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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Collector's Edition quests, Sunday play time and warrior priests

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday September 23 2008 at 11:04AM
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Two weeks in a row now football has been non existent for me. I missed a LOT of playing time last week when real life intervened, so after being out of game for about 3 days, I managed to get back on the horse and start a Warrior Priest, you know the class I played from Feb. of 2008 until June of 2008 in the closed beta. I played Sunday because I had the entire day free, and managed to log in for about 8 hours of straight gameplay. I went from level 1 to just a hair from level 11. During this time my leveling was quicker since I knew the Empire starting area back and forth. Some new quests had been thrown in it seemed as well, or least I hadn't done some of them.

Of course, I might be addicted after all. Who knows right? My blog usually talks about many things. So if you don't like miniature game discussion, Warhammer Online discussion or warrior priest talk, don't read any further today at least. You were warned. Even though my interests are varied and broad this week there will be a lot of WAR talk.

I claimed my collector's edition quests from my mailbox (they put letters in to your quest object part of your backpack) and did those as soon as I could. For the most part the CE quests were easy. I had to question some peasants outside an inn, causing them to flee in terror because they may be heretics. The other CE quest consists of a PVP kill list I need to achieve. I was "eh" on that, as I hate being forced to kill a certain player in PVP since it may take a while. The first reward I got was a nice CE title (the Purifier) and a Seal of the Faithful.

This goes to a question a commenter left me a few days ago. He asked:

"Hud, you said you have a long history with the WAR lore. Care to give a small recap on how WAR has been able to enliven the lore as such and if there is the corruption of the Empire in the game, too."

As far as the questing goes, I have seen a few corrupted individuals but I dont think I am high enough level to see the large, grandiose quests take me into the dark seedy back reaches of the Empire. I have had quests where I have had to beat down on some people that were starting to worship chaos, and I have a CE edition quest that requires me to PURGE the weak and those that do not conform. Still a good question and something to keep a look out for.

Many of you may not know what Warhammer Quest is, or be up on the Warhammer Lore, but WH Quest was a great dungeon questing type of board game much in the same vein as Descent: Journey's in the Dark is today. Published in 1995 it was a more fleshed out version of Heroquest which was a joint effort between Milton Bradley and Games Workshop. WH quest to me still remains one of the best dungeon crawling board games out there.

There have been many expansions, official and unofficial, to the game WH Quest. However I always loved playing the warrior priest in the game. So when I had a shot at the beta, I didn't hesitate and went warrior priest without even looking at other classes.

I rolled out right away without pause on the new WP, hitting rank 6 in no time but being sure to RVR in between levels and keeping that rank equal to my PVE rank. I also did public quests over and over until each chapter was capped. In the time I was doing all this I acquired really good gear and a decent amount of money and salvaged goods (a tradeskill). A trend I am starting to notice is that the influence gear is never as good as the renown gear for that level. I am not sure why I bother to cap out the influence of each chapter other than the fact that I am a completest. If anyone played through beta all the way to learn if there is a great reward for capping out each chapter's influence, let me know. In beta I switched to a Swordmaster on the Elder test because I had burned out the Empire content.

During most public quests I started the groups and got a huge warband rolling. PQ's are very easy once you have a mass of DPS. Surprisingly I still had people asking me for invites, even though IT WAS AN OPEN GROUP. It amazes me how many people simply buy an MMO and play it like every other MMO and never take to the time to learn the nuances or what makes a game different. OPEN GROUPING people, learn it and love it. It got to the point where I finally stopped manually inviting people and simply said "it is an open group, just join". Some people actually responded with "What does that mean?" I promptly did not reply to those people.

Finishing first or at least second in all them was fairly easy for me, I just did my job. I melee'd like a crazed madman and healed my arse off. I finished first so much I started just taking the cash reward for each PQ I was in, but it still a blast. I also met some really cool people that I ended up following around and grouping with for about an hour. Finally, back to socializing in an MMO thank god. One thing about Everquest 1, the need to group surely did not hamper meeting new and interesting people.

I am being very careful not to skip through all of the quests in a chapter. When some quest NPC gives me a quest that basically tells me to move on and graduate, I look over the area and move on.

In RVR, I started the day off in grand style, usually leading in healing however as I started getting into level 6 and up territory the Elf and Dwarf casters started out healing me. In a few Nordenwatch scenarios I actually out damaged my heals, which is not good I supposed but I killed so many players it was just too fun to resist. I find myself annoyed greatly by squig herders and their sneaky little methods. Sometimes a fury overcomes me and I will tear ass after one of them until I smash his head in. Honestly though I swear in real life I am a nice easy going person.

I finished off my weekend play this morning, right before servers came down for maintenance. While in Emskrank minding my own business and doing a quest, I was assaulted by two chaos players with 5 minutes left before downtime. Granted, each one was only level 8 to my level 10, but 2 on 1 is never pleasant. Luckily, with a warrior priest I am far more confident.

The average chaos player playing a chosen and using a two handed weapon will not be able to kill me, but having two on me is not fun. I widdled down the first player, and started to run out of fury for healing. I knew I would not be able to get my fury back fast enough and had to keep swinging. I lured the second player into an empire NPC guard that was low level but helped me just enough to slay the second attacker. Good times. If it wasn't for my morale ability instant heal I am not sure I would have been able to take the second guy down. However, that is just using my class to the up most of its abilities.

Tonight, in at a regular time and onto more quests and the drive for level 12. I want to get this character matched to the same rank as my swordmaster ASAP.

Thanks for reading!