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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Casualties of War takes Dok Karaz, WAR never fails to impress

Posted by pvthudson01 Wednesday September 24 2008 at 12:09AM
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Quick post to talk about last nights RVR and to show my WP with his Collector's Edition gear on. Some screenshots are linked at the top there, click em to enlarge. The full story can be viewed here also on the guild site.

A quick left shift z to get rid of the interface and then a camera spin to see the front with myself targeted.

Included are Casualties of WAR and their celebration of taking some keeps last night with the help of some other Order guilds such as White Wolf Clan, Candymancers and Aggression. We rolled Stonetroll Keep and Dok Karaz.

We formed up at 8pm CST and then rolled out with two warbands. At first, our resistance was light, but the Destruction forces rallied fast and more and more of them showed up to defend Dok Karaz. Our levels still being a little low since we are a casual guild, the Destruction players beat us back to the lower level and then finally wiped us out. Getting the Keep door down was no problem to start, but the battle took so long the door actually respawned.

Heartless was our Standard Bearer for the evening, so he made a tempting target. Once we wiped the first time we sent a call for help since the Destruction players had dug in. We got help in the form of some players from two guilds, and went charging back to the keep.

Setting up cannons outside and then rushing the door once more, we blasted and battered our way into the keep and charged up the ramp toward the Keep Lord. A big nasty Orc waited for us up there. I stayed in back, healing and rezzing the dead to keep our forces moving forward.

Finally we secured the upper room and the Keep Lord fell, and Dok Karaz was ours. The renown merchant that spawned there had upgrades for me, so I bought two items off of him.

Later on we took Stonetroll Keep and then moved around the entire continent stealing RVR objectives and killing poor Destruction players that got in the way of our massive CoW warband.

I got realm rank 12, and almost capped before I decided to call it a night. I did all this at level 12. The RVR system bumped me to level 18 in hit points and stats, which makes it easy for low level players to get into the action. Once more, never a dull moment in the game and I do not feel left out because I don't level super fast. Fully open groups that everyone was able to join, socializing, and a game with a functioning, persistent end game.

Sounds like everything Age of Conan tried to do only to fail miserably. Heck our siege engines and keeps actually function right out of the box, imagine that.

Warhammer Online is exceeding everyone's expectations so far, especially the bloggers and gamers in our massive guild. Not a night has gone by where people aren't happy when they log off. With so much to do in game and so much customization and character progression, I have not ever been bored. Unfortunately I am so busy in game that I even unlocked some bad achievements last night for XP, one of them dying to another damn squig. I really am starting to hate those things.

Thanks to all the Order side Casualty of War players that showed up last night! Check out the screens above especially a shot of our Ventrilo server, it was packed with over 50 people enjoying the guild and having a blast.