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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

The XBOX 360 Wireless adapter

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday June 18 2009 at 1:52PM
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Hello everyone, it is summer time again and that means it is about that time for another Hudson "why do I bother even trying with consoles" post.

Last year we may all remember (or maybe not) the total fail package that Too Human turned out to be, effectively killing my XBOX 360 love. This year I am on the bandwagon waiting for the REAL superhero game to come out: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

However today I want to talk about the XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter.

I’m telling you Microsoft makes some serious blunders and it seems that people just sweep them under the rug and move on about their business.

Well not me. I tried for a while last night to get my XBOX Live on the wireless network using an adapter that Microsoft wants to charge 100 dollars for. Naturally I did not pay this price, and I chose this model because despite the price it got outstanding reviews. However what they don’t tell you, and it was a shock for people like me who hadn’t setup their XBOX 360 in over a year, is this adapter does not support WAP2 security on wireless networks. The packaging says it does, the guy that pitched that adapter one year at a conference says it does, but when you get it out and use it it DOES NOT.

After trying in vain for an hour to figure out what the heck was wrong with this thing I finally noticed that when I went to connect to a wireless network mine never showed up, but everyone elses in my complex did. I knew the adapter was working so I went ahead and manually tried to enter my network on the setup screen.

I put in the name of my network, went to the screen to define the security I used and then there it was. WAP2 was greyed the F**K out. WAP was not, but WAP2 was greyed out. So there it was. Instantly I went to my desktop and hit the GOOGLEZ. Sure enough, thread after thread and result after result on the hit for XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter and WAP2.

Just ponder some of these findings:

“Nope, it doesn't do WPA2, no way to make it either”

“Even though the packaging, manual, etc. on the wireless adapter state it supports WPA2 it actually never did. Do a Google search on 360 wireless adapter + WPA2 and you'll see this has been a known issue since release. If you want to encrypt your wireless traffic using the microsft adapter you'll have to settle for WPA encryption.”

“According to the Xbox360's wireless adapter website page:
Note: Some copies of the instruction manual for the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter state that the adapter is compatible with the WPA2 security standard. At this time the adapter works only with WPA and WEP security."

"Lots of people have tried due to this error in the documentation, but I have never heard of anyone successfully setting WPA2 up with the Xbox360. I know my friend's will not connect to his Linksys WRT54G router when WPA2 (AES encryption) is used. WPA (TKIP encryption) works fine though. Usually WPA is still secure enough for the average home user. (But maybe not the paranoid Uber L33T gamer).”

So that’s how Microsoft wants to play it off. It may seem minute to some, but for millions of techy nerds out there that know their wireless network and used a certain security setting and BOUGHT A 100 DOLLAR DAMN PIECE OF PLASTIC to give them wireless based on this it was a huge blow in the nether region. A typo on a booklet and then a retraction and “OOPS, SORRY!”

My solution was to reduce my entire network to WAP then rejoin every freaking machine to the wireless network and I dealt with it, but it still is not really excusable for a person to have to do that. What about the less tech savvy among us? Ever try to get Microsoft to support your XBOX? Heck even the forums and the website time out on a continual basis. Last night I couldn’t even GET to the support forums to search for WAP2 and see if anyone had ever pulled it off. I guess in the long run I should have looked into all this from the start but it has been a year since I dusted the thing off and I had just NOW gotten around to getting it back on XBOX Live. NONE of the reviews I read stated that it had an issue with WAP2 until late last night after I had figured this out one review buried deep deep on BUY.COM stated:

“Easy to configure and setup. Good wireless speed. Be aware that this adapter will not work (as mentioned by an earlier reviewer) with WPA2 security. WPA2 is a newer, more secure wireless security standard. I had to downgrade my internal security to WPA (you can also use WEP) to be able to connect this adapter to my network.”

Well silly me. Next time I need to remember to scroll 2-3 pages into a review before I buy and realize that no one else wants to mention the fact that a major network security protocol is not SUPPORTED!

The rest of my night was spent getting Netflix to stream through my XBOX 360. This would have been a lot easier had the download option for the Netflix client <strong>ACTUALLY WORKED ALL NIGHT</strong>.

Finally I got up at 6am this morning to check my Everquest 2 broker auctions and low and behold suddenly the Netflix client downloaded and I was able to stream any “Instant View” movies in my Q to my TV.

So many would ask why I do it? Well because it was broken and I knew it should work and by the grace of Thor’s Hammer I was going to get it to work. Kinda like my DPS Inquisitor in EQ2. I know I am not playing him the way people want me to, but I will get him to be a plate wearing bringer of death and judgement if it is the last thing I do.

Was this all worth it? I am back online but really how often will I use it? I picked up a trial Gold Membership for XBOX Live for a 1 dollar, because Microsoft can’t give you free multiplayer like the Playstation 3 I guess. After a month the price reverts to $7.99 which I guess is not TOO bad considering all you can do with XBOX Live in terms of TV shows and movies and the like. Still, I cannot help but wonder how much actual MULTIPLAYER gaming I will get done since I spend 95% of my gaming time logged into an MMO. I don’t like shooters, I do not play the sports games online, and I rarely meet up and play anything with anyone on my friends list. I guess I will just never be a console guy no matter how much I try. There was one brief point back last year when the XBOX tried to be my replacement gaming “niche” and it just failed in the long run. Hell I even prefer my Fallout 3 and Mass Effect on the PC. They just play BETTER.

They can have my wired keyboard and mouse combo when they pry it from my cold dead hands. writes:
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