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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

EQ1: My interface and how I set it up

Posted by pvthudson01 Monday June 1 2009 at 9:50AM
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I decided to make a post about how generic my interface was in EQ1. Not generic in a bad way, but more like simple and full of the information I need. The best thing about the interfaces in EQ1 and EQ2 are that they are easily adjustable, from the size of the compass to the amount of hotbars in the game. I can adjust or add as I want, and it is quite intuitive but in EQ1 some things now are hidden to new player that weren't when Luclin was released many years ago.

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Here is a shot of my interface with labels, which I will go over below it (click to enlarge).

1. Target: This is pretty self explanatory. I always move mine right next to my character info bar so that my eyes can easily read what is going on with the battle situation. This is also a must if you are a tank in this game. You can download a fancier interface for this at EQ Interface.

2. My Info: Standard stuff here, my hit points and all that tucked into the upper left corner

3. Buffs. I put my buff window vertically under my character bar and stretch it to fit perfectly under there. It helps to keep track of what buffs you have and when they drop. Good tanks will always know this to give them the upper hand.

4. Group window. Mine is generic and needs to be updated. I want one that shows numbers and percentages but again this is the default UI.

5. Potion Belt. This is a tricky one. Not on the screen by default but a nice touch. Basically it loads potions in a easy to click bar like Diablo 2 no matter where they are in your inventory. The catch? Only two spots with the remaining two opened on using Alternate Advancement points later on. To get the potion belt on screen, use SHIFT P. The number of charges you have available of a potion is displayed in the upper left of the potion belt slot. Again any good tank or player will have this readily available in case the shit hits the fan

6. Hotbars 1 and 2. By default only 1 hotbar is on the screen, but if you click the nifty EQ button in the lower left and go to ACTIONS then select Hotkeys 2,3,4 etc etc. I used two for now, and the upper one is NOT tied to keyboard 1-0. I use that for macros and ranged attacks and all that good stuff. Hotbar 1 is my main hotbar and I use this for warrior abilities like KICK and BASH. Since Everquest requires you to skill up taunt and sense heading (useless now with a compass but I like to do it) I put my action abilities in order and click 1,2,3,4 in order to skill up as I fight. ALWAYS click TAUNT! It must skill up. Taunt in EQ1 is a snap ability and will not improve unless you use it.

To add abilities or find them, see number 9.

7. Main chat window. I clear this up of all combat spam by right clicking on the title bar and making a new chat window then renaming it COMBAT and placing that where item number 8 is.

8. Combat window. This is the window that has all my combat spam. Word of advice here. Go to the EQ button and then OPTIONS. In options is a FILTER tab. In there turn MY MISSES, OTHERS MISSES and things like that to DO NOT SHOW or you will get a world of SPAM hate. No one cares when they miss, they just want to know when they hit and what hit or if it was a crit. I set my combat window (again right click the window in the title bar and go to FILTERS) to record when I am hit, when I crit, when I hit (in yellow text so I can see it) when damage shields go off and all that great stuff.

9. Number 9 is the trusty Shadows of Luclin Action Window that for SOME WEIRD reason is no longer on the screen by default anymore. This window was awesome because everything was contained right there in nice little tabs and it lets you create macros really fast as well. You will want to get this up ASAP so that you have fast access to these things. Go to the EQ button in the lower left and go to ACTIONS then ACTION WINDOW. Move it to the bottom or wherever you want it but I always use it as a buffer to separate MAIN chat and COMBAT chat windows. The action window has little tabs according to abilities, combat or socials. The LAST tab, socials (with the word balloon) has several pages of pre assigned macros but if you flip it to the last page you can make your own macro by RIGHT clicking any empty button. Again any of these abilities can be moved to a hotbar by LEFT clicking and holding the button until it attaches to the mouse cursor. You can then drop it on a hotbar spot. In the combat abilities area and the abilities area RIGHT clicking any of them will bring up a list of abilities that are avaialable and you can then select one for a premade button. The action window was a great little tool and I am not sure why they chose to hide it from new players.

10. Quest journal. Again not on by default but it will pop up when you take a quest. In EQ1, you actually have to READ the quest text and reply to get a quest. Imagine that, people reading quest texts. I almost had to step back from my computer when I used that part of my brain that reads after playing World of Warcraft. At any rate, the quest journal is tricky because it is like many many windows inside a window and all the dividers can be held and drug around and moved. I had to work to jam it into the lower right and still be able to read the status. It functions about like a Excel spreadsheet. Just drag it around adjust it so you can see the quest status and enough of the text to figure out what the hell is going on. As always, Allakhazam is your friend for quest tips.

11. Ah the bandolier. This is basically a quick weapon swap system I wish more MMO's would employ without having to use some dumb ass mod that breaks every time a patch is made. The bandolier is once again not on the screen at default but unless you are heavily into combat you won't need it. For warriors and plate wearers it is a great tool to use to swap out weapons while leveling skills or while pulling. I make two sets, a 2hander label and a tank label. No matter where the gear is in your inventory it will swap the combos out. Make sure you have all your weapons and ammo and ranged things setup before you add a combo. You can make hot buttons out of the combos but I just select it and click "activate". Get to the bandolier again by the EQ buttons, then going to actions.

12. Auras and bard songs. Meh, I usually leave these where they are. After all no one plays a bard anymore anyway. *cough*

Ok there you go. I think I have rambled on enough. My point is that you can move and adjust the windows and download new elements just as easily as other games, if not easier. EQ2 works the same way. Very customizable and I think that these two games get it right when it comes to interfaces. I want to control what is on my screen, I do NOT want to be limited. Very few MMO's launched these days pay enough attention to this.