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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Blizzard makes an installer I actually watch...

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday November 13 2008 at 10:59AM
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Got my collector’s edition of Wrath of the Lich King this morning, I have one more coming from Amazon as well for, one for each of my main accounts. Sadly, my new orc shaman’s Refer a Friend account will be Wrath collector’s edition petless, but that is ok, he is getting fast levels and just needs to shut up.

The line in Fry’s was back to the movie department, everyone had Lich King in hand, some businessmen were buying 2-3 copies. This is just in Downer’s Grove Illinois. If this is happening all over, Blizzard is set to make a TON of money.

JoBildo asked me in email this morning, as I was standing in a long line of WoW nerds at EIGHT FREAKING AM, if I would be able to resist going into Northrend and seeing all their is to see. I can answer that with a resounding YES. You see, when Warhammer Online launched I took my time as well, and people outleveled me like mad. I took a day off today to enjoy things. After powerleveling my orcs to level 49 last night, I was ready to get off the PC and relax. What better way than to watch the DVD that comes with the Wrath CE?

Blizzard always makes a good DVD, the Burning Crusade DVD was almost 2 hours long and packed with interviews, clip scenes, trailers, Blizzcon discussion panels and more. The Lich King DVD, while smaller in time, packs a ton of info as well.

When I got home I busted open my huge CE box, took out my mouse pad, my soundtrack, my DVD, put aside my WoW TCG cards, and then installed the X-PAC.

I told JoBildo that the order I wanted to do things were as follows:

1) Rip soundtrack to my IPOD. I don’t care what anyone says, World of Warcraft has the best music in an MMO today. EQ2 is close, and I did buy that soundtrack as well. But on my IPOD I have WoW1, WoW2 and WoW3 now for over 2 hours of kick ass music from Azeroth

2) Unwrap and look at the art book, which has a sleeve this time around and is a noticeable step up from the Burning Crusade version. Artbook number two is going straight to EBAY.

3) Situate the mousepad, add the cards to my TCG drawer I never use anymore, and then pop the DVD into the player.

4) Take a shower

5) Bust out some beef jerky and watch the Lich King movie stuff.

Later this morning I will log in, but I am still pondering just which TWO accounts to upgrade.

Blizzard did a smart thing with the Lich King installer. This time around, they fill in the entire back story of Arthas and you can actually click through the story and read up on what you may have missed for the Lore handicapped. I had it minimized and when I came back to check it realized I had missed a huge story but then saw the click through arrows and realized I could backtrack. Pretty neat stuff. Once again a flawless install and technically sound, no issues so far. OFF WE GO!

By the way, Arthas is a jackass. I would love to slap him down one day, at level 80. Assuming I could find a good 25 man raiding guild and they would accept me, and maybe they could get me in during my raid ti—- ohhh….forget it.

Wizard 101, pouty bloggers and more

Posted by pvthudson01 Wednesday November 12 2008 at 10:14AM
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Originally posted on

Oh hey everyone. Caught me just up and chugging down a hot x-large of Dunkin Donuts, the company that is kicking Starbucks in the teeth.

Let me just click a few icons here…there we go. Yup ok lets try logging in. Oh, what is this. Maintenance again. Hmmm. Ok lets try this little icon here.

Yup yup, I accept the EULA. Hmm all low population except two oceantic servers. Boring.

World of Warcraft servers are down again, Warhammer is really empty this morning, and I can’t find the means to tear myself away from Wizard 101. Might as well talk about it.

Yesterday, with the WoW servers down, I played Wizard 101 more than I would care to admit. Yes ok I am addicted to the game. Even if the WoW servers had been up, I would have played for at least 2 hours. You see, I found the Halloween quests (a bit late I know) and started to really get hooked on those before I had to head out for a 3:30 movie at the local theatre.

If there is one thing that irks me about the game, it is the incredibly hard chat system and just how locked down it is. Wizard 101, being for all audiences, really tightens its grip on the whole “young kid safety thing” and makes it virtually impossible to type out a complete sentence without being edited like a Cold War edition of Pravda. This type of lockdown can lead to some funny chats, much like Stargrace and I had last night. Simple things such as trying to type out what level you are lead to comments like “fourth plus the first” or “second plus a third”. Getting around that requires some finageling on your account page, but there is still no hard way to turn off the in game chat filter. Still, besides that fact, I found myself taking quests and running about attempting to get many things done. One of them was killing a skeleton that lives in a tower in Unicorn Way named Rattlebones. This would be my first attempt at killing a named, and I went in not thinking or knowing what to expect. The first attempt was miserable and I died. After recovering, I went back and was determined to help Ceren Nightchant take that skeleton down. This time I entered the fight a little better prepared.

One thing I am noticing about Wizard 101 is that it does in fact play like a collectible card game. You need to notice patterns, and think ahead about what cards to play especially if you have a hand that stinks. This time I noticed that Rattlebones always buffed himself and that would give me a free round to plan a heal ahead of time (with Life magic, which was my secondary to my Fire primary school). I had to take his little minion out first as well. Planning that way, I was able to win the battle easily the second time.

