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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

My love for expansive MMO zones continues in Troll Country

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday September 25 2008 at 11:42AM
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Every MMO has them, you know the places of wide open farm fields where all you do is run by haystacks and admire the sunset. For WoW, it was the Alliance side area Westfall. In Lord of the Rings Online it was Southern Bree Fields and Northern Bree Fields. In City of Heroes it was...wait never mind. In Guild Wars it was Green Hills Country (yeah I'm an old school GW player).

These are some of my favorite places to play. I don't know what draws me to them but I love the open expanses. I like climbing up to the tops of hills, looking around and just taking in the view. NOT mountains mind you, but hills. Asherons Call 2 had some of the best, expansive lush green hilly environments ever. I loved exploring in that game. I always enjoyed watching towns be rebuilt as players crafted and stoked the forges.

So I was happy when my warrior priest in Warhammer Online hit level 13 and I was told by the proverbial "direction" quest giver to proceed to Troll Country. You know those quest givers, the ones that tell you how to keep leveling and where to go. The ones that have text ignored by most people who then do zone wide shouts such as:


I like Troll Country. It has all the touches of a world in despair, yet at the same time takes me to my happy place of expansive landscapes and the ability to pull mobs off in the corner of a map away from unruly players. Heck it even has a nice spider cave. One of the coolest things I like about the zone is the plague infested farmlands. I know I know, like we haven't seen that before. Still in Warhammer they were doing this a long time ago, and in the MMO it is captured perfectly complete with writhing, spasming corpses and rotting zombies.

Then of course, the name sake of the zone. The trolls. I think that the trolls in WAR look fantastic and they are a blast to fight. They knock you down, stomp on you and even vomit on you.

As you adventure around the zone even more you discover Chaos infesting things everywhere. Places like the Blighted Farm and Plaguewood Thicket are disease ridden. Far south you have the site for a ton of open world RVR Stonetroll Keep, which every night is constantly being fought over. Far to the east of the zone it gets a little swampy, I don't like that side too much much like I despised the Midgewater Marshes in LOTRO.

So I gathered a ton of quests and quested my ass off there during the day. I wasn't able to log in last night so I crammed as much play time in during the day as I could. Eventually I hit level 13, then after I turned in a slew of quests I had finished I hit level 14. Time flew by very fast. I spent the majority of my time killing trolls in a Public Quest called Welcome to Troll Country. This PQ has some great things going for it. First it is right at the start of the zone, so everyone and their mother is running it.

Open groups for the win as you just find one on the list and join and start slaughtering trolls. Trolls are everywhere. The end of the quest is a giant troll name simply THE ROCK. This dude is nasty and if there are no tanks around, he WILL go ghetto on you and stomp the living crap out of everyone. Still it's a fun fight and even if you die you come back within yards of the PQ, can hit the healer and get right back in the action. I met some people I quested the rest of the day with. It still amazes me how people bitch and whine and can't have fun in this game. You are either an anti social twit, or you need to take a break from MMO's. This MMO makes it easy to group and accomplish things. Just like City of Heroes, it is very simple to group and get rolling.

The influence rewards for this chapter are nice as they finally end with a BLUE. So if you are cruising into TC, take some time and cap your influence for that chapter and get some nice gear. I chose the blue off hand book for my warrior priest.

Yesterday I found a viking type horn (or ok a horn like the one Boromir had) hanging on a tree in the middle of no where. I clicked it and it gave me a quest, and the horn sounded. A huge white wolf appeared and attacked me. I killed the wolf, and the quest said to take the pelt and fashion a cloak out of it. I did so and it put a grey item in my inventory called a white wolf fur cloak. Only you can't do ANYTHING with it. You cannot wear it, and you can't even use it in tradeskills. I really got excited at first until I realized it was not a cloak I could wear. Oh well.

Maybe it is because I am in the Empire zones, but honestly there are NO tanks. We had a dwarf iron breaker show up yesterday for the PQ near the end and we treated him like a god. Playing Empire can be interesting, as sometimes I end up tanking as a warrior priest. I can do it, but I have to have some healing. My heals are very reactive. Often times I have thought about still leveling a swordmaster side by side with my WP but the time invested would be large. The people would adore me however. Despite the fact I am an Elf.

I had a good run of luck to during my adventures. I got two purple drops. One was a ironbreaker shield I lost the roll on, the other I won which was an off hand book (Tempest Riders Tome), barely better than my part 3 influence reward. I looted that off some champions I was solo'ing (you WoW players may know champion mobs as elites).

Once again 4 hours flew by that were fun, exciting and interesting. I am going to hate leaving Troll Country because the atmosphere suits me. I have a while to go yet so I will be here for a bit. I always hated leaving Westfall in WoW as well. Oh and I looted some blue Gore-Flecked Troll Spit. Go figure.