felt it best to embrace it as a blessing of change.
3) What server do you play on?
My main characters of focus are on Wildlands PvP server and I have a low-level Skysong whom I occasionally log onto on the Billows PvE server.
4) What faction and affinity do you play as and why?
I choose Athan as I like an element of escapism and see miniaturization of being as a powerful psychological tool for potential betterment of oneself.  Drawing upon beliefs from certain Buddhist, Hindu and Daoist traditions I decided that making a character who had celestial qualities would aide in encouraging an adequate real-life meditation schedule.
I started as a Celan and a Rayan because I enjoy magic-caster classes and invisibility.  I ended up maining the Celan when I discovered I was able to provide buffs to the players who had joined the game with me which was something that was not provided for in mage classes in my previous game.  My Rayan got put on back-burner when I discovered my invisibility would only affect players a low-number of levels higher than me and those lower than me.
By the time I had unlocked the Celan Skill Moon In The Mirror I found myself facing some issues with the class.  Moon In The Mirror was a skill that left players of significantly higher levels running from me if I attempted to fight them.  When I would return from being pk'd on-map and cast Moon In The Mirror for damage reduction (Celans are incredibly squishy without it) and pop the reflection bonus I would find, to my dismay, those same players teleporting to town and safe-zone camping.  I also have some issues with the AoE system requiring you to have a target to cast skills and eventually decided Celan was not the best class for me.
When I neared ascension I had brought my options to ascending Rayan, Balo or Arden as I had come across a forum thread requesting the submission of unknown skill descriptions and the only one accounted for at the time was Celan-->Celan.
Shortly before I ascended another Celan on our server went Rayan which narrowed my choices (until I ascended and later found him completely unwilling to post the skills) to Balo or Arden.  Tank classes have never suited me and playing an Archer class that was effectively more like a mage than Celan became very appealing to me.
In terms of affinity I have opted for Fuwa.  The affinity seemed most "suited" to the skills that Celan-->Arden provided for me as well as being most suited, in my opinion, to the class itself.  Though I would not argue an Arden as a highly effective tank the Fuwa affinity provides survivability.  I have come to innerstand that Felkin is the "popular" affinity for Ardens and I presume/am told this has to do with the raw damage capacity of Flame Stream II coupled with the ability it affords lower-level Arden players to kill many of their targets.  However, as I am also told that other kills still come from the use of tier 5 factional skills survivability for an easily killed class becomes an issue for me.
Sometimes I regret not starting out Felkin and changing to Fuwa for PvP later; I have come to notice a variety of features in the affinity skills for Felkin Arden that incline me to believe they would function in a superior way for PvE and earning gold.
Fuwa affinity also allows me to provide blessings to my party despite no longer being a primarily buff/debuff class.
5) What clan and alliance are you in (if any)?
I am leader of a Clan called Moksa that I made shortly after beginning playing.  Moksa is a term used in Hindu traditions to denote liberation from the cycle of Samsara.
Normally I lead an alliance named Yogin; it is comprised of three clans consisting of myself and some friends.  Currently the alliance is under the care of my Skysong alt OldenMonk and the rest of us are supporting Deyanira alliance comprised of a variety of good-natured people whom I have leveled with during my time on the server and in realm 7.
I may opt to return to Yogin alliance as is needed relative to what I feel I can do to best aide a positive playing community on my server.  The factors that decide my coming and going from Yogin are tied into what I observe occurring on the server.
6) Any advice for those starting out in PvP?
Honestly this question horrified me to read.  My policy with PvP is that if it reaches a point where I am actually in combat with an opponent then I have already done a number of things wrong and am seeking desperately for solutions.
My advice as best as I can muster it is have fun but be respectful; remember, anyone who can be bold enough to be compassionate and respectful should be treated the same and that includes you yourself.  Learn to know yourself and how your character can best bring you personal joy; figure out what is best suited to your own self rather than give in to others telling you the way you should be handling yourself.  Honest advice is good and should always be heeded appropriately but only you know your personal capacities and how to work with them.
Any activity can be for fun or can be for competition.  I am more in the avenue of fun so I can provide little advice in "beating" an enemy.  To that end I suggest: don't sweat the small stuff and be brave enough to let your pixels die.  You can learn a lot by allowing yourself to be killed three or four times when you face someone.  Sometimes what you can learn is even more useful than simply how to fight.
If your computer supports it, record yourself and study your own playing.  If and when you feel you are able to do so share it with others and open yourself to what you can learn from their insights.
7) What is your favorite aspect of Jade Dynasty?
That is another difficult question.  My primary instinct is to respond that I enjoy the community aspect.  I meet and communicate with a number of interesting people through the medium of our game and its associated forums.  Simultaneously, however, I also often feel like I have not been a member of the community long enough to say for certain and that others will chastise me for even suggesting it.
I don't know if I have any more of an answer than that and I cannot provide feedback for why I should hold favour or this community over others.  I apologize for my lack of meaningful input but I am simply appreciative of my place.
8) Do you have any shoutouts or final words to make?
I do not think there could be space for me to provide shoutouts for all the individual people I appreciate as I feel appreciative of my interactions, or of lessons learned despite lack of personal interactions, with each member of the community that I have come across.  As such I would simply like to give my respect and appreciation to any individual who reads this and many who will not do so.
Thank you to anyone and everyone who has reached out to me, interacted with me or who is supportive of my being in the community.  Thank you, also, to anyone who does not feel such as you, as well, provide me with very deep teachings which I am grateful for.
Know anyone who might deserve some time in the spotlight?  Send an email to!  Thanks for reading our first installment of Jade Dynasty's Player Spotlight!

