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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

EQ1: Our plan needs people in game

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday May 28 2009 at 8:53AM
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Mercenaries. So this system has turned EQ1 into a better Guild Wars for me.

The theory I had was simple. Two box and hire a merc for each character. I had enough plat sitting around from the old days (my account is after all 8 years old) so I got a level 2 character to the Bazaar and managed to dump everything into a shared bank slot.

Why EQ1 is still so fascinating to me is that people are STILL playing it. Even to this day. I am not talking about people that came back for double XP. No. I am talking about the SMART ones. Those hard core mo-fo’s (like that urban slang? I am down baby) that never LEFT to jump ship and follow the WoW easy mode hype. Those people that when you talk to them in game say things like “I never tried WoW how is it?”

Those types. Yeah, I know insane right?

To me it is like talking to a teenager today about music and mentioning Pearl Jam and them saying “Are they good? Which album should I buy first?”

My old guild on Povar, Blades of Law, still had a list CUT SHORT when I did the classic /who all command. After all this time EQ1’s interface works better than Champions Online beta. How sad is that. Anyway my old guild was going strong and so was Utopian. Amazing. Now who is the idiot? I am for leaving.

My Sony Station pass was not enough. I had to keep experimenting and buying and playing and buying. So now I have reactivated my old old shaman account so I can two box. Why is this? To hire another mercenary of course. Gonna have to cancel some comic books I think since this is starting to add up. That account will need Seeds of Destruction and Sony is making bank off me.

Our new guild, TItans of the Old Lore, is taking applications for OLD SCHOOL EverQuest1. I say old school because even though the game seems old to today's younger hand held MMO generation, it still is a game full of wonderment made even softer by Sony after this last expansion.

You can hire clerics, you can hire tanks. Sure this takes play, but that's what a guild is for. We intend to have a level cap each month, or maybe more. We want to encourage guildies to group but not power level. If you are interested visit us at

Our EQ1 players link is here

The platinum I have on my oldest account is a joke in today’s EQ1 economy. I don’t think it will allow me to buy any decent gear but I need SOMETHING to help me along. What is new in the game for returning players? Any sort of armor quests? I do not remember. NO time to study up, with EQ2 taking the majority of my weekend getting both games up to speed in my brain is like studying for college courses. In fact I am pretty sure that I never studied for college as hard as I have crammed the past week on filling my brain with anything I could soak up about EQ1 and EQ2.

EQ1 mercenaries are one per CHARACTER. I want to play and enchanter in EQ1 to match my coercer in EQ2 who is about 500 years his ancestor. There is no way on Norrath’s green planet that I will be able to solo an enchanter at early levels in EQ1. I am too much a rookie now and too out of practice to pull this off even with my awesome skillz (again with a Z to be down with the lingo).

Mercenary time. The goal? Use a tank mercenary and a healing mercenary then two box a necromancer or something to that effect. Something that can just sit there and requires one or two keys to work. I don’t get my first charm until level 11 in EQ1, while coercers can start really stomping stuff way earlier in EQ2. So basically I will be a nuker up until then.

At any rate I am having so much dabbling in the two games with a Station Pass that I also managed to relax and test out Vanguard. I got my cleric to level 5 on the Isle of Dawn and while the game is “OK” it still runs like garbage every now and then even on my rig. There are still some weird interface issues and the character models remind of a beta for a game released in 2001. Still there is something about it that lies just under the hood that compels me to keep playing. I don’t think Vanguard could ever be my MAIN game because it just seems off, but I do want to see what is out there. The explorer and grinder in me and the hard core demon on my shoulder tell me to press on.

Enough of that though. My focus right now is abusing this EQ1 mercenary system to allow me to go and play the game like a decent version of Guild Wars but a whole world that is wide open and explorable now. I wonder if you could actually run a dungeon with mercenaries. How stupid would they be? Would they run off and agro the entire level? How do they handle corners? Me thinks a trip to Blackburrow may be in the making. Screw Crescent Reach I am gonna start in Qeynos and go old school.