When I grouped with Stargrace later in the evening I learned that the first person to step into the battle ring was usually targeted first. Everything has a pattern. Since I entered the battle first, being a little anxious, I was easily dispatched since I was only level “FOUR PLUS ONE”. Anyway, even though I didn’t get to clear the “halloween tower” I still got gear that I cannot use until level 10 and 15. Not bad for a few fights. The Halloween Towers only appear during the holiday, and what is cool about them is that you can pick 3 levels of difficulty. Grouping in this game is done openly, so before you go in to the instanced spooky towers, you step on a teleporter pad and wait for your friends to step on also. Now much like an errant Star Trek tractor beam gone bad, some people may JUMP onto the pads and join your party before you head in, which leads to some unexpected company when you arrive in the instance. I didn’t mind really, but I wonder what were to happen if you had 3 friends and all of you didn’t get a spot on the teleporter pad at the right moment, and someone (like a red shirted Star Trek crewman) got left behind. I haven’t cleared a whole tower yet. My two attempts ended in my death for one, and the other my little group of Harry Potter rejects got stuck on the second level when the stairs would not open. Got me on that one.

Overall, with the minigames, quests and Halloween events I am finding more than I can handle to do in this game, and that is all I ask of my MMO’s. Tons of people are playing, the world is vibrant and alive and I have to say this game was quite a surprise. I am starting to amass a collection of gear and trinkets and special cards and it is really starting to come together. At level 5 I was able to train new cards into my deck and expand my attack abilities so it is really starting to take shape.

One last rant today as I foresee the angry blog posts from jaded “I don’t do end game” bloggers start to filter in around the community.

Today is a day dedicated to World of Warcraft. Midnight tonight is the opening of a new expansion that will bring two years of hate posts, happy posts, raiding quibbles, angry bloggers and tons of downtime to our servers. Midnight marks the end of an era for Burning Crusade, with 60% of the bloggers that hate it so much never even trying it or attempting to run a single five man or ten man. I myself never saw more than one 25 man raid. Mainly because I quit and was left feeling sorry for myself, exactly what a lot of bloggers do when they level cap and pout. Not this time. You have to work in any MMO at the end game. if you don’t want to, then simply do not bitch about it. I look at blogging content the likes of which we see over at The Ancient Gaming Noob and I have to think he is doing it right. John basically caps out, and moves on. If you do not want to participate in that part of the game after level cap, or even attempt to make your character the best it can be, then quit pissing and moaning and just move on.

Those of us that DO want to make our characters the best they can be, whether through tradeskilling, PVP or raiding, just do not want to see our game harshed on by writers that essentially amount to rookies in MMO end gaming because they “give up”. Over half of the gear that I raid in with my mage is tradeskilled, gotten from 5 man badges I bought the gear with from a VENDOR or gained from casual PVP. What is YOUR excuse then?

Orcs turn 40, Orgrimmar gets attacked by the Lich King

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday November 11 2008 at 9:02AM
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I won't lie, I played World of Warcraft almost all day yesterday. Exactly what I aimed to do actually. Having time off lets me do what I want for once. I haven't used all my vacation time this year so I am burning it up this week by staying at home and just relaxing, getting some chores done around here, catching up on comic books and also playing as many games as possible.

I spent most my time questing in Alterac Mountains and running the Scarlet Monastery Armory and Cathedral in game. I wanted to get one character the Scarlet Tabard and sure enough on my last run through it dropped and I gave it to Gwarf, my orc warrior. Other things dropped as well since I have been doing this level 40 in 1 day /played. I have gotten a purple ring off Arcanist Doan, enough blues to shard for enchanting mats, over 50 stacks of silk, and looted 100 gold on my mage to earn the "Got My Mind On My Money" achievement. Oddly enough, my mage did not get credit for Scarlet Monastery because I never went into the graveyard and killed Interrogator Vishas. I did this and when I came out, a rare named that spawns ONLY during the Scourge invasion was waltzing down the pathway. His name is Scourge. I killed him and he dropped a [Scorn's Icy Choker].

Once the orcs hit level 40, I had to catch up on 5 levels of training and gear, so I went back to Orgrimmar and found myself in the middle of a pre-launch Wrath of the Lich King event. Apparently Arthas had sent a Herald of the Lich King, complete with minions, to attack most the capital cities. In the skies over the Valley of Honor were massive Lich Bone Dragons, and on the ground nasty puss filled Behemoths assaulted the huts and the shopkeepers. A full on attack was taking place and I got to witness all of it.

The Lich Bone Dragons would breathe icy breath from up high while the stout guards of Orgrimmar shot flaming arrows into the air amid the spells and weapons of the other players below that did the same. The event was of little danger to the players, the creatures did little to fight back and could not kill you outright, but the sight was an awesome one to behold. Sometimes the bone dragons would swoop down and grab the Tauren defenders of Orgrimmar in the clutches of their clawed hands and then fly off, no doubt intending to eat some serious beef for a quick snack.


I watched the event and attacked and tried to do my best to help, but none of us were meant to actually turn the tide or make a difference. The event was more a showcase of awesome graphic effects and a grand event for players to watch as the Herald of the Lich King yelled and threatened us. Very cool to see and something that caught the majority players totally off guard. Leave it to Blizzard to sell the Lich King expansion in grand style. I have also noticed attacks by the Scourge picking up in capital cities in the form of level 63 elite skeletons, they are scripted but usually kill a few innocent bystander NPC's. I like to join the fight and raise my weapon skills by swinging at them. When they die, they leave behind a giant crystal that is actually a quest giver. Check it out if you can. I found one in Undercity.

That is about it for today. Errand time for me. I will post some screens of the event below. Next up: the push to level 50 with the orcs. I hope to have this done sometime Thursday night.