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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

WAR guild hits level 5 and does it with more style...

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday September 16 2008 at 11:07AM
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You know its funny we have had to watch for months as guilds like Nostalgia make posts about leveling, so its time to add a little spice to the blog-o-sphere and post the status of the Order side of Casualties of War. Seeing as how innovative WAR is I thought it would be nice to point out that our guild can level level to. Only we do it better. For months I have been jealous I never had an MMO with decent guild leveling features but low and behold it is here now.

We have more to show for it since WAR isn't stale and will provide you with something better than pretty room decorations for your guilds hard work. In Warhammer Online, Guild Experience is rewarded each time a guild member receives standard experience by accomplishing goals in game including:

Defeating opponents (both NPCs and in RvR)

Acquiring Tome Unlocks

Completing Public Quest

Completing PvE quests

Participating in RvR Scenarios

Completing RvR Quests


So last night Casualties of WAR hit guild level 5 which puts the ORDER guild just behind Mongbat on the Averheim server. Someone pointed out to me in Ventrilo (and I had forgotten about this) that Mongbat guild is the one that raided the Mythic offices and planted the standard in a cubicle. Funny stuff.

Throughout levels 1-4 we unlocked the guild vault, calendar (yes built into the game) and the ability for us officers to tax our peasants. In fact WAR guilds get many many more usefull rewards in our game than most other games give, including

# The ability to access a guild vault

# Additional guild vault space

# The ability to create a custom guild heraldry

# Guild cloaks

# Guild Standards template

# Guild Standard tactics slots

# Guild Standard trophy slot

# Guild Standard trophies

# Guild tactics points (used to purchase guild tactics)


So while EQ2 players are busy getting pottery and hair broaches for leveling up, we hit 5 and had to set our sites on our new gift for leveling: the guild tactic slot. Upon hitting 5 we unlocked a guild tactic slot which allows the guild leaders to pick an ability to enhance our combat performance. Along with this we earned the standard bearer and the ability to make one of our lucky guild members the honorary "hey shoot that dude he's carrying the colors!" Guy (or gal). The standard bearer then gives us the Guild Tactic bonus if we are in range of them on the battlefield. Any other game feature this? Didn't think so. Pretty innovative isn't it? I wonder which game has rewards more focused on actual gameplay?

My Swordmaster hit Rank 10 (1 bub from 11) and my alt Shadow Warrior is now Rank 6. Both characters are immense fun in RVR and my Swordmaster, even with sword and board, is able to wade into RVR and wreak some serious havoc. Yesterday in Khaine's Embrace I was the top Order damage dealer at over 10K as a tank with a shield. Oh yeah, thats how I roll.

Don't even get me started on how much fun the Shadow Warrior is in RVR. Sitting in back with my extra range stance activated I plunk stupid goblins from afar and DOT them with acid arrow only to watch them flop over dead and see those sweet sweet realm point tick in over my head. Have I mentioned how fun this game is?

Once again, looking beneath the hood reveals just how much there is to do in WAR.

And this is only week one.