Basic Chroma Leveling Guide

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 9:03PM
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Are you a LV120 ascended player, but you aren't exactly sure how to gain Chroma skills?  Read on, for this guide will help unravel some of the mysteries behind gaining the power of Chroma.

Becoming Vitalized (and Chroma skills)
Upon reaching LV120 ascended with an affinity, you'll receive notification that Tanis Ka of Sunstream (160, 140) needs to speak with you about some very important events happening now.
First start by accepting his quest, Vitalization.  You'll be teleported to Dragon Mountain to complete a series of trials.  These trials require you to first defeat three bosses: Empyrean General, Earth God, and The Perfect Man to advance.  After completing these challenges, you're now qualified to speak to your Chroma NPC in your respective affinity land.
Felkin - Visit the skylord in Wildlands to teleport to the Fel Lands.  Your Chroma NPC is Mokotem.
Fuwa - Visit the skylord in Skysong to teleport to the Purified Lands.  Your Chroma NPC is Youtem.
Dagos - Visit the skylord in Jadeon to teleport to the Land of Immortals.  Your Chroma NPC is The Lotus King.
Once you have spoken to your Chroma NPC, you are now "Vitalized".  Return to Tanis Ka to begin your "Chroma Mandatory Quest" (The Coming Disaster).  He'll have you speak to Dragon Envoy Jassie (to the right of him).  From there, you'll be able to teleport to Dragon Mountain to start gaining Chroma experience, and you'll be able to select "The Coming Disaster" to be sent to Kunlun Mountains to begin your Mandatory Chroma quests!  Completing the Mandatory Chroma quests will net you a large amount of Chroma experience.
When you first select the Dragon Mountain option from Jassie, she'll teleport you to the Royal Altar in the Divine Realm.  Walk inside of the stone circle in front of you to get teleported to Dragon Mountain.
To begin your Chroma dispatcher quests, speak to Dispatcher Loyel in the Cloud River base camp.
As you obtain Chroma Beads by completing these dispatcher quests as well as helping unlock the Dragon Gates, you'll be able to further increase your Chroma level by visiting the Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon and turning in the beads.  Once you have enough Chroma EXP to level, press C and click on the Chroma tab, now located at the bottom right of the interface, and click on the arrow to increase your Chroma level.
For extra details regarding leveling Chroma and some of its benefits, be sure to refer to the handy in-game Vitalic Handbook!

Ultimate Guide to Autorouting

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 9:01PM
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Are your fingers hurting from use of the WASD keys?  Having trouble figuring out those coordinates listed next to every NPC listed in your quest log?  Fear not, for the ultimate guide to autorouting is here!  Autorouting is a complicated feature that will run your character to the location of your choosing with just a single click!


