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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

WAR Chosen is a straight up old school tank

Posted by pvthudson01 Monday September 29 2008 at 7:27AM
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Yesterday, on a whim, I was looking to mess around in Warhammer Online and see how the other half lived. I made a level 1 Chosen named Abroxus (named after my World of Warcraft prot tank).


10 hours later I had a level 11 character, realm rank 10, and had to force myself to log off. Warhammer Online is so much fun that even tanking is enjoyable. That is a feat that almost every other MMO besides the half baked Hellgate: London has failed at.


Toss out the WoW rage system, remove the Ironbreaker grudges, the Black Orc whatever and the Swordmaster balance stances. You have a Chosen. A huge, chaos tinged evil Stone Cold Steve Austin looking mutha in full plate that drives and crushes all enemies before him.


The mechanics for the Chosen are simple. You taunt, you bash, and you crush. You have auras, you pick the best one for the situation and charge in and beat the living crap out of the enemy. That is exactly what I did.


When I first made the character, I didn't like him too much. His auras weren't that exciting and all I did was wack things with a crappy axe. Around level 5, he started to get more fleshed out. As I did his Collector's Edition quests, got him more renown ranks and upgraded his gear, I started turning into a killing machine. By the end of the night, when I was level 10, I was crushing people in RVR scenarios and doing upwards of 25,000 points of damage in some of the Nordenwatch runs I was doing. I had 5-8 death blows, and I cut through Order players like a psychotic hockey mask wearing killer from a horror movie. At one point a Black Orc named Broc and I (hello Broc if you are out there) forced the Order players back from the Fortress, across the bridge and all the way to the lighthouse before we succumbed to our wounds. As Broc stated to me on the way back after the respawn: "That was EPIC".

Order players back down from me in combat, and I waded forward with abandonment and a trusty pocket shaman healer behind me feeding me life force. Forward and into battle each scenario I strode, hacking and slaying High Elves, Empire players and the ever squishy Dwarf Runepriests.


Overhead cleave, overhead cleave, cripple, snare, Tooth of Tzeentch. Dead opponent. Some Order players, around level 3 or 4, did not stand a chance under the might of my onslaught. I took them down in 2-3 blows and watched the renown points tick off over my head. Nordenwatch became a slaughter fest, as we would 3 cap Order or win by scores of 500 to 129 or worse.


In PVE play, the Chosen was just what the doctor ordered for the ole Hudson. You taunt, you gain aggro, and you keep it. In the Chapter 3 PQ "Macabre Fervor" I managed to put together an entire warband for the quest. It started with me tanking, and a little shaman that showed up there looking for a group. I grouped him, and we started pulling in each of the 3 stages. More people showed up, and I grouped them as well and announced to the zone that I would be running the PQ over and over until I capped the influence.


With the open grouping in WAR, making huge amounts of allies is easy. Soon I was in charge of an entire warband, and we were winning the public quest over and over and loot was dropping left and right. I did not use guild resources, I did not come with two or three friends. I MADE THE GROUP MYSELF, in minutes.


Those of you complaining and crying about grouping in this game simply do not try, period. For most of the time I was on yesterday I went about 1 hour with no group, doing quests on my way to level 10. The other times I was either grouped in RVR, doing public quests, or afk while I ate. The game is what you make of it. If you log in and pout and don't try, then of course you will hate it. If you wander off into RVR land like an idiot under geared and not understanding your class, of course you will get ganked. Take the initiative, it isn't an MMO for no reason.


By the end of the night Abroxus had a collection of 3 auras (each aura is AOE and pumps stats of YOU and groupmates) in his skill shed, a taunt, hold the line and guard. By level 11 he had fleshed out as a true tank, capable of withstanding mass amounts of damage and deal it out at the same time. In the screenshot below, you can see I finished at the top with 25,000 points of damage. WITH A ONE HAND AXE AND SHIELD. The philosophy is easy as a tank in RVR. You block, crush, protect healers and smite the enemy until they are mangled and DEAD. For all the hours I was online last night, I never once stopped doing that and once again had one of the most amusing times in an MMO in the past 4 years.

Now I just have to decide what I want to play tonight. The WAR addiction is in full swing.

Before I go, I just want to make a shout out to AUDIUS, on the Destruction side. He plays on the Throgrim server, where our Destro Casualties of WAR guild is located.


Audius likes to roll NEED on blue items that drop in Public Quests, even though they are not for his class. He likes to do that despite the fact that there are 3 other players in the group (not me either) that can use the gear. He doesn't hide the fact that he is rolling to mail to his alts or sell the loot either. Audius, you got a pair of brass balls. Thanks for taking gear from new players and ruining their playtime! Ahhh the greed in MMO games. Gotta love it. I run into a lot of douche bags in these games, but this guy was almost proud of it.

Can you blame people like this though? You can see in the screenshot below he really didn't care, and I think that World of Warcraft instilled that attitude in thousands of players over the years. Hell for all we know it may have started with Diablo 2. This certainly is now a typical type of occurrence in online games. You can only shrug it off and move on, still it chaps my hide more often than I should let it.


I have run into mostly nice players in this game, and really this was the first loot hungry jerk I bumped into. We closed the warband and booted him out after this. A MINOR damper on an otherwise terrific play session.