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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

The stigma of World of Warcraft: Just because it is popular does not mean it sucks

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday December 1 2009 at 11:59AM
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Saw this comment on a blog today:

Are there MMOs out there for people who still enjoy exploration, finding things out on their own and gearing up as it happens, not as other people think is right? I’d jump right into that.

My response?

What rock have you been hiding under?

I love people that refuse to play WoW because it is popular and popular is “NOT COOL” right now.

Your loss. You can keep flailing around in FAIL MMO’s or give in and try it out. At any rate, you won’t find a more complete and well structured game for the money on the market right now. I am not a Blizzard fanboy but lets face facts. Champions Online and LOTRO and other MMO’s don’t keep having free weekends because they are doing well.

Progression in WoW for the casual player:

Get level 1-78 (solo if you want its easy)

Run the new dungeon put in specifically to get people caught up in gear.

For now in the LFG channel type: Looking to farm Reg ToC PST thanks!

When patch 3.3 launches, use the new innovative LFG system which no other MMO has.

Group until your eyes bleed since 11 million people play its easy to find groups

Gear up

Done? Do dailies at a casual pace and get purple gear after about 2 weeks of logging in one hour a night and making a ton of gold in the process.

Find casual guild in the Gazillions of Casual guilds out there and raid 10 man dungeons at your own pace

Finished. You won’t see that in Aion. Trust me.

Player_420 writes:

You should listen to yourself "im not a fanboi" yet your making a half asses blog post about how WoW is better then anything else. And how is LOTRO unsuccessful? Do you even know? Have you played the game? Fail post.

Tue Dec 01 2009 12:37PM Report
Player_420 writes:

Oh and just so you know I was server first Yogg kill PRE nerf

Tue Dec 01 2009 12:38PM Report
Oridi writes:

Truthfully - the best way to give out information about a game that you love is not to beat down other games.

I played WoW for 2 weeks and what did not work for me was the community.  I rolled a Horde ( yes.. I admit.. I was VERY vain about my tusks) and the chat was so ... so.. well. Stupid. I left and have not really looked back.

I'm sure it's a great game but the infantile community killed it for me. Just MO.

Anywho... trashing other games to make the game you want to promo look better never works.  You wind up looking like.. hate to say it.. a fanboi. :-(

Tue Dec 01 2009 9:18PM Report
darkb457 writes:

Yeah, WOW sucks because it gets repetitive in the first 10 minutes, never gets involving and has completely imbalanced PvP

Tue Dec 01 2009 10:42PM Report
Rhayadder writes:

The big problem with WoW is - mention it and you get a knee-jerk hate reaction from dozens of folk whose other brain cell is on vacation.  The good thing about WoW is it's the only MMO I know where this is less likely to happen.  Nor do WoW players tend to diss other MMOs; they're too busy actually playing.  I'm intregued to know which MMO Astrialla has found  where the mature community members actually out-weigh the prepubescents.  In Aion I have about three times as many idiots on /ignore than I have the numerous gold sellers.  If darb457 doesn't like repetition then MMOs are really not your scene.

Wed Dec 02 2009 4:25AM Report
daltanious writes:

Some people just never will accept winners. This is fact. If AION (of course will never happen :-)) would some day become popular as now Wow would have same fate. Same for LOTRO. Or Aoc. Btw my list is wow, aoc, lotro, ....

About originality, repetitivnes, ... wow. ALL other games (and have through years played virtually all at least for month) put together does not have fun and innovative quests like Wow. Only in wow i have seen jumpin on airplane and shuting down enemies, ... summoning ghost and then find in bags script to be read while he approches. Lost 2 hours to figure out what was wrong ... but was very happy at end. Just few examples. Yes of course, there are only point and click quests, gather 50 axes .... etc. In other games is nearly only this. I have impression that 99% of that one that complain over wow have actually never played past 10 mins. In the other hand i have nearly all, for all have read all that was to be read, guides, many times just exploring, ...

 I love wow for quality of quests, environment, .... etc. And for community. Yes, also jerks ... but if you have 11mio player base of course is perfectly LOGIC that in chat will be more jerks. Mathematicaly obvious. But if you divide this by player base ... well ... wow has one of the healthiest communites.

And I admit ... at the start was not enthusiastic about graphics (also because looking friend of mine playing on his small monitor and pretty low res) so i have started to play wow maybe full half year later as I would otherwise  ... but after maybe week or two ... I just got addicted to wow incredible graphics. And about realism ... only aoc has kind of realistic characters. Ok, AION, too. All the rest is nor cartoony nor realistic.

Thu Dec 03 2009 9:16AM Report writes:
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