The guy in red knows how to autoroute - do you have what it takes?
Starting Off
To first start autorouting, you need to make sure you first implement use of the left-click button on your mouse.
This is a bit deceptive, as the example mouse is facing towards you, requiring you to right-click in this case.  Fortunately, you'd normally have the wire pointing away from you.  Always keep in mind that most autorouting is done through the left-click button.
Where to Left-Click
This gets a bit tricky, as not clicking just anywhere will autoroute you--you may have to aim at the spot you wish to get to.  Some common areas of the game include:
"The Ground"
"The Map"
"The Radar"
What Determines Success
A hotly debated topic, autorouting success occurs when your character reaches the desired point.  This point is in the form of a magic blue circle with a sword above it.  Your character basically has to catch the magic thing before it disappears.  View the two images below to see examples of success and failure.
 Now that you have the basics down, go out there and autoroute!

Basic Esper Guide

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:54PM
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Have you always wished to grind EXP while away from the keyboard without having to Meditate?  Does the thought of setting up an Esper to you bring dread?  Read this basic guide on obtaining an Esper as well as setting one up to Invigorate (fight for you)!

How to Obtain an Esper
Obtaining an Esper is fairly straightforward.  You generally get your first Esper through completing the beginning "Mandatory" quests given by Tanis Ka in Sunstream City (humans) or Guli the Senior in the Divine Realm (Athans).
You can also obtain some of the more common Espers from Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City (humans) or Esper Mystic Wana in the Divine Realm (Athans).
Usually you'll start off with a Trigram Esper if you're a human, while Athans will start with a Colorful Gem Esper.  Ones that you can purchase after your starter Esper will be faction specific.
Using an Esper
When you first equip an Esper, you'll notice that a bar appears with a skill.  This is where you'll set the controls for your Esper when you decide to gain EXP while away from the keyboard.
The boxes labeled HP, SP, VG, and EN are where you'll place various remedies from which your Esper will use while Invigorating.
HP is where you'll place various remedies that replenish your Health.
SP is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Spirit.
VG is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Vigor (only for qualified high level players).
EN is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Esper Energy (required for your Esper to Invigorate).
The other boxes (1-9 and Item 1-3) are where you'll place various skills and items you wish to use while Invigorating.
You'll gain many of your first remedies through the Treasure Box in your inventory from when you first created your character.  You can purchase additional Health and Spirit remedies from Physician Swarga in Sunstream City (170, 70) near Esper Mystic Shera if you run out of the remedies given by the Treasure Box.
You can obtain free Esper Energy every 6 hours, or you can obtain Esper Energy through the Marketplace (Remedies - Energy).
Invigorate Settings (What To Attack?)
You can set which type of monsters you want your Esper to have you attack while you're AFK.  Click on the wrench icon on the bottom-right part of your Esper bar to access this menu.
Common: The various generic monsters that roam throughout the lands of Jade Dynasty.
Elite: More powerful monsters with purple portraits.
Boss: Very powerful monsters with gold portraits that you won't want to solo.
If you're in a spot with two types of monsters, but you only have a quest for one (Sleepless Quest for example), you can check "Attack quest monsters only" to ignore the monsters you won't need to fight!
Invigorate Area basically indicates how wide of a radius you want your Esper to look in when finding monsters to kill.
Let's discuss how to add even more options to your AFK grinding fun!
Invigorate Details (Modifying Skill Usage)
You can set how often your Esper will use a remedy you bind to it through the Auto-Recover Settings.  Choose at what percentage your Esper will use a remedy and the delay (in seconds).
Pick Up Settings lets you choose which items to loot (if you're farming specific goods).  If you decide to only loot specific items, check out the menus below.
From these menus, you can modify whether you wish to exclusively loot, avoid looting, or any combination of provisions and materials up to a certain level as well as refining and imbuing talismans.  These options allow you to maximize the limited space in your inventory!
For the slots numbered 1 through 9 and Item 1 through Item 3, you may place any combination of skills/items and choose how often they're used.  The numbers listed beside the slots indicate how often your Esper will have you use that skill or item in seconds.  Currently the default setting for all of the slots is 10 seconds each.  The lower the number when choosing which skills to place, the higher priority they'll have.
If you're ready to do some epic AFK grinding, make sure the sword icon on the left part of the Esper Bar is glowing--this indicates that your Esper has enough Esper Energy to begin Invigorating!
All you need to do is press that button, and your Esper will begin fighting whatever is around you.  Make sure you have your PvP settings checked, otherwise you may attack a player (on a PvP realm).
Stay tuned as we discuss some of the finer points of your Esper and the extra things it can do for you!

