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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

WAR - Tailoring my HIgh Elf Swordmaster for DPS

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday September 16 2008 at 12:18PM
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Ok this is coming from a high level template (level 31 in closed beta), but I decided to take my Swordmaster and spec her for pure DPS damage with a two handed weapon. If you refer to this post, I mentioned I would try this the next chance I got to log in. The beta shut down and the game went live but I wanted to get one good chance at looking at specs in there.

I also wanted to show how easy it is in this game to tailor your character the way you want to. I also was very eager to show how terrible World of Warcraft's character development will look when compared to this game. Once again, great depth and choice that many of the closed beta testers may not have gotten to see.

The results were pretty impressive as I was cleaving things in two and scoring crits left and right. I do not know much about the class, so all I did was go in and start choosing what I thought would work, just by reading descriptions. I studied no TEMPLATE lists on "Uber Player" sites or used any "L33T" advice. I just logged in and picked what I thought would work.

First thing I did was erase all her tactics and empty her morale slots, then respecialize her. I went straight up the Path of Khaine tree.

 The Path of Khaine is described as "...a mastery focused on offense and greatswords." Ok works for me. I clicked straight up the tree and burned all my points.

Once I finished that, I headed to the tactics slot and removed (by right clicking) all the tactics that had to do with tanking and protecting myself. I then hovered over each tactic and pulled the ones that were offensive based into the slots. Not too hard right? Easy to do, love that aspect of this game.

First one I took was "Balanced Accuracy". This increases my chance to get a critical hit by 10% (in Improved stance) or 20% in Perfect stance. This is a passive buff. Easy enough. Slot it and forget it, I understand that much.

Next I looked at "Centuries of Training", another passive buff that has a 25% chance of throwing a nice little DoT on my target. Ok simple enough also, drag and drop. One more Tactic slot left.

Last but not least I took "Discerning Offense" which allowed 10% of my attacks to NOT be blocked by the enemy. Another passive buff. There we are, all 3 tactic slots full and ready to go. Keep in mind I can swap those out with a mouse click to go defensive if I need to. And no I do not have to go back to Ironforge and pay some lame NPC gold to do it.

Let us take a look at the morale slots now. I won't explain morale again, you can go and read my old article or do your own research. Here is what I took.

My RANK 3 morale slot was going to be "Distracting Bellow" which is a demoralizing shout type of thing that causes enemies to take less damage. It is also area effect.

Next up RANK 2 morale slot, and for that I picked "Raze". This is a frontal area effect attack that does wide sweeps before me and can hit multiple targets. Ok cool enough!

So the RANK 1 morale slot was up next, the one that you will push more than any as the bar fills up. For this I selected "Demolishing Strike". This morale ability is described as "A powerful melee attack that reduces armor by 818 and deals 720 damage over 15 seconds." Nice, so it is very strong bleed type attack.

So I was all done. Now to take her out and test her. My damage was HUGE and I was rattling off crits left and right. I left the camp and pretty much tested the spec on Ogres that were nearby, getting myself a great screenshot (below) to boot.

As you can see, the game will allow for some great character customization so make sure to check out all your abilities and read them over carefully. If there are glaring errors in my spec just pass it off as me being a Swordmaster noobie and not knowing what the hell is going on.