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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

EQ2: Charming, isn't it?

Posted by pvthudson01 Sunday May 24 2009 at 8:13AM
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I have a stable of characters I played off and on during the increased XP weekend in EQ2 and one of the them was my Coercer. Add a dash of nuking with the ability to charm creatures and use them as pets and you have the closest thing you will get to an Everquest 1 enchanter. This was what I was looking for in the class and why I did not pick an illusionist. I don't want to summon my pet plus illusionist pets look pretty stupid. They are also overplayed so I avoided them outright. Kind of the same reason I will never make a fury or berserker.

Charming in EQ1 was always a troublesome mixed bag. You either got what you wanted or you got yourself in big trouble, depending on how long the charm lasted and whether or not it broke in combat. That is the thrill and danger of using a class like an enchanter or coercer. In EQ1 this past weekend I also made an straight up enchanter since that game also had bonus XP but he is currently still in Crescent Reach. I just didn't have time to play both games.

In EQ2 I use my pets with abandon and they are good for other things besides combat. For example if I have to loot or destroy something and it is guarded by two creatures I charm one, turn it on its buddy and loot the object. Other times a charmed pet is good for gathering a bunch of mobs and AOE'ing the area down. Just be ready to root and scoot once that damage hits.

The mechanics of EQ1 and EQ2 are so night and day you really have to have an iron will to play both games. In EQ2 I have plenty of casting time and health to adjust my mistakes. In EQ1 I die fast if I screw up and my DPS is pretty lame. There are no specs in that game early on to adjust your DPS and it is pretty much a straight forward pull lower con and hope you live.

In EQ2 if my charm breaks I can stun the target and try to re-charm, root it and try again, mez it and back off, or simply nuke it down. The difference in the two MMO's is startling and you really see how HARD EQ1 was when you try to play a class in that game and solo. Mercenaries are a must and if you don't two box have fun finding a group. After 10 years though you can expect it to be empty and trying to form a xp outing is part of the challenge. Needless to say I am loving this class because it is full of tricks and with the ability to pick my pet (and the inherent dangers) it keeps me alert and on my toes.

Nowadays I can run two instances of Everquest 1 side by side in windows on the same computer. So if I want to two box I simply click between windows but where in 2002 it was fun (mainly because EQ1 was all we had) today it is a hassle. I prefer the crafting and world of EQ2 now and actually loved playing my coercer. What does this mean for EQ1? Probably that without friends to aid me and fight by my side the nostalgia is truly gone. Sure, I could experiment and do all sorts of crazy multiple character playing but I just don't have the energy or time. I have enough plat in EQ1 to hire a mercenary right off the bat but if I stick with my enchanter I will need a stable of them to form a group. Worth a shot but not over the weekend with limited time.

So it was I found myself in EQ2 most of the time leveling my ratonga shadowknight, my barbarian mystic and my human coercer. My rule of thumb this time around is get some classes to 20 and see what I log in the most. That character will be advanced the most with some alts on the side. On the side is a stable of classes I do not think I will like and my level 40 inquisitor always looms overhead taunting me with his group centric friendliness. I have all but forsaken my 37 monk since he was a button spamming fest. I don't mind tanking in EQ2 but my god cut back on the hot bar buttons. All I feel like I do is press a long sequence of numbers with no idea how it effects anything in game other than taunt and a few other stuns. Boring.

Our Titans chapter on Antonia Bale picked up steam this weekend with the addition of 3 members and achieved guild level 7. Only 73 more to go. I think. The game is so solo friendly now that I haven't really met many guildies face to face. Another issue with MMO's today but also a catch-22 when you read above and my problems in EQ1. For certain it is a predicament I am not sure how to fix. On one hand you ruin a chance to progress alone in an MMO, and on the other you make it watered it down and very anti social. In EQ2's case it seems that a lot of people are content with hitting 76-80 so they can raid or farm high end instances and be done with it.

While not the purpose of Titans in general, it will be hard should we grow to make people see all the content in EQ2. You level too fast and quickly with potions and extra XP to see everything the way it was intended in 2004. Our only hope is that people don't mind mentoring down to help others in the less played zones. Then again we don't like to recruit people that wouldn't. Our Lord of the Rings chapter uses level caps to keep people together but that game is fairly linear and two years behind on the content EQ2 offers. The world Turbine has is also smaller and easier to pick a leveling path in. While the guild wide level cap works like a charm in LOTRO, it would not settle well in EQ2. Mentoring is the primary reason we are not using it, you just have to find people that don't bitch about mentoring down to help out hang around and chill.