Pet Crafting Guide

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:45PM
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Want an effective but commonly overlooked way of making your pet more powerful?  Make use of pet gear!  Read on to learn how to utilize this powerful yet underutilized mechanic for Jade Dynasty.

What is pet gear?
Pet gear is a set of equipment that can give any of your active pets a stat boost depending on its Star Sign (Terro, Logi, Magmas, etc) and Type (Yasho, Insect, Beast, etc).  To get a better idea of these specific slots, visit your Pet Roster (press P) -> click on the Pet Gear button (below list of pets).
There are four types of pet gear that will affect all pets regardless of Star Sign or Type: Pendant, Claw, Mask, and Aura.  For the other slots listed, either your pet's Type or your pet's Star Sign determines which will benefit it.  You may still have items equipped in these slots, but only the active pet that meets the requirements will benefit.  For those who own multiple pets, having an item equipped in all slots maximizes the overall benefit to your pets.
For example, all of the gear shown in the example below requires your active pet at the time to be LV50+ to benefit from the gear.  View the example of a pet that doesn't benefit from the gear vs. one that does.
How do I obtain pet gear?
Most pet gear up to LV58 can be purchased from Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream City (210, 45), but to fill out your slots with the most powerful gear, you must dabble in the art of crafting.
If you haven't trained crafting yet, you can do so beginning at LV30 by accepting the Craftsman quest from Craftsman Tamasi of Sunstream City (175, 75).
You can purchase the beginner pet gear recipes by speaking to Pet Tamer Totto (Pet Food and Supplies -> Recipe) and purchasing the four bottom recipes: Leaf Mask, Iron Claw, Light Aura, and Magic Pendant.
Visit the Workshop [Pet Roster (press P) -> Workshop button] once you're ready to craft pet gear.
The materials required to craft these items are obtained through a combination of pet foraging and purchasing from Pet Tamer Totto.  Each item's description states how it is obtained.  For example, the Leaf Mask requires the following materials: Birch (Woodwork), Donkey Skin (Hunting), Tin Ore (Mining), Turquoise (Treasure Finding), and Boar Bristles (purchased from Pet Tamer Totto).  To obtain these, you'll need to have the pets that have the right aptitudes (gathering skills) to forage for the specific types of materials needed.  In addition to this, the Leaf Mask requires that your total Tech Stats have at least 15 in Farming and 10 in Mining--this draws upon the total Tech Stats of all of the pets currently on your Pet Roster.  To maximize what you can create, be sure to have a mix of pets with different aptitudes!
Get your pets foraging for materials by first selecting "Combat" for each pet you want to forage.  From there, select the specific type of foraging you want your pet to do.  Your pet will gather materials directly to your bag while stored in your Pet Roster!  Pets can also gather pet crafting recipes while foraging, so be sure to have at least one pet foraging at all times.
To increase the frequency and number of materials gathered, be sure to have additional pets foraging.  You can expand the number of slots in your Pet Roster through using a Sunray Brooch found in the Marketplace (Mount/Pet - Pet Aid).
For more general information on pets, be sure to visit Jade Dynasty's Wiki.
Utilizing the Workshop by having pets forage and craft items adds a fun twist to Jade Dynasty, so experiment and see what you can come up with!

Spring Content Update Now Live!

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:42PM
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With the release of our Spring Content Update comes many new improvements to Jade Dynasty.  Whether you're a high level Ascended player or an Initiate starting on your journey, this update has something for everyone!  We'll first get into the improved user interface and how to make the most of it, and then we'll move onto becoming Vitalized, which qualifies you to use Chroma skills, how to level it up, and ways to get started in Dragon Mountain.  Read on for juicy details!

Improved User Interface
With this improved user interface comes many features aimed at taking the confusion out of daily events, dungeons, battlegrounds, and even bosses!
Whenever you log in or log out, you'll receive a friendly reminder on some recommended daily events you can do based on your level.   The times of the event (based on server time) are shown, and you can even autoroute to the corresponding NPC by clicking on any of the listed events!
JD Revelations is the new way to view your daily events, dungeons, battlegrounds, and bosses!  With the improved interface, each event is listed with required level, event time, requirements to enter (gold, etc), and how many times it can be completed in one day.  These are also sortable by any of the paramters listed, taking the time out of figuring out which events you need to do and actually letting you get into the thick of things!  Each event lists the NPC you need to talk to, which realm it takes place on, the level range required, a nice description as well as rewards listed on the right hand of the screen.  You can even autoroute to the listed NPCs, allowing you to spend time where it counts: participating in the event!
The boss section of JD Relevations lists the boss, boss level, respawn time, recommended party level to attempt fighting the boss, and the realm it resides on.  These can all be sorted, and it shows the boss's appearance, quick description, general loot drops, and its current location.  Like the events, you can autoroute or use a Portal Charm to get to the boss quickly!
Now that we've gone over some of the enhancements to the user interface, let's get down to learning how to gain the ability to use powerful Chroma skills!
Becoming Vitalized (and Chroma skills)
Chroma skills are the next step in an Ascended player's advancement, allowing you to become even closer to becoming a true immortal, but you first need to prove yourself worthy.
Upon reaching LV120 Ascended (with an Affinity), you'll receive notification that Tanis Ka of Sunstream (160, 140) wishes to speak to you.
First start by accepting his quest, Vitalization.  You'll then go through a series of trials where you're teleported to Dragon Mountain to face against various bosses: Empyrean General, Earth God, and The Perfect Man.  When you defeat one boss, you'll be teleported back to Tanis Ka to accept the quest to defeat the next one.  After defeating all three bosses, you're now qualified to speak to your Chroma NPC in your respective Affinity land: Mokotem for Felkin, Youtem for Fuwa, and The Lotus King for Dagos.  Travel back to your Affinity land, speak to them, and begin your journey into Chroma!  Return to Tanis Ka to receive the quest to travel to Dragon Mountain.
Speak to Dragon Envoy Jassie to teleport to begin your journey into Dragon Mountain!  This is available to LV90 Ascended+ players, though you'll make the most out of this once you're Vitalized.  When you first get teleported, you'll need to enter Dragon Mountain through the Royal Altar Portal, but once you do that, you'll be able to teleport directly to Dragon Mountain.
You can begin taking down the Dragon Mountain gates by speaking to Lee or Ro Xuan the Taoist once you're in the Cloud River base camp (area you first start in when entering Dragon Mountain) to begin your quest to unlock the Dragon Gates!  There's also even a Chroma Dispatcher NPC, who will award Chroma beads (used to level up Chroma skills) upon completion of the various quests he offers!
As you obtain Chroma Beads by helping unlock these gates, you'll be able to further increase your Chroma level by visiting the Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon and turning in those beads.  Once you have enough Chroma EXP, press C and click on the Chroma tab, now located at the bottom right of the interface.
We'll go into even further detail in the upcoming week as players gain more power in Chroma and start to take down the gates, but we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer as part of our Spring Content Update!

Jade Dynasty, martial arts, MMORPG, free-to-play, f2p

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:35PM
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For our upcoming Spring Content Update, we have some pretty cool areas and an improved user interface for you to enjoy!

We'll start with the first new zone that contains the Dragon Gates guardian Elysium: Dragon Mountain.
Dragon Mountain is where you'll go to complete the trials required to become "Vitalized", which is required for you to gain access to the new skills (known as Chroma).  This ancient land long untouched by mortals also hosts the Four Dragon Gates, which guard the way to the Empyrean Lands--the home of the immortals beings!
The Four Dragon Gates have powerful mystic seals placed on them by the immortals, and your goal is to break through these gates.  As the entire server does dailies, you'll all become closer to breaking through to the Empyrean Land.
Many strange creatures inhabit Dragon Mountain, and they're willing to defend this land from those who seek to invade Elysium in the Empyrean Land.
In addition to many of the cool areas you'll get to explore, we also have an improved events interface as well as an additional events calendar!
JD Chronicles lists popular events, such as Yasho Invasion, Veteran of War, and Astral Tales in an easy to digest calendar format.
The updated event list, now called JD Revelations lists daily events, battlegrounds, dungeons, and even bosses you can kill.  A lot of helpful information is listed, such as event times, rewards, recommended levels, and more when helping you decide what to do.
For the boss section of this improved interface, rewards, respawn timer, realm it resides on, recommended party level, and more are all listed in an easy to sort format!
Stay tuned as we reveal more information about the Spring Content